16 Fourth Prince is a Pervert

After two hours Li Ming finally finished with the dinner. It was such a headache to prepare meal for so many people. If it was not for her magic, she would have passed out by the end.

She left the kitchen and entered the main room. She found all of them playing with Snowy.

Wei Min noticed her and asked, "Miss Li, is dinner ready?"

"Yes, everything is ready." Just as she finished speaking, the guard announced the arrival of the Fourth Prince.

Everyone present in the inn came into the main room and knelt down. Li Ming looked at all of them and then looked at the person standing at the entrance of the inn.

Zhang Yong entered into the room and his eyes settled on the girl. Just like the day before she didn't knelt down to greet him.

She was wearing a light pink dress and although her aura was cold and dark, the dress gave her a cute look.

He smiled when he saw that she had no intentions of kneeling down in front of him.

She bowed her head slightly in greeting and in return he also nodded his head.

"It looks like, the Black Jade Inn is too lively today! All of you, stand up." Zhang Yong dismissed everyone back to their work.

Then he looked around the room and found that most of the customers were from the high status families. He even recognized the young masters of the General manor and Yan Jhong.

Then his eyes caught the site of the bulletin board. He went towards the board and read it.

When he read the price of one glass of wine, he laughed out loudly. He could understand the reason behind the high price.

He went towards the table in the middle of the room and sat down. Then he looked at Li Ming with a smile and said, "Ming'er have you prepared my meal or do you want some time?"

Li Ming rolled her eyes but then replied, "Your Highness, don't worry. I have already prepared the dinner. Since my friends are here to eat, I didn't wanted them to wait too much." Li Ming asked the maids to bring out the food.

Zhang Yong frowned and looked at the group of men sitting around the other tables.

"When did all these people become your friends?" Zhang Yong asked with a cold tone.

"Since they all paid a high price for the food and the games." Li Ming replied.

"Then it means that I'm also your friend." Zhang Yong said with a smile.


"Why not? Didn't I also paid you a high price yesterday?" Zhang Yong asked in surprise.

"Pay for today." Li Ming said while looking him right in his eyes.

"What...?" Zhang Yong was not sure what was she meant by that but he had a feeling that whatever it was, it sure was not anything good.

"If you really want to become my friend then pay for their meals." Li Ming said while pointing at the group of Wei Rong who were busy in their own discussions.

"Why should I pay for their meals?" The Fourth Prince asked her with a raised eyebrow.

"Here is the thing! I promised them that I'm not going to make them pay for this meal but later I realized that if I didn't get paid then my inn will face a heavy loss. But I can't ask them to pay now. And since you want to be my friend, you should help me. And most importantly you are a prince. I don't think just a few silvers will be such a problem for you." Li Ming said while making a sad face.

"Ah! When did you become so shameless!" Snowy shouted through their bond. Listening to his Master shamefully looting people, he wanted to cry.

Li Ming ignored Snowy and kept looking at the Fourth Prince, waiting for his reply.

"Alright!" Zhang Yong decided to take his revenge some day but gave in for now. Moreover he couldn't make himself say no to her.

"You are such a great person, Your Highness." Li Ming stood up and then said in a loud voice.

"Today, his highness, the Fourth Prince is paying for everyone's meal. You all should enjoy this chance." Then she left the room.

Wei Rong laughed and said to the Fourth Prince, "She's very smart. You should always remain prepared, Your Highness."

Zhang Yong smiled lightly and sipped his coffee.

The maids came out with the food and the room filled with their delicious aroma.

The food prepared by Li Ming were :

# Steak

# Spaghetti

# Pizza

# Pasta

# Kimchi

# Roasted Chicken

For Dessert :

# Black Forest Brownies

# Peanut Butter Pie Shooters

And of course the very special wine to accompany the food.

Everyone started eating at once. Every single thing was so delicious. Since Fourth Prince was paying for the food, they all ordered as much as their stomach could afford.

The most demanded item was the PIZZA. By the end of the dinner everyone was as full as possible.

"Ming, are you a food goddess or something! I can't believe that there can be such delicious food in this world." Wei Min said while drinking the wine.

"And where did you get this wine from? Actually, never mind. I know you are never going to tell this secret." Wei Min said and laughed with the others at his own words.

Everyone left the inn one by one and promised Li Ming to pay a visit soon. The customers staying at the inn also went inside their rooms.

In the end, the Fourth Prince was the only customer left. Li Ming told the staff and Huang family to also take their leave.

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She then looked at the Fourth Prince and said, "I'm going to bring the bill. You should prepare your money!"

She went towards the Corner table of Madam Fu and picked up the bill. The total amount was of 10,000 silvers.

It was not that everyone ate too much food but the main reason for this high amount were the two bottles of wine which cost 5000 silvers on their own.

Just as Li Ming was going to turn around, someone grabbed her from behind. Before she knew, she was in Fourth Prince's arms.

"What do you think you are doing?" Li Ming asked while turning her head upwards to look at the Prince.

But she realized that it was a stupid move.

First, the Prince was quite tall with a height of 5'11".

And second her back was towards his front, so it hurt her neck to turn around at such angle.

"I should ask you the same question. What do you think you are doing?" Zhang Yong said in a low voice as he slightly tightened his grip on her waist.

She was so small. And she had a very light fragrance on her. But before he could say anything more, the small body in his arms turned around and something hard hit him on his right knee.

His grip loosened and he backed up a few steps.

"Pervert! Next time you have such thoughts, you can visit the Breezing Flowers Inn." Li Ming glared at him while folding her arms in front of her chest.

Zhang Yong took the bill out of her hand and looked at it. Then he returned the bill on the table.

Since Li Ming was standing in front of the table, so when Zhang Yong bent down to put the paper back on the table, it made the distance between the two of them very small.

"Don't worry! I'm not into children." Zhang Yong said with a smile. He stood up straight and took out the money and placed them in her hand.

He again bent down a little and said in a low voice in her ear, "That's why you should grow up early. I'll be waiting."

Before Li Ming could process his words, Zhang Yong turned around and left the inn.

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