12 Fourth Prince is a Headache (2)

With the help of Huang Qing and her fuming familiar, Li Ming soon finished cooking dinner for the Fourth Prince.

She had stopped the aroma of the food from going out of the kitchen with a spell.

After everything was ready, the maids served the food in front of the Fourth Prince.

The food prepared by Li Ming were :

# Currywurst

# Lasagna

# Green Salad

# Dhokla

# Dessert - Almond Lemon Sponge

The dishes looked so beautiful and tasty. The cutlery was also beautiful and the aroma coming from the dishes was mouth watering. Specially the sweet dish was looking so beautiful that even people didn't want to destroy it's beauty by eating it.

Even the other members present who had already eaten their food, was feeling hungry again after looking at these dishes.

Zhang Yong looked at the food in front of him with happiness. But there was a problem. How he was supposed to eat these food with chopsticks?

When Li Ming saw him frowning, she looked at the food to see what was wrong. But then she realized what was the problem.

She sat down beside him on a seat and took the knife and fork in her hand. She cut the food in small pieces and then offered them to the Fourth Prince.

Zhang Yong looked her carefully cutting the food in small pieces and when she offered him the plate, he started eating without saying a word.

After finishing the entire table of food, Zhang Yong finally looked satisfied. There was not even a single grain left. His face had a small but beautiful, almost satisfied smile on it. He took out a pouch full of money and put it on the table. Then he stood up and looked at Li Ming.

"Miss Li, you are really an amazing cook. From now on I will come every day to enjoy your special dishes." Zhang Yong said with happiness.

Li Ming was so shocked after hearing him. She quickly replied, "Your Highness, I don't have time to feed you every day. If you come here then you will get the same food as the other customers, Prince or not."

"Haha! I know that you are only saying this for show. I'm fully aware that you will prepare these wonderful dishes for me if I will come. After all you can't see me being sad. Alright Ming'er, it's late. You should rest early.  I will see you tomorrow." Zhang Yong didn't give her a chance to respond and left the inn.

"This Fourth Prince is really something!" Li Ming gritted her teeth and looked at the door of the inn.

'Let's see if he ever get to eat the food prepared by me!' Li Ming huffed and looked at the pouch in her hand.

Her black mood became good after seeing the money.

She wished everyone good night and went upstairs to her room. The maids cleaned the main room and everyone went to sleep.

When Li Ming entered her mansion, she again sat down in cross legged position and started to assess the blockage that she had felt before.

When she reached her lower part she again felt the same blockage. She opened her eyes and looked at Snowy with a confused look.

"What's wrong?" Snowy asked her.

"There's something blocking my powers in my body. Do you think this body has some internal issues?" She asked with a frown.

"It's your body. How am I supposed to know?" Snowy said while shaking his head in annoyance.

If he was not cute, Li Ming had kicked him out a long time ago.

"I have to find some way to actually find out what is wrong with this body.  I need to start cultivating as soon as possible but how exactly am I supposed to do that?" The more Li Ming thought about that, the more her mood became bad.

"You remember, I liked to read transmigration stories, when we were in modern world?" Snowy asked with a new spark in his eyes.

Li Ming nodded her head. Of course, she remembered! It was the only thing he knew how to do.

"In most of those stories, the female lead had either a system to help her or there would be some kind of interspatial ring that she had which gave her special places and sources for cultivation. Maybe you should look for something like that." Snowy said proudly as he was able to solve the problem this quickly.

"Are you done yet?" Li Ming looked at him like she was looking at some idiot.

She looked at the night sky full of stars and laid down on the grass. After nearly an hour later, Li Ming eyes suddenly shone with light.

Snowy looked at her and concluded that she had finally found a solution or some idea about her problem. But nothing prepared him for what happened next.

Li Ming picked up Snowy in her arms and started rubbing his ears. He really liked it when she did that!

After a few moments of silence, Li Ming said, "Snowy, you know that I love you, right! Since you are my familiar, it's your duty to help me in hard situations. And I have something that need your help!"

"Go and find books on basic cultivation and bring them to me. And  remember the books should be of use to me. Otherwise, I will make sure that you will not get a single piece of chicken for your entire life." Li Ming said with an evil smile and pushed Snowy out of her arms.

This idiot knew nothing other than cursing her the entire day. Finally, she found a way to use him.

Snowy looked at Li Ming like she was the cruelest person present on the entire planet. He glared at her for a second but then left to complete his mission.

After all, his CHICKEN was at stake!

After Snowy left, Li Ming stood up and went inside the gym. For past three weeks she was continuously working out some light exercises to build this weak body of hers.

She spent next hour in the gym. After taking a bubble bath she went into the kitchen and drank a glass of milk.

She had found a new spell book in the library. For next two hours she read the spell book before finally going to sleep.

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