11 Fourth Prince is a Headache (1)

When Li Ming appeared in her room at the 'Black Jade Inn', it was already night time.

She was feeling dizzy. Everything was looking blurry and it felt like darkness was pulling her in.

It looked like she underestimated her level of weakness. She's even weaker than a baby mage!

She went inside the mansion and sat down cross legged in the back garden. She was exhausted because she had used too much of her powers.

Snowy brought a vial in his mouth, full of golden colored liquid and gave it to her.

"I can't believe you are my master. How can my fate hate me so much?" Dear Snowy said in a very sad tone.

Li Ming ignored him and took the vial. She gulped down the golden liquid and then closed her eyes. For next one hour she focused on making her internal energy stable. Just when she was making the internal energy flow from her head towards her toes, she found some blockage below her navel.

'What's that?'

But before she could explore any further, Snowy stopped her.

"What?" She asked with impatience.

"Maybe you should check on the inn before it's too late." Snowy said in a bored tone.

Li Ming raised her eyebrow at him in question but he didn't even gave her a look after that.

At first she thought of ignoring him but something told her to just check on the inn at least once.

She cleaned her sweaty body with a spell and left the mansion. She appeared in her room at the inn and heard voices coming from the main room. She went downstairs and saw, all the servants, guards, the Huang family and even three customers were there.

In the middle of the room was a man in black clothes, sitting on one of the table, like he owned the entire place. His beauty was alien. Jade like skin, long black hair combed beautifully, black eyes full of mischief and a non describable darkness.

Li Ming could not get a hold on his thoughts, which only meant that his level of cultivation was quite high. But it was not hard to understand what he was thinking as he was looking disgustedly at the food in front of him.

All the people present were looking too afraid to even breathe loudly.

Elder Fu saw Li Ming coming down the stairs and at once rushed at her side and said in low voice, "Miss Li, where have you been and when did you return?"

Li Ming didn't answer Elder Fu's questions.

"What's going on here and who is this man?" She asked while pointing with her eyes at the man who was now looking at her.

Before Elder Fu could say anything, the man suddenly appeared in front of Li Ming.

"So, you are the owner! Since you are back, go and make me those delicious and special dishes for whom you are famous. I'll be waiting here." He said in cheerful voice and turned around to return to his table without giving Li Ming a chance to respond.

"Miss Li, he's the Fourth Prince Zhang Yong." Elder Fu told her in a low voice.

"What he's doing here?" Li Ming asked with surprise.

"He's booked a room in the inn. He came here this evening and asked to prepare meal for him. But when we served, he became furious." Elder Fu told her everything hurriedly.

"He's staying in the inn?" Li Ming asked, raising her eyebrows.

"Actually, he's not staying at the inn. His guard booked the room in the morning but he only came now just to eat dinner. He said that he's not going to stay but will come back tomorrow in the morning for breakfast." Again Elder Fu murmured in hurry.

Li Ming looked at the Fourth Prince with a frown. ' Don't tell me he came here just to eat food!'

Li Ming went towards the Fourth Prince and said, "Your Highness, if I'm not wrong then my staff has already served you a well prepared meal."

It was true. The meal that was served to him was really good. The only problem was the Fourth Prince himself. Being a royal, he had always eaten the best kind of dishes. But when he heard the rumors that someone could make even more delicious food, he wanted to eat them. That's why he booked a room in 'Black Jade Inn' because only its staying customers had the honor of eating that delicious food. But all he got was the normal food he had been eating since his birth.

"But this is not the food for which you became famous!" Zhang Yong said with sadness.

Li Ming smiled lightly and said, "But Your Highness, I have never said that I will cook food for customers everyday."

"I'm not a customer! Don't you know who I am?" Zhang Yong said with frustration. After all he had not eaten anything since morning and right now all he wanted to do was to eat.

"Of course, I know who you are! But Your Highness, since you are saying that you are not Black Jade Inn's customer, then you should leave. Because our Inn only entertain our customers." Li Ming said all this with a very polite smile.

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The guard behind the Fourth Prince didn't like the way Li Ming was talking to his highness. But before he could say anything, the Fourth Prince stopped him.

Fourth Prince stood up and looked at Li Ming. Suddenly his frustrated and distasteful expressions changed into a sad one.

"You know, just to eat those delicious dishes of yours I have not eaten anything since morning. Although I have a palace of my own, I still booked a room in your inn. I really wanted to eat something different but all I got was the food that I have been eating since I was born. Do you really want me to remain hungry? I really want to eat those delicious food of yours." The expressions on The Fourth Prince's face was so heart melting. No one with a heart could say no after hearing his words.

"You.....!" Li Ming was so shocked after hearing his words. She herself had a weakness for cuteness. And at that moment, Fourth Prince's expressions and behavior was so cute. This cuteness made her feel like an a**.

'Am I really being so mean?' She thought.

"Alright! But since you are making me work this late and also wasted the food prepared by my staff, I will charge you 3 times more." How could she not think about her benefits?

"No problem! As long as you make me those delicious food, I will pay you even 10 times more." Fourth Prince said while beaming.

"Hmm! Give me an hour then." Li Ming said and left for kitchen with Huang Qing.

Since it would take some time to prepare the food, Li Ming took out a bottle of wine out of her collection and went to serve it to the Fourth Prince.

When Zhang Yong saw the wine glasses, he really liked them. He had already seen the interior of the inn and he was really impressed. Every single thing was something that even he had never seen before.

"Where did you get all these beautiful things from?" He finally asked.

"Your Highness, we are not on such friendly terms where I will share all my secrets with you." Li Ming replied with a soft smile.

"Here! This is the special wine of our Black Jade Inn. I hope you will enjoy it." She offered the glass to him and left.

Zhang Yong looked at the departing figure of Li Ming and smiled softly. He had never seen anyone as interesting as her in his whole life. Although the girl was so young but her aura was so strong.

He couldn't detect any spiritual energy in her body but there was some other sort of energy in her body and in a very vast quantity.

He was sure that Li Ming was not someone normal and she sure had many secrets.

When he took the first sip of wine, he felt really amazed. It was so good. His body relaxed and he closed his eyes to enjoy the taste of wine.

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