19 Encounter with the Eldest Miss of Prime Minister Manor

Li Ming saw that the Old Sir didn't exactly refused to except her help. It was a good sign.

"Don't worry about the seeds. I will provide seeds to the villagers." Li Ming told the Old Sir.

The Old Sir looked at her with confusion. "Little Girl, it will cost you too much to provide seeds for the entire village."

"Just trust me, Old Sir. I'm not going to back down." Li Ming said seriously.

The Old Sir Liu looked at the young girl in front of him. Although a sensible man would not agree with a child's words. But he had a feeling that this girl could really help the villagers.

He finally nodded his head in agreement. "Alright! I'll do as you wish but do you know anything about farming?"

"When I was back at my family clan, I was also trained to maintain the family fields properly. I will not let you down. You tell the villagers to not sell the crops. I will return to the city to buy the seeds and meet you all at the fields tomorrow morning." Li Ming said while standing up.

"Alright! But how will you return that early? It will took nearly 8 hours to reach the capital city." The Old Sir was confused.

"I have my own methods. I will be at the fields tomorrow morning. Now I'll take my leave." Li Ming thanked the woman for the tea.

Just as she was going to leave, she saw a pot with a dead plant inside it. A smile appeared on her face.

She placed her hand over the pot and a green light appeared, the dead plant started sprouting and grew up into a beautiful plant with two beautiful flowers.

"Now it looks perfect!" Li Ming said as she retracted back her hand.

The Old Sir and the woman was shocked after what they saw but before any of them could say anything, Li Ming disappeared in the thin air.


Li Ming appeared near the fields. She wanted to collect some samples of the soil before she left for the city.

After she collected samples from Four different fields, she returned back to the orphanage.

She told the old couple about her plan of helping the villagers and asked the old madam to prepare a room for her to stay at the orphanage.

After picking up the still angry Snowy, she teleported back to the 'Black Jade Inn'.

After returning back she asked Elder Fu if there was any shop for seeds in the black market. But there was none.

Li Ming decided to visit the capital market.  She appeared on the busy street of the market.

After looking around for a while, she finally found a few shops. She bought one bag of seeds of rice and wheat each.

After searching a while for the seeds of vegetables and fruits, she found nothing.

'What a place!' Li Ming rubbed her nose in annoyance. Although it's very rare for her to get annoyed but sometimes she just couldn't help herself but get annoyed.

She left the shop and started walking towards the stalls on the street, selling various items.

She was about to enter a clothes shop when she heard loud voices coming from another shop.

She looked at that direction and found a large crowd surrounding the entrance of another shop.

She decided to ignore the ruckus but then she heard the loud voice of hunter and then the shrieks of a child.  She stopped at once and again looked at the crowd.

Actually the crowd was gathered around the entrance of The Herb Pavilion. The Young Miss of the Prime Minister manor, Zhu Xiang, was visiting the Herb Pavilion when a little boy bumped into her.

The Young Miss of the Prime Minister manor was arrogant and short tempered. She couldn't control her rage when her new dress got dirty because of a little beggar. She started beating the boy with her Night's Edge hunter.

Everyone in the Capital city knew that the Night's Edge Hunter of Zhu Xiang was a special weapon which was given to her by her grandmother who was the disciple of the Legendary Weapons Sect.

Anyone below the level of Elder Cultivator could not stand the lashes of the Night's Edge Hunter without damaging their cultivation energy.

Moreover the boy was barely 12-13 years old. If Zhu Xiang didn't stop, then the boy was sure to die.

But Zhu Xiang had already lost her mind. Moreover, she didn't give a damn if the beggar died.

Just as she was going to strike her final blow, something caught her hunter. She tried to free the hunter as she pulled it with the help of her spiritual powers but she was not able to move it a single centimeter.

The people around her was staring at something or someone behind her with admiration, some with surprise and some with even pity.

Zhu Xiang turned around to see who was it and saw a girl of her own age standing there holding the Night's Edge Hunter's other end in her hand.

Zhu Xiang was shocked to see that. Because only she knew about the secret power of the Night's Edge. If a person another than its owner touched the Night's Edge without getting hurt that mean the person was more powerful than the owner.

But Zhu Xiang was the only female of the young generation in the Capital city to reach the fifth level of High Cultivator. Then where this girl came from?

Not only she touched the Nights Edge Hunter without getting hurt but also stopped her strike!

"Who are you and why are you holding my Night?" Zhu Xiang asked with a frown. By now she had cooled down a little.

"My identity doesn't matter. I just want you to stop beating a child who had done nothing wrong." Li Ming said in a serious voice.

"Hah! Did nothing wrong? He bumped into me and ruined my clothes. How could I let him go without teaching him a proper lesson?" Zhu Xiang said with an evil smile.

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"If I'm not wrong then he already apologized for that. You should stop your punishment." Li Ming looked at the boy who was beaten near to death.

"You should mind your own business. If I let him go this easily, then people like him will not know how to behave." Zhu Xiang was getting irritated by Li Ming's interference. She was only controlling herself because she couldn't fight with someone more powerful than her.

Li Ming shook her head in pity. She wanted to solve this matter without making any enemies but look like the Young Miss of the Prime Minister manor was too much to handle with sweet words.

She looked at the crowd and asked, "Tell me, if this little boy had collided with the Empress, did she have also beaten him like this after he apologized or let him go?"

The crowd was speechless. The answer was simple.

"Of course, she would have let him go!" One of the man said.

"She's the mother of our nation. She knows how to forgive." Another woman said.

The others also nodded their heads in agreement.

"See! If the Empress, the mother of Han Empire, can forgive such mistakes. Are you, Miss Zhu, think yourself more important than the Empress?" Li Ming asked in a mocking tone.

Zhu Xiang turned pale. She had no idea that this girl would bring the example of Her Majesty to ruin her image like this.

The crowd was looking at her with hatred and anger. They already knew that Zhu Xiang was arrogant and short tempered but they had no idea that she thought herself more important than the Empress.

Zhu Xiang didn't know how to reply. Her maid saw that the situation was turning bad, so she ushered Zhu Xiang  away from the crowd.

Zhu Xiang looked at Li Ming with pure hatred before turning around and going away with her maid.

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