265 Devour Them

"That's...really a good idea. I'm in too." 

All the eyes turned towards the Heaven Emperor who suddenly spoke up. His eyes were trained on the Supreme Immortal and the girl in his arms.

It took a few moments for Li Ming to come out of her shocked state and when she was finally back to her normal self, an evil smile bloomed on her lips.

She signaled the Heaven Emperor to come closer to her and as he complied with her order and inched closer to her, he lost his balance when the little girl pulled him suddenly in her embrace.

As he landed on her it made the Supreme Immortal lose his balance. If not for his quick reflexes, the three of them surely would have ended up on the floor.

"What are you doing?" Wen Guiying asked as he tried to push the Heaven Emperor away.

"She's the one who pulled me!" The Heaven Emperor immediately replied in his defense.

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