6 A Great Way to Make Money (2)

Li Ming came back to the main room with Elder Fu. There were two more customers sitting with the previous ones. They all were busy in playing chess.

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She went towards their table and said in a mocking tone. "Why you men like to waste your time in playing childish game?" She sat down at a chair beside them.

"Little Girl, what rubbish are you spouting? You think that playing chess is a child's play?" One of the man said mockingly.

"Of course! What's so great about playing chess? I have never lost to anyone in this game. If you don't believe me then let's play a round." She said with confidence.

"Alright! Let's see how great of a player you are." Another man said and they all decided to play a round with her. They were just passing time while playing chess, so there was no harm in keeping a child's heart.

In reality, Li Ming was an average player when it comes to chess. But since she would be able to read the mind of the other player, she was confident that it was easy for her to win.

"Little Girl, seeing that you are a child, we are giving you our worst player." Another man said laughingly while looking at one of the man whose face had turned red from embarrassment.

"I'm not going to lose to a little child." The red faced said grumpily.

Li Ming didn't said anything and soon the game began. Although Elder Fu was confused by her behavior but he didn't say anything and asked his eldest daughter, Huang Qing, to serve tea.

Almost within 20 minutes Li Ming won the game. The men were surprised to see a little child playing chess so well. After a few minutes of discussion they started another round but this time her opponent was different.

After two hours she had won every single round against the four men. The men could not believe that they lost to a little girl. After all their own master had taught them the art of playing chess and although they were not geniuses but their skills were still good enough.

These four people were the guards of the General's residence. Today they came to the black market with the eldest master of the General manor. Since their master was busy in 'Breezing Flowers'(Breezing Flowers also provide the service of a brothel), they decided to spend their time in this quiet inn by playing chess. But who had known that they would loose to a child and not only once but every single round. They already accepted that the little miss was a genius player. No matter whatever way they used, she already had a way to beat them.

Finally they paid for their tea and left the inn. But they could not forget about the embarrassment that they felt while loosing to a child.

Elder Fu was confused by what happened. He couldn't control his curiosity anymore and finally asked Li Ming, "Miss Li, I'm unable to understand what you are planning to do. Are you just passing your time by playing chess? Although I'm really impressed by your skills."

Li Ming smiled and looked at Elder Fu, "Elder Fu, do you know who these men were?"

"Sorry Miss Li. Though I know many people in the black market but I have no idea who these men were. By looking at them, they appear to be guards." Elder Fu replied with confusion.

"You are right. These are the guards of the General manor. They came here with their eldest young master. Now tell me what you know about the eldest son of General manor." She asked Elder Fu while enjoying the sweet flavor of the tea.

"It was known throughout the capital city that the eldest master of General manor has a strong personality. He doesn't like to lose to anyone in anything. And if someone challenges him or his status in anyway, he always took his revenge. He is also the number one player in chess in the whole imperial city." Elder Fu told her what he had heard through his friends and servants or the customers.

"Exactly! Now all we have to do is to wait for him." Li Ming said and relaxed into her seat.

Although Elder Fu was still confused but when he saw her closing her eyes he didn't said anything and left her alone.

- - - - - -

On the other side of the black market, Wei Rong, the eldest son of the General manor, noticed the bad mood of his guards.

He first didn't ask them anything but when they continued to ignore his words like passing breeze, he got irritated.

"What the hell is wrong with you all? Did something happened?" He looked at them with a frown.

"It's nothing Master Rong. It's...just today we lost in the game of chess to a little girl. No matter whoever of us was her opponent and however hard we tried but she defeated us all." One of the guard said embarrassingly. There was no point in hiding the truth from their master.

"You are saying that you lost to a little child. You bunch of useless people!! How could you shame me like that?" Wei Rong said disgustedly.

He thought for a while and finally said, "Take me to that inn. I myself taught you guys the art of playing chess. But you all made me loose face today. Now I have to get my honor back."

The guards obeyed and took him to the Elder Fu's inn.

- - - - - -

Wei Rong entered the small inn at the end of the street. The first thing that caught his attention was a 12 or 13 year old girl who was relaxing in one of the seats. Although she was young and her body had not matured but she was beautiful. For a while Wei Rong was unable to move his eyes from her but then an old man came to welcome him.

"Master Rong, what a great pleasure to see you here!" Elder Fu bowed and asked the man to take a seat.

Li Ming opened her eyes at Elder Fu's voice and looked at the most beautiful man she had seen in this new world till now.

He was wearing white color ancient clothes. His hair was long and nicely combed. His skin was fair like jade and he had very beautiful eyes, with a height of 5'10". Overall, he could join the celebrity industry of modern world.

The guard behind him said something in his ear and the man smiled. He nodded his head and walked towards her table.

"So, you are the one who defeated my guards in chess. I'm really impressed. If this Young Miss doesn't mind, then I also want to play a round with you." Wei Rong said as he took a seat opposite her. He was unable to tell the identity of the girl. She looked like a young miss of a noble family. Also he was also unable to tell her cultivation level.

It could only mean two things, either her cultivation level was above his own, which was kinda impossible as she was so young and the other one was that she was a trash. But he was not an idiot to judge someone so early.

"Master Rong, not everyone is as free as you think. Why I would waste my time in playing chess with you, when I'm gaining no benefit from it." She replied with a soft smile.

Wei Rong looked at the girl in front of him. He thought for a while and finally asked, "What are you thinking about?"

Li Ming smiled and said, "You are one of the best player of chess in the entire capital city. Why not make a bet?"

Thus they both ended up making a bet of 1000 silver taels. Wei Rong put a pouch full of 1000 silver taels on the table and looked at her.

Li Ming also produced a pouch of money out of thin air and placed it on the table.

She had created this money using her illusion powers. Although her powers were weak but it was enough to make anyone below Elder Cultivator level to believe in her illusion.

The illusion would work for 8 hours but after that it would start wearing off. Also the act of producing the pouch out of thin air was to show the people that her cultivation level was not normal and it would make them warry of her. And exactly the same thing happened.

After seeing the little girl producing a pouch full of money in the thin air, everyone was surprised. They all had the same thought, that the girl's identity was not normal.

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