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The next day Winter woke up early as usual and performed her morning routine.

But today Snowy wanted to take a bath. So, by the time she finished dolling him up, it was already reaching noon. She got ready and left for the black market.

When she entered the inn, Elder Fu and his wife were already standing there. It looked like they were waiting for her.

Madam Fu offered her a seat and poured tea for her.

Today there were only two men in the inn, they were also busy in playing chess. It seemed that these people really loved to play games. An idea occurred to her but she had to know Elder Fu's decision first. (Although she already knew his decision-mind reading you know!).

Elder Fu waited for a while and when the girl didn't say anything, he finally opened his mouth.

"Young Miss, if you can cure my son, then my family is ready to serve you till our last breath." He said in a serious note.

"Alright! I knew that you are a smart man. Let's make an oath to heaven and then I will cure your son." Winter told Elder Fu. In this world people never broke their oaths. It's just like an emperor's edict, once you gave it to someone then you could never go back on your words. The consequences were too high to bear.

Elder Fu didn't hesitate and made an oath to heaven that he and his family would follow Winter from now on if she would cure their son.

After making the oath, Elder Fu took her in a room on the second floor. The room was dark and only a few candles were burning to give a little view of the room. A boy of maybe 16/17 years, was sitting in a wheelchair. He was kinda good looking with long black hair and dark eyes. But the boy had no emotion in his eyes. It seemed like he had no more hope left in his life.

"He's my son, Huang Jun. Do you think you can cure him?" Elder Fu was looking at her with so much hope in his eyes.

Winter just nodded her head and didn't reply. She went near to Huang Jun and sat in front of him. She placed her fingers lightly on his left knee and closed her eyes.

He had some kind of poison in his body which was making him a cripple. The poison would not kill him but it would make sure that he'd never be able to cultivate or stand on his legs for the rest of his life.

She took a long breath and then concentrated on her healing energy. One could see a bluish light covering Huang Jun from his head to his toe.

Huang Jun felt a warm and soothing feeling coming over his entire body. He closed his eyes to enjoy the moment. He had never felt this good in his entire life. But the warm feeling soon vanished. It felt like it was never there. He opened his eyes and looked at the girl in front of her.

"We have a lot of work to do. Are you all planning to stay here the whole day?" Winter said to the people in the room and stood up. She looked at the boy in the wheelchair and raised her eyebrows.

Huang Jun looked at his father and mother. When they both nodded at him, he again looked at the girl in front of him. After a moment, he braced both hands on the arms of the chair and tried to slowly stand up.

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Elder Fu thought that even if this little girl somehow cured Jun'er, it would still take some time for him to be able to stand up. After all, he had been sitting in a wheelchair for more than the past 10 years.

But when he saw Jun'er stand up completely without any discomfort, he was too shocked. Not even that the next moment Jun'er tried to walk a little and he was completely able to do so. It was like he had never been a cripple. Elder Fu was so happy. One could even see his eyes were starting to tear up.

The next few moments were spent by the Huang Family, as they shared hugs and cried together in happiness.

After a while, Elder Fu looked at Winter and kneeled in front of her. The rest of the family also kneeled down. "Young Miss, you have given a new life to both Jun'er and our Huang Family. We'll always be in your debt. From today onwards our Huang Family will be at your service." The whole Huang Family bowed their heads.

Winter smiled softly and helped Elder Fu to stand up. She asked the other members to also stand up.

"Alright! We don't have time for all this. We have a larger matter in our hands. Let's focus on our inn's business first." Winter asked all of them to sit down, as she also sat down on the main chair.

"My name is Li Ming. Since I have taken over the inn then I will make sure that our business will be running smoothly in the future." It took so much time for Winter to came up with a name for herself. It's not like she could tell people that her name was Winter.

So she found a name with the surname which didn't match anyone in the entire Capital City of the Han Empire. That's why it took her so much time to give herself a name.

Elder Fu had two daughters. The eldest daughter, Huang Qing, was 20 years old while the youngest daughter, Huang Ling, was 15. Both the girls were beautiful and cute.

"Alright! Tell me exactly how you all were doing the inn business before?"

Winter asked Eder Fu and they all talked about it for nearly half an hour.

"I have a plan to attract people's attention to our inn. Let me try it. I want you to prepare tea and wine for the customers. And leave the rest of the work to me." As she stood up to go out of the room, she remembered something and looked at them.

"Don't send Huang Jun in front of anyone. When I diagnosed him, I found poison in his body. Until we are not sure how he got the poison, we can't let anyone find out that he is cured." She looked at Huang Jun and then at Elder Fu.

They looked shocked but they all agreed.

Winter nodded her head once and left the room with Elder Fu, to perform her next mission. She was sure that this was going to be too much fun.

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