Give Me One Good Reason (formerly Thirteen Reasons) Book

novel - LGBT+

Give Me One Good Reason (formerly Thirteen Reasons)


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Life's lessons can be harsh and misunderstandings can tear us apart. When communication breaks down - will we be able to fix the damage we've caused or are the rifts too raw, too savage to ever be healed again? "Give me ONE good reason why I shouldn't leave you. I trusted you and you broke my heart, you ripped it out and crushed it under your heel..." The last words were choked off by sobs that wracked his body. I watched as my heart broke in front of me. He was right. I fucked up. All I could do was watch as Lan Yibo gently encased him in an embrace and as his golden brown eyes sliced through me with disappointment like the chilling winter winds that blew over the Arctic ice caps. "Please, I'm sorr-" "Not welcome. Get Lost." An original story by me but I borrow names from well known people and characters. HOWEVER: any similarities to actual events or incidents are coincidental as this is a work of fiction. CONTAINS: Graphic and sexually explicit scenes, abuse, violence and cursing. Read at your own risk.


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