It was Sunday evening and It was a very cold day,me sitting with a mug of coffee and my favourite book near the window as this is the one thing that I love the most.Suddenly,I hear a familiar voice,someone shouting my name;"Lea,Lea"..I was that much lost in my book that

I had identified the voice but not the person.The person was the evil yet handsome best friend of mine that was calling my name from fifteen minutes.

Wha..what are you doing,leah?Says kev aka Kevin Wood,my best friend.Kevin and I are bestfriends since diapers.We both went to same middle school and high school but after one month we both are going separate ways for our universities as I always wanted to do photography and he,wanted to opens a restaurant.

Nothing man!says me giving a sigh.Do you have any idea what's happening around the world..Do you know Grace Chloe?says kev

Ah yes,your crush since middle school!

Yes yes!She talked to me today..and I came to know that we both are going in same university.Oh my God,Really!says leah with a jealousy.Why,Are you not happy for me!says kev.No its not like that,I always want your best even if it is with Chloe,says leah.I know I know that you both are not on best term..but please be kind with her,says kev.Do you have any idea what are you talking about,says leah with frustration,Don't you remember what have she done to me in school,how could you forgot that everytime she does something wrong it is always me that is blamed for.I know,but she is not only my crush but also your cousin,L,says kev.I am not in the mood to talk now.Please leave me alone,says leah by holding hands of kevin as she forcefully take out him of her room.