1 girl who dates monsters

chapter one the love for one werewolf vs the headless night welcome to the college for beasts well recently weevil of girls to come here there is Moseley boys we can't really get to other people somebody help were useless with tech help it's annoying that's why I will use fire fairies instead of lights she is the one problem though when they fall asleep the lights Go out so that why you we have to give them energy drinks make them burn brighter this is kind of a danger you sometimes they can come bus when they get mad and that happens a lot especially with a merman all the Olympians Jesus why we have someone to fish people well they're only sorry is wonder annnnnnnnnd everyone just keep reading on to learn more about the fantastic story about the werewolf vs the headlight night. day one mention this I'm the principal a phantom eventful spirit so and so I'm not really interested with being colder phantom so everyone just called me headmaster anyway let's start day one human girl well seems the first person to come up to her is the headless Knight oh what's that I see it's temba the werewolf back story for timber is called timber species families lumberjacks and because his mother is human on his daddy is a werewolf he's TimberWolf now TimberWolf is just part of the job he basically if he werewolf gets married to her family of human lumberjacks they children become a lumba wolves back about Tumber using like people talking about throwing sticks for him and so this gets him into a lot monster dolls unlike some of the students here he always wins does duals he wouldn't mess around with him anymore he likes it but there's one person who never bothers him he just doesn't want to fight he's so gonna win against Tumblr it's the headless Knight he's actually called the headless Knight he's a spirit trapped in a suit of armour his family is the dark Knight and the knight in silver armour also will mistress name Charlotte the dark Knight to just a spirit we got trapped in some cursed arm after dying it the 9th shining armour protect those who are in danger with its spirit powers or whatever I don't understand I love phantom for god's sake just people Jesus Charlotte is a human made who was sent to clean to the castle for museum but now she's married to those two wonderful man go on its parent thing it's only her that comes. still on day 1 alright here we go see the headless Knight asked her a few questions about he always does this with no people don't question it it's just because he doesn't have eyes only can do is hear smell and taste problem about this please kind of a black hole don't put your hand in there it will get severed in there is a miniature black hole for somehow that's his parvis digestive system it's literally machine basically I can't tell what it is I don't even know what it is basically he has really good hearing somehow it you don't have is you don't even have a nose how can you smell on here back story to get along I think he's a radar because he just jumped over a wall and somehow landed in a poop right next to some soap concrete it's so weird timber charging towards him timber smell the person and wanted to ask them a few questions he's are really the question type but they've never had a human here so it's strange a few questions they go to class or fight starts in the dinner hall and what happens is the head lost my stops it it's pretty weird see an Olympian on a merman start a fight Olympian was eating fried fit was eating fried fish sorry I started that she was unbelievable anyways back to the romance some reason in the end of this she has a child with all them that's right now released end of chapter 1

chapter 2 the beginning of a relationship alright someone who has just entered the game it's only day 1 for some reason there's just a lot of people want to right now because she's yumi girl was no one else to choose but her right now so everyone is kind of Gavin around her I've heard so much chatter yeah so much chatter talking about her in the principal office two of them only 2 watts into the principle of a normal people don't come over to visit blooming over you guy who asks is blood flower human flower monster thing he's a mix of madam rose and the swamp beast Madame rose is a rose mutant some energy soul stuff weird stuff for fuse with a thing of rose 10 million years ago and this one is yours the same thing but in a swamp with plants pretty dumb I don't get it basically she dates quite a lot with him it's giggles and stuff I don't get it timber and she's kind of impressed by timber absolutely beating his rose out of his nose yes I'm does not make sense that actually happened he punched his nose so hard and it broke so hard at the flower on his head came off that doesn't say now how do you do that oh yeah basically she starts working and he starts flirting against weird a blooming romance starts but then it's cut short as oh yeah now that bloom is annoyed beat him up