10 Chapter 3 - Giovanni (2)

We head back to the ballroom where tonight's party is held, classy music and noisy chatter greeting us as soon as we join the crowd. My father loves to throw lavish parties. He's quite generous with it. Champagne overflows from a flute pyramid next to an ice sculpture of our company's logo.

Tonight's party is a celebration of our company, SVR, closing a multi-billion dollar deal. The whole family is present, and so are the company's board members, and executive directors. Most of the employees are present too. They're excited to receive gifts and prizes from an event later this evening.

"Did you have a date tonight?" I ask, though I'm sure the escort service didn't give him one.

"Of course. Gabby."

His sister. "Ah. I haven't seen her. Where is she?"

He nods to the farthest table at the back. A teenager in a pink glittery dress sulks by herself, blowing and then popping her gum, scowling at us. I quickly wave at her and she rolls her eyes at me, the little shit.

"She's mad. She wanted to take her boyfriend as her date tonight."

"She has a boyfriend?" I can't hide the bite in my tone. We're all a little protective of our princess. "Who's the fucker?"

"Some lanky asshat in her school."

"We should pay him a visit."

"Already did. That's why she's sulking." Both my brows shoot up in question and he laughs. "What? I didn't put him in the hospital if that's what you're thinking. Though he probably needs to visit the dentist for a set of dentures."

I shake my head. Gabby's two older brothers can sometimes be over the top when it comes to her.

We go back to our table. My father merely glances at me as I take the seat next to him. I lightly nod, accompanied by a subtle hint that tells him I've already taken care of it.

My father doesn't answer. He resumes his conversation with an SVR director on his other side. That's all the acknowledgment I get from him. If my father assigns me something, I don't question it. I do as told and don't expect a thank you afterward.

It's been two months since my father visited me the morning after my birthday. Since then, I managed not to fuck things up.

My father doesn't care who I fuck, as long as it's not any of our staff because that's dangerous territory—and not for the usual reasons legitimate businesses have. Because of our line of work, we need to be extra careful. If we fool around with anyone who works with us—those who are always around us, mishaps can happen. We can't be too close to anyone who isn't part of our circle either.

I'm determined to keep myself in my father's good graces. It's hard to trust anyone these days. And in our world, trust means you're willing to sacrifice something in return.

I've been showing up to work, and to more board meetings. And at night, I work harder at The Manor. I've doubled our targets in the past few months. And I'll be keeping the momentum, keeping my head on straight without distractions. Well…maybe less distractions.

I join in the conversation, easily picking up their topic about oil, and then I sense my father's tiny grin. It's a small thing, but it tells me that I'm doing a great job.

My father leaves for the men's room an hour later, and the director floats away to join another group across the ballroom. Everyone's in their respective bubbles while I grow bored.

"Wanna dance?" a sultry voice whispers in my ear. I glance over and Cindy shyly smiles, her fingers dancing along my arm.

The corner of my lips tilts into a smile. "Actually, I'm going out to smoke."

I stand and she does the same. "I'll come with… I also need some air."

I let her cling to my arm as we go out to a door that leads to an alley—a different one from earlier. As soon as the cool air from outside hits my face, I light up a stick and puff while walking further down the alley.

Cindy pushes me to the wall and starts rubbing herself all over me, her hands roaming down my shirt. "I was waiting for you to make a move. What took you so long?"

I wasn't gonna, but I don't tell her that. With a smirk, I calmly say, "I don't do this."

At least not tonight. I'm not in the mood.

"Me neither. I never sleep with my clients. But you're…different."

I don't know what she's talking about. We've only known each other for a few hours and spoken for less than ten minutes including the initial greeting. If that's different for her…

My eyes roam down her form. I take a drag of my cigarette and blow it on her face. She's about to cough but tries to hold it in. Instead, she smiles cat-like as she reaches down between us and over my dick, cupping me through my pants. "My, you're huge."

"You haven't even seen it awake yet."

I'm not even hard. And I'm not touching her. I take another drag and this time, I blow it above her head. "You can't handle me, sweetie," I tell her in a voice so sweet she thinks I'm flirting with her. I'm actually not, but I guess I can't help how I naturally am.

She licks her lips. "Trust me. I've taken...big. From the back…in the back. Don't you want to find out?"

I stop myself from heaving out a long sigh. She makes an effort to push her tits together when she sees me inspect her. Fake big ones, and possibly had a pair of ribs removed. Fake lips. Fake cheeks. Everything is fake. She's pretty in a standard model way but looks like a manufactured barbie.

When I don't answer, the smile she gives me is coy, her fingers skimming underneath her skirt. "You can touch me… I'm not wearing any underwear."

I wait for my dick to harden and maybe I can take her right here. I'm bored, so might as well.

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