20 Chapter 20

As he lay on the ground trying to catch his breath from the brutal blows exchanged, he saw a flash in the corner of his eye as Gilgamesh leapt inhumanly high into the air just above Sairaorg.

"Busoshoku Kouka!" yelled Gilgamesh as the entirety of his left arm took on a black metallic sheen, which he recoiled fully as he descended to the ground, exactly where Sairaorg's head was.

You didn't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out what would happen next. Luckily for Sairaorg, he had enough wherewithal to spread his wings at the last moment and speed the hell out of there, while Gilgamesh opened his fist where Sairaorg's head used to be.

"Extreme earthquake!" roared Gilgamesh as his fist connected with the ground, sending shock waves across the surface before the ground cratered deep with huge chunks of rock and dirt flying through the air as the ground was completely obliterated. Sairaorg, from his position in midair, had a drop of sweat running down his face as he witnessed the arbitrary destruction caused by a single punch. He wondered if this was how people felt when they looked at him.

"Hahaha, you really are something else. I haven't been pressured like this since my childhood," said Sairaorg with a big smile.

"I can still see you hesitating. Don't you have someone important you're fighting for? Wouldn't she want you to show all your magnificent strength with the same body she gave her? You don't need the power of destruction! Your body is destruction personified! Why wait for a power that can never match your fists! I recognize you as the True Great King, so show me what you've got. Show me your determination. That's the fight these people came to see. Great King Vs the King of Heroes! Let's tear this place down," Gilgamesh shouts loudly.

Sairaorg had always been someone Gilgamesh had respect and he knew what Bael had suffered for not being born with the Bael clan bloodline, if he could help someone he respects he would do that.

Sairaorg, for his part, felt as if a great burden had been lifted from his shoulders. His opponent, no Gilgamesh was right. He got to this point eliminating all the obstacles that stood in his way, without fear of anything. The thought of his beloved mother and the sacrifices she made for him echoed in his mind. Her eyes got a little misty as he thought of her and decided she wanted him to live his life freely and not get bogged down by silly politics. If he loses support today, he will rebuild from the bottom up. He felt his resolve harden as he finally felt free of the metaphorical shackles he had placed on himself. He decided it was time to honor his mother and the clan she came from.

"Gilgamesh, your words resonated with my soul. I feel freer than I have in a long time. I will reward you with all my might! Prepare yourself!" Declared Sairaorg.

A dazzling light spread across the field. Because of its intense light, when the light faded it was possible to see Sairaorg covered in an unusual amount of Touki throughout his body to the point of creating an armor of his life force.

With Sairaorg's every step the battlefield trembled before the gigantic strength of Sairaorg with his Touki aura weighing all over the place.

Before, Sairaorg's power that was in the Ultimate Class Realm fired to the point of entering the Satan Class.

Seeing the power pouring out of Sairaorg, Gilgamesh chuckled happily to himself. In fact, he was becoming a battle freak. He should calm down a little when he gets home.

"Wonderful! You really are the real deal, Sairaorg. You have my respect. Let me show you the only way I know how" exclaimed Gilgamesh happily as he increased his power.

Around Gilgamesh a great golden aura emerged causing its power to soar to the point if everyone found it difficult to even breathe.

"Let's do it, Sairaorg!" roared Gilgamesh as the two attacked each other.

They met in the middle when their fists met in a clash that shook the foundations of the arena and sent shock waves through the air. The disengaged and plunged once more into another mighty clash. And so on, they tried to dominate each other. Fists and feet were flying as they fought for dominance.

As more hits, the connected blood began to fly from the concussive impact of the blows. Now it was a battle of endurance and willpower. All tricks and elegance were thrown out the window. It was about who could outlast the other. More and more hits arrived as the muffled sounds reverberated throughout the arena. Bones could be heard creaking with the power of the hits.

The two competitors were reeling as they dug into the tank for their last attack. When Sairaorg came forward with a brutal punch, Gilgamesh activated his [Weapon Haki] one of the few times in the match and saw the trajectory of the blow and dodged it at the last minute before raising his arm.

"Busoshoku Kouka" He whispered as the entire left arm of his armor turned black.

Sairaorg was too exhausted to get out of the way when he saw the attack take place.

"You beat Gilgamesh today. Thank you for a wonderful fight and for showing me the light once again." These were Sairaorg's last thoughts when Gilgamesh's haki raised the fist connected to his sternum, knocking him out. When his back hit the ground, his armor dissipated.

Everyone was silent as they were still shocked by the sheer impact and level of the battle.

Kuisha seeing her unconscious [King] quickly went to him.

Looking up she saw Gilgamesh's face looking down at her and couldn't help but blush.

"He's fine just unconscious" said Gilgamesh as he reached down and touched Sairaorg's body and used his [Healing] ability while a small green aura surrounded Sairaorg's body healing any wounds.

Gilgamesh was also surrounded by this aura while all the wounds on his body disappeared.

Kuisha quickly waved to Gilgamesh and made a magic circle beneath her and Sairaorg making them disappear.

Using his [Observation Haki] Gilgamesh sensed a large amount of beings, who by the aura were human, Fallen Angels and Devil watching them, but could not intervene due to Sebas' barrier.

Speaking of Sebas, he and Enkidu approached Gilgamesh who gave a nod that all was well.

Looking at the exorcists, who were still stunned, Gilgamesh gave a wave before disappearing into a magic circle

Siegfried and Jeanne didn't even know how they were going to explain this to the Church.

But one thing they were going to have to say.

A descendant of the King of Heroes has emerged.


*With Gilgamesh.*

Gilgamesh was now sitting on a sofa in a hotel just minutes away from where the battle had taken place.

In front of him were Sebas serving tea and the Lion King of Nemea who agreed to become the Sacred Gear of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh saw that Regulus had a nervous look in his eyes due to Enkidu being on top of him hugging him.

Gilgamesh can't help but feel sorry for Sairaorg for losing his Longinus.

"Sebas" Gilgamesh called the butler who already knew what he wanted.

"Your trip has been authorized, we leave today for Romania," said the butler, making Gilgamesh's smile grow.

It was time to get the Sacred Calice of the Vampires.

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