188 Chapter 189

Gilgamesh and Cao Cao prepared themselves before advancing against each other.

Soon the two spear-users rushed towards each other, swinging their spears at each other and countering every attack coming at them. Cao Cao pushed forward with his spear, but the King of Heroes blocked the attack by spinning his spear at him and made him back off a bit. Cao Cao shook his head and saw that his opponent was coming at him.

Gilgamesh swung his spear at the legs of the stronger Longinus wielder, but he jumped and landed on top of the spear. Gilgamesh grunted and was locked, being wide open. Cao Cao smiled and swung down towards his opponent. Seeing the danger, the golden haired man dropped his spear to dodge the attack and swung his right leg towards his opponent's upper body, causing him to fly backwards away from him and put the spear in his hands again.

Not letting his opponent have a break, Gilgamesh crawled toward the spearman and thrust his spear forward in red mana toward his target. Seeing the danger, Cao Cao blocked with his own spear covered in holy energy to match his opponent's and countered by thrusting forward to match the attack by point. A loud clash between spears was heard throughout the barrier and caused a red and white burst of energy, causing the energy to fly around them and continue to attack each other. More and more red and white bursts of mana flew around the spear carriers each time they attacked each other, and both of them would not give up.

However, the bearer of the crimson spear saw an opening and hit it, leaving his opponent open. Gilgamesh spun his spear toward the sacred spear, causing the whole thing to fly out of Cao Cao's hands. The wielder of the [True Longinus] was disarmed and it was a shock.

Gilgamesh quickly prepared to finish Cao Cao however a shower of sacred swords sent him backwards.

Looking to the side Gilgamesh saw Jeanne with her Sacred Gear activated and creating a variety of sacred swords.

Jeanne's Sacred Gear was the [Blade Blacksmith] and had the ability to create a countless number of sacred swords of the most variable attributes.

Gilgamesh looked at Jeanne and realized that she had no desire to fight, however she did not want the people who took her in to be hurt.

"Come on Gilgamesh" said Siegfried as he turned around and set off on Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh frowned and stepped forward and in a single movement was already in front of a shocked Siegfried.

Gilgamesh aimed and moved forward with Gae Bolg to pierce Siegfried who quickly put all six of his swords in front of the blow to defend him.

The defense was successful as Siegfried was only pushed back, however Gilgamesh tightened his spear channeling his magical power which generated a shockwave that sent Siegfried flying away causing him to cross mountains.

Gilgamesh advanced against Cao Cao who was still in shock for being disarmed, the stronger Longinus wielder only realized at the last moment when he saw him strike him with his spear causing Cao Cao to fly away.

Gilgamesh quickly held his spear and turned his attention to Georg and Leonardo.

A countless amount of Anti-Monsters surrounded Gilgamesh as Georg began to release magic through countless magic circles.

But that was not enough to stop Gilgamesh.

With a single thrust the King of Heroes advanced against them both across the battlefield while destroying all the spells and slicing through all the monsters displaying immense mastery with his spear.

However before Gilgamesh could get close to them Jeanne stood in front of him making the King of Heroes stop.

"Please Gil, let's stop this" Jeanne said sadly.

"That was your choice Jeanne. Not mine" said Gilgamesh seriously.

Jeanne faced Gilgamesh sadly as she did not want to do that.

"Balance Breaker"

Behind Jeanne a huge amount of sacred swords appeared before taking the form of a dragon made of sacred swords.

"Balance Breaker: Stake Victim Dragon" Jeanne said.

It was Jeanne's Subspecies Balance Breaker, it creates a large dragon made of sacred swords. Jeanne is still able to create sacred swords while using this Balance Breaker.

The dragon quickly advanced against Gilgamesh roaring, however Gilgamesh concentrated a large amount of his magic on the tip of Gae Bolg which gained an extremely sharp aura.

Then Gilgamesh swung his spear from bottom to top.

And Jeanne's Sacred Sword Dragon was snapped in half, much to her bewilderment.

Gilgamesh quickly advanced against Jeanne who didn't even react because she knew that fighting Gilgamesh was foolish and suicidal.

However, contrary to Jeanne's expectations, Gilgamesh didn't strike her with Gae Bolg, but instead landed a blow on her neck, knocking her out.

It was as Enkidu said, Gilgamesh was too soft when it came to those he cared about and that's why he couldn't kill a friend.

Gilgamesh quickly spun his spear and turned his attention to Georg who stared in terror.

Georg quickly did the first thing that came to his mind when Gilgamesh advanced against him.

He ran away.

Georg quickly made the mist from his Longinus appear at his feet before disappearing to the other side of the barrier.

But the target was not Georg, it was Leonardo.

Gilgamesh appears behind Leonardo before the boy is even able to react.

Gilgamesh's eyes changed at that moment taking on the form of his [Sharingan].

"Genjutsu: Sharingan" said Gilgamesh looking directly into Leonardo's eyes.

The moment their eyes connected Leonardo fell to the ground unconscious.

Turning his gaze forward Gilgamesh saw Cao Cao walking now with his Longinus in hand.

"That was a good hit, I admit I was distracted at that moment" said Cao Cao before noticing Leonardo unconscious.

"What did you do?" asked Cao Cao dangerously.

"I got him out of the brainwashing you did, he is no longer your puppet" said Gilgamesh seriously.

Cao Cao showed mild surprise before looking up seriously.

"I see, so that's it" said Cao Cao sighing.

The stronger Longinus wielder quickly swung his Sacred Spear which released a huge beam of sacred energy.

But Cao Cao's holy beam had not aimed at Gilgamesh.

It was aimed at Leonardo.

Gilgamesh's eyes widened before he stopped in front of Leonardo before using Gae Bolg to blast the sacred energy beam away.

"What do you think you're doing?!" shouts Gilgamesh.

Cao Cao simply shrugged.

"If you did that then he is no longer useful, so better he die than let his Longinus fall into the hand of an enemy" said Cao Cao simply.

Geog approached Cao Cao with Jeanne unconscious on his shoulders and Siegfried who was badly injured, in the distance it was possible to hear the explosions generated by the battle of Regulus and Heracles.

Gilgamesh frowned at Cao Cao before turning to Leonardo and activating his [Mangekyou Eternal Sharingan] and using his [Kamui] to absorb Leonardo into another safe dimension.

Cao Cao narrowed his eyes before starting to move forward.

"Come on Cao Cao" Georg said as he knew there was no chance of victory, "Jeanne is unconscious and Siegfried is badly injured besides Heracles won't last long and Leonardo has been captured"

Cao Cao simply stepped forward and ignored Geog before placing his [True Longinus] in front of him.

"Be grateful, you are one of the few people who have ever had the honor of seeing the power of the Sacred Spear" Cao Cao said.

The [True Longinus] began to glow extremely bright before a light covered Cao Cao completely.

"Balance Breaker"

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