4 Chapter 3

Gil was seething in fury his kingly pride would not allow this. Sure he wasn't his Archer counterpart but still! Anybody who saw that cute Saber face would be angry. His Sha Naqba Imuru allowed him to know where that Caster was.

He quickly headed over in his battle clothes. His hand ready to draw any weapon from his gates. Unlike his ARCHER counterpart who couldn't use weapons even if his life depended on it. He was quite good at using most weapons in his gate.

He walked up only to see Assassin standing guard. "Move." Assassin smirked "Why should I?" Gil looked at him "That woman took something that I was going to have so if you have a death wish go ahead and stop me."

Thousands of ripples appeared in the air as weapons of various power poked out as a axe appeared in his hand. Assassin knew that this was out of his class as he simply said "If you want to pass then pass."

Gil scoffed as he walked past and closed the gates. What was found was completely different and only served to anger him more. The place was burning and Caster was nowhere to be found.

Gil had enough, enough was enough. He had played in this Grail War for too long. His eyes glowed red as he scoffed and chuckled. "The grail war ends tonight!" Rin and Archer arrived just in time to see Gil with his axe. What confused him the most was what he said "The grail war ends tonight!"

Gil decided to deal with the caster first. However it seems that the battle started without him. Everyone watched as he headed towards himself.

That night Gil single handedly destroyed caster after and soon faced his very own face. Gil snorted as he looked at his younger self. He did not need the grail for he had one already. The problem was that there was only one saber and two of him.

"One of us is going to die today. It's not going to be me." Archer Gil looked at him and sneered "Zashu-" Gil looked and interrupted him "I'm you and you just called me a mongrel so you called yourself a mongrel. Was I really this childish in my younger days?"

Archer looked at his caster self and deemed him weaker. Gil sighed as he knew himself well enough to finish this in one blow. He dashed forward to his Archer counterpart as he summoned his axe. Ah this axe was his favourite one.

Archer started opening all his gates only to have them be blasted to oblivion with magic blasts. His surprise got him a few swords stuck in his stomach. He opened the gate towards Ea only to have himself look at his body. Gil looked at the disappearing younger self before deciding to return the favour.


Anger filled his younger self's eyes as he disappeared into motes of light. A dinging sound was heard as all kingly vibes disappeared.

[100 G]

Gil spared no time as he immediately purchased the saber plush. Everyone saw the saber plush appear in his hands before he put it in the gate. Archer nodded "He definitely traded maturity for sanity."

He slowly faded into motes of light while waving at his saber. "I'll see you soon-" He glared at Archer before mouthing "My saber." Archer turned his head around and snorted.

Gil soon reappeared in a forest while information filled his head. "Hmm a world named Twilight how amusing." He had two options for his start to be a student or to be a teacher.

He obviously chose...


[Can not be chosen. Decision will be randomly made...]


Gil's eyes popped out "Huh student? Me being a student? Preposterous!" Nevertheless he was filled with information about his prepared house while the mission was sent.

[No mission]

[Observation period]

[Rewards will be given based on actions taken.]

Gilgamesh smiled thinking of the saber merch he could buy. He spent the weekend browsing all the saber merch.

Saber Hoodie.

Saber figurine.

Saber poster.

Maid Saber.


He eye the last one carefully before looking at the price.

[1000 G]

He sighed as he prepared for school the next day. He wore a black t-shirt with a white snow jacket with fur lined on the hood as he felt comfy enough to head to school. He arrived only to see many cars there. His old self would have snorted and grabbed the most expensive car he could find in the gate.

He headed to school after he dismissed the so called eyes and ears of the place. His old habit of killing annoying people was tempting him to stab him with multiple swords through the head to see if he could cure stupidity.

During volleyball he saw no reason to participate yet rumours about him were flying around. A blonde hair hot guy with red eyes that sort of look like slits and make you wither. Who wouldn't want to see him?

Gil sat at the cafeteria looking at the food in disgust. He had tasted the Feika's cooking yet he was supposed to eat this?! He looked around a bit before putting his hand into his bag and opening a small gate big enough to grab his saber lunchbox.

He opened it as the gleaming food from Urk came out. He whispered as something caught his eyes "Siduri's butter cakes." By instinct he flung his head around looking for any possible Enkidu even though he was dead. That clay had always stolen the cakes whenever he could.

He sighed as he noticed a group of people walking into the cafeteria, he was alone on the table so he asked the nearest table. "Who are they?" They responded after seeing his eyes and making them feel insignificant.

"The Cullens. Moved here from Alaska. Foster kids." Gil snorted and decided he needed a talk with them considering they were playing around in his garden despite being pests. Pests either obeyed the rules or they were exterminated.

He finished eating as he headed over to their table as the Cullens looked at him. Sha Naqba Imuru gazed at them as he felt sorry for the True Ancestors and even the dead apostles that this was a vampire in this world.

He sat down without asking as he gazed straight at them. "I've tolerated your very presence in this cafeteria you ticks." They looked at him coldly but had to hand it to him, his beauty was astonishingly. Hot. Perfect. They gazed at him with the murderous intent until the glow in his eyes forced them to feel pressure on their shoulders.

"You ticks who are playing in my garden should obey the rules of the garden otherwise pests are exterminated."