"PRAE...." What? "DITUS...." huh?

I might have zoned out because someone kept tapping me lightly on the shoulder, snapping me back into reality, I jumped at the contact. I looked at Luke beside me, He's tilting he's head like he's trying to tell me something, I looked at him confused trying to decipher what he's trying to tell me.

"Mr. Summers" I jerked my head to Miss Kage "Yes Ma'am?"

"I was asking, if you can lead us into yesterday's reading" Miss Kage's voice was calm but she's giving me a strange look that I don't really know how to explain.

"Yes, Ma'am" I answered while opening my book to yesterday's reading.

After reading Luke leaned closer to me "Dude, what's up with you? You've been acting weird lately" Luke whispering beside me, then he grabs my notebook "And what's this?" asking like I've already lost it.

I looked at the notebook, confused at what he's talking about. A single word is written over and over on the page "PRAEDITUS". "Nothing, must have wrote it unconsciously" I muttered while grabbing my notebook, focusing my attention back on Miss Kage but my mind just keeps drifting to that one word written on my notebook. I don't even know what "PRAEDITUS" is or means, yet it just so happened that I wrote it unconsciously.


The Bell rang "Don't forget to read the next chapter of the book" Miss Kage shouted while everybody's getting ready to leave. I grab my things and put them on my bag, before I got out Miss Kage called after me "Mr. Summers" I turned to her "May I talk to you for a moment?"

"Umm... sure"

She waited before all the other students cleared the classroom, "Are you recovering well Mr.Summers?" Miss Kage asked while fixing her things.

"Yes Ma'am, Why?" Answering, a little thrown back by the question

"Nothing" she gave me a look but I can't exactly pinpoint what kind. "It's just that from what I've know you for, I hope all your hard work won't go to waste."

Okay something's off. "Thank you for the concern ma'am, I may have zoned out a while ago but I promise it won't happened again" I said with a calm voice, which surprised me a little.

"May I just ask what did the doctor told you while you were in the hospital yesterday?"

"The doctor said that I was fine and that maybe the headache was caused by my lack of sleep"

"Hmmm..." Like she was expecting a different answer."Thank you Mr. Summers you may leave"

I turned around and got out of there as fast as I can.

I got to my locker, entered the code. I was getting something from my backpack when a piece of paper slipped from my locker. Curious as to who slipped it in my locker, Picking it up I turned the paper and a single word is written on it. The same word that I've written on my notebook in literature a while ago "PRAEDITUS". I scan the halls, confused as to who would leave this in my locker.

"June!" Luke leaned to the locker beside mine. I quickly shove the paper in my locker and shut it. "Hey Luke what's up?" turning to him, he gave a strange look but it didn't last. "I was just going to remind you, Party later at my place. You're bringing Jess, remember?" Yup how could I forget. Just thinking about it makes me wanna run the other way, but Luke has helped me a lot, its the least I can do. Shrugging "I'll do my best" Luke laughed clapping me on my shoulder "It's gonna be fun, don't worry bout it."

He looked at his watch "I gotta get to class , I'll see you at the party"

"I'll be there" with a low voice but my mind is already on the word again plus he was already gone. I open my locker again and grab the paper and look at the only word written on it. "PRAEDITUS"

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