85 I Want To Be Stronger!

Hey guys, Jordan here! And this chapter is all about yours truly.

Now, if there's a chance that you've been living under a rock; Welp, sucks to be you! Just kidding, lol!

Seriously speaking though; Hi everyone, my name is Jordan Young, and in this chapter I'll be talking a lot about myself, so please don't get too bored (XD).

Hmm..... Where should I start?

I grew up in a family of overachievers, where excellence is everything. Unfortunately for them, I'm anything but that.

My mom's from Japan, who graduated with a summa cum laude at the University of Cambridge, while my dad is full Caucasian, who also graduated with a summa cum laude at Oxford University. I'm an only child, so expectations on me were pretty high. Like suffocatingly high, if that's even a word.

Growing up, I never really excelled in anything, even in freaking video games. I always have terrible RNG with gatcha game, my attention span is too short for MMORPGs, I panic a lot when it comes to high action FPS games, and my terrible coordination couldn't save the life of me when it comes to MOBAs.

I just suck! Plain and simple.

Which really sucks when I think about it. Growing up, I was always the weird kid that everyone bullied. My grades were average, but when it comes to my parents, average just doesn't cut it. They made me do all the tutoring thing and whatnot, in attempts to improve my grades but immediately lost all hope when they saw no changes. I just couldn't do it, even if I tried my hardest. My brain just couldn't comprehend things quicker like what my parents wanted it to be.

Being the average kid, my parents were ashamed of me. They never let me hear the end of "Your cousin is the top their class, what about you?!" or "Why are you so stupid?". Oh, and one of my favorite ones "Why did I even give birth to you?!", and don't forget the "Ugh!" to really show how disappointed they are.

After hearing and being treated like this, you might think I would become a rebel? Well, you're not wrong, but just not in the way you though.

I wasn't actually hopeless after all, when I discovered my love for animals. Dogs, cats, birds, crocodiles? you name it, I love all of them. At that point in my life, I finally made a goal for myself and pursue the path of becoming a vet. Sadly, my parent didn't agree with me.

They mercilessly crushed my dreams with words that were sharper that any other sword.

"With a brain like yours, how can you even graduate college?!"

"I'm not gonna waste money on someone as hopeless as you!"

And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Even with their harsh words, I still continued and strived to follow my dream. At one point, I just came home from school and passed by a really injured cat on the side of the streets. Without a second thought, I brought the cat in and tended to its wounds to the best of my ability. I was so happy at the sense of fulfillment that I felt at that moment.

What I didn't know was, my parents were actually so merciless, that I never thought they would do the things they've done.

When I proudly showed my parent my handy work in tending to the cat's injuries, my dad just silently took the cat from me, got out of the house, threw the cat on the driveway, get in his car and ran over the poor cat.

That night, I cried and cried but my parents didn't even care and just left me crying at our front lawn. After I just emptied the contents of my stomach, I did it again, whenever my eyes landed on the corpse of the dead cat I just cared for.

My "stupidity" that night was finally the last draw for my parents. They were so ashamed of me, that the next morning, they shipped me off to Crystal Mist, and told me to stay there for the remainder of my high school life. They don't even care what I do with my life, any longer; And all I have to do is follow what they said.

I wanted to hate my parents, but no matter how much I tried, I just couldn't. I really love them, but I really want to understand why they were doing this things to me.

"Do they really not love me?" "I'm I really worthless?" Why was I even born in the first place?"

I kept asking myself this questions, but couldn't come up with a answer.

I'm the kind of person that can never hold a grudge for too long, so eventually I forgave my parents for what they've done.

I just told myself, that going to Crystal Mist will be a new beginning, and that it will be my chance to finally prove to my parent that they are wrong.

So then, I welcomed my new life with open arms and went to Crystal Mist with full of hope for myself.

Everything was really going well, until I met my greatest nightmare in the form of Prof. Jacobs. At first he was a really chill guy, but then his true colors came out. I swear that guy must've had a hidden vendetta on high school students, because when he started his lecture, I felt like I was in french class instead. His pro-longed equations, haywired my brain and almost gave me a freaking nosebleed. I might've survive his latest lecture, but I kid you not, when I say that that monster will be the cause of my death.

After the monster's lecture, I ran straight to the library and pulled out all the reference books that could help me understand the gibberish that I just jotted down in class. I was really desperate in making myself better and wanted so bad to understand, but I just couldn't. My brain kept heating up and overloading, whenever I tried solving one question on the home work that was given to us. I was so frustrated, that I was about to do a table flip, right then and there, when suddenly an angel appeared before my eyes.


I still remembered the first words he said to me, the first time we met.

"Divide it to 2 over pi"

They were just words but I felt like he threw me a lifeline instead. You might think I'm being over dramatic, but that was the first of many times he saved me.

June was a really great guy from the get go. He never looked down on me or even thought I was weird, when I just suddenly sucked his finger when he got paper cut.

I've read somewhere that saliva can help wounds heal, so don't judge me okay!

I didn't know why, but June's presence in my life was like the sun in my life that's has been hiding for so long and decided to show itself to me again. June felt like he's the light at the end of my very long and dark tunnel. And I'm not ashamed to admit it, but I believe that June is an angel sent to me by God. It felt really warm and comforting being around him.

June was even going to lent me his "sacred texts" to help with my equations.

Sadly all good things must come to an end. The bane of my existence, started to blare, indicating that it was time for the next class. I reluctantly parted ways with June for the time being, but the promise of our next meeting was stuck in my head for the rest of the day.

June promised that he's going to meet me at the library again tomorrow, to lend me his "Sacred texts". So I hummed a merry tune as I walked out of the classroom, the very second, the final bell rang. I was skipping excitedly, living in my own world, minding my own business, when in comes the football team.

The sweaty meatheads suddenly came at me, that their foul stench almost made me puke. Next thing I know, I was yeeted off of my feet and I was knocked out cold.

I was awoken, when I felt something hard hit my face. My cheeks burned and stung like crazy. My parents were disappointed in me, yes, but they never once laid their hands on me. My head kept spinning and spinning, that next thing I knew, I was emptying my stomach on the floor.

I heard people cheering around me, but my head was too muddled for me to even understand what they were saying. When my mind finally sobered up, the horror I felt was unimaginable. A horde of people were surrounding me, while they kept cheering obnoxiously loud, making my ears hurt. I was in the middle of a some kind of mini arena, like the ones you see in underground fights in movies.

"Welcome Jordan!"

I heard a familiar voice said. The voice was so familiar since I always hear it whenever I pass by his dorm room.

When I turned my head to look at who it was, it just confirmed my guess, that it was definitely my neighbor. It was definitely hard to miss, due to the late night sexapades that's been lately happening, next door.

It's freaking Luke!

Yes, the superstar quarterback of the football team, is my neighbor. So what? It's all not that great. Everyone worships this guy, but all he is to me, is a douche.

My wrists were tied above my head and my body hanged like freaking piñata. Let's just say that, what I've experienced that night, is something that would scar me for the rest of my life.

I though that by leaving my parents' house, my life would turn for the better. I couldn't even began to understand why such horrible things are happening to me. I wasn't even closely associated with Luke nor the people from the football team.

"Is this some kind of twisted and demented way of bullying?

That was what came into mind, since I wasn't a stranger to being bullied. But if it was, being beaten up to death, is really going far and beyond what normal bullying would be. But maybe, I guess it wasn't far enough for them.

That night, I really did thought that I was going to die.

Since you already knew what happened next, let's fast forward a little.

Oh, and yes, I'm a fully pledge vegetarian. It all started with the cat getting ran over, and Luke's arm flying in front of my face was the final straw.

Anyways, continuing on~

After passing out at he football field, I woke up to a place that could only be seen in animes or video games. I felt like I was in ancient Japan, where Japanese gates and small islands floated above me. Cherry blossom trees were planted everywhere, whereas the path that I walked on was paved in soft rocks.

Everywhere I looked, the surroundings just kept leaving me breathless.

I honest to God thought that I died already, but that wasn't actually the case when I met Antara.

Antara introduced herself as my guide and kept referring to me as "child". Antara is a huge nine-tailed fox by the way. She was so majestic and her voice was so soothing.

Antara explained to me where I was and what was happening, but being the slow person that I was, I had the biggest question mark on my head, which only caused Antara to laugh. As we walked aimlessly, at what she called my "Soul realm", we chatted a bit and got to know each other more.

Antara was actually pretty chill and patient with me and my questions. She told me that she would always be with me, so there was no need to rush with the information, and just told me to rest. She let me lay on her soft fur, and oh boy do I say that it was more than what I've ever hoped or imagined. It was literally better than the best mattress and comforter, combined.

When I woke up, I was back to the "physical realm" as Antara referred to it.

Every night I go to bed, I always entered my soul realm, where Antara always waits for me with a soft and motherly smile.

With my frequent visits, I finally understood what I was really capable of, and how dangerous it really was. The concept of being able to have power over souls, was so abstract to me, but Antara was patient with me. Soon, she began to teach me how to use and harness my Gift, with a great reminder of never unsheathing my sword, unless absolutely necessary.

She told me that my Gift manifested from my deep desire to understand and know my parents more. Antara told me that the human soul is who we truly are. It reveals who we truly are, the good and the bad.

I guess, everything still comes back to my parents.

Although Antara was patient, she was strict as well. She would always hit me with one of her tails, whenever I complain or grumble. I couldn't even hide anything from her, because I'm basically baring everything about myself out in the open, in my soul realm.

Being with Antara, she slowly helped me find who I'm and what my purpose was.

Visiting Antara has become such a constant thing in my life that I just did it without even thinking about it. One night, I was really excited to see Antara again but when I opened my eyes after going to sleep, I was somewhere unfamiliar.

The sky was dark and the wind was raging. At the cliff I saw multiple people, but instantly knew one of them, when I laid my eyes on him.


June was shocked to see me, just as I was shocked to see him. Everything wasn't making sense, but who am I kidding, the Gifted world doesn't make sense in the first place.

Next thing I knew, my body was torn in half. The feeling of my body being torn apart was something, that I never wanna experience again in my entire life. I couldn't really explain it, except say that it was very very VERY painful! IT WAS FREAKING PAINFUL, I tell you!

Ugh! Just being reminded of it, makes me wanna puke my guts out, and then cry eyes out, until I'm dehydrated. It was that traumatic!

After the fight with the pitch black raven, when I passed out, I was immediately transported to my soul realm. Antara was so worried, that I actually felt bad, that I made her feel that way.

Antara explained to me, that June's dream forcibly dragged me into it when I tried to enter my soul realm. Antara then proceeded to lecture me about my recklessness, even though she knew exactly why I did it. I think that was the reason she didn't go so hard on me with the lecturing. It was then, that she had reminded me of the painful reality of how weak I still was and still am.

It was hard to face reality, but at that point, I made the decision that I won't ever let anything happen bad to my love ones ever again. June had saved me time and time again, and yet, I was just a burden to him. I was a burden my whole life and it was time for that to change. Many people may look down on me and say that I couldn't do it, but it only takes one person to believe in me, and for me that person is June.

It was at the time, that I made my decision that me being average is no longer okay, because I wasn't average in the first place. It was the first time, I truly embraced who I was and who I am.

It was at that time that I finally understood, why I went though so much. The challenges and hurdles that I've went through, were stepping blocks and were readying me for what's to come. I always thought that my past was horrible and hated it, but now, I'm thankful for it, because it strengthen me and made me the person who I am today.

That's the time, when I told Antara that "I want to become stronger" and sincerely asked for her help to which Antara happily obliged.

I guess what I'm really trying to say with this whole thing is, don't give up. No matter who you are or where you came from, believe that God has placed you into this earth with a purpose. People's expectations might be broken, but never fit yourself in something that you are not suppose to fit in. You are unique and wonderful, don't let your circumstances drag you down. Be strong and keep moving forward.

Remember, everything happens for a reason. We might not understand it yet, but in the future, we will.

Thanks for listening to me ramble about my life and sorry that I interrupted the flow of the story. Sir. Author believed that it was time for me to share my story and hopefully inspire you guys. If you want to hear from me again, put it in the comment section below, so that Sir. Author could see it, LOL (XD)!

Anyway, thanks again guys and see yah!

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