1 First day of School

"Yo June!"

I turn around, seeing Luke approaching me "Sup man!" Clapping my back. When he sees me he's eyes widen "Woah! You look like death" he said half-joking.

"Yeah, Nice to see you too" I said to my best friend and with a shrug because what he said was true, well I would not say I look like Death but very close.

"How's the summer treating you? Got any girl? Went to parties?" he said leaning to the side of my locker as I continue to organize my locker.

I shrugged again not bothering to answer because he already knew the answer. I was never into the social partying, dating stuff, that's all him, Mr. Hotshot Quarterback of the football team. Me? I'd rather read books than go to parties or went out with a girl on a date, I think I'd die from embarrassment.

He chuckled "Dude you better up your game!" while putting a hand on my shoulder. "Hey Luke, Lookin' good!" the cheer leaders said while waving at him, clearly flirting at him. "You too ladies!" he said back with his signature smile that always gets the girls, even some boys. The cheer leaders erupted in giggles as they walk further down the halls.

"See" looking back at me smirking, proving his point. I turned to him raising a brow, showing him my disinterest. I waited for him to say something, when he said nothing I turn back to continue organizing my locker. I know, I'm the worst, that's what you're thinking right? well that's too bad because I swear I'm a good guy, it just so happened I'm really having one of the worst head aches of my life and I'm talkin' about head-splitting head ache and talking to him about this kind of stuff will just make it worst.

He sighed "C'mon June ya gotta loosen up." I looked at him again "It's the first day of school, Were juniors now" He said, his voice laced with excitement "You gotta live a little" Ever since the First day of freshmen year , When the popular Jock sits with the weird and awkward kid in the cafeteria , bloomed a friendship that no one ever thought was possible. He was always making sure I don't make a fool of myself and when I do he defended me when people mocked me. He always got my back and I in return. He's always been the best friend I ever had, so I kinda feeling guilty trying to ignore him when he's just concern about me. Guess I'm not going to win best friend of the year.

The pain in my head spiked and immediately I grab the side of my head closing my eyes shut "Ah" groaning out. I wobbled a little, almost fainting "Whoa! Dude you okay!?" Panic and worry filled Luke's voice. Holding my shoulders, he steadied me and lean me to my locker. I breath out, trying so bad to ease the pain in my head. My head feels like its being hit with a sledge hammer.

When the pain finally subsides, I took another long breath and trying to calm my breaths. "Dude ya okay?" Luke asked again, panic and worry still evident from his voice.

I opened my eyes and nod once. "You sure?" still not convinced, "I'm fine Luke; It's just a Head ache... I guess" I said trying to look unaffected but failed when my head starts to flare again. "I'm bringing you the clinic" I shook my head, It's the first day of class and I can't afford to be late or make any first bad impression on my teachers. Shaking my head "Its fine Luke you don't have too, I'll be fine.... really." He doesn't look convinced "I'll be fine, I'll just take an ibuprofen and I'll be good as new" He's still hesitant "You sure you'll be fine?" I'm about to roll my eye at him but as I was about to, the pain flared again. The bell rang "I'll be fine dad" I reassured him trying to joke but he didn't laugh, faking my smile. He's still not budging, I sigh "Look, Luke I know you're worried and I really appreciate it but I'm telling you I'm fine. So please let's just go to class before we get late" He sighs "Okay, just tell me if it gets worst okay?" I smiled

at him, he's really a great friend which is weird, that I'm lying to him and I don't even know why I'm lying to him "Sure thing" He clapped my shoulder then went to class "I'll see you at Lunch!" he shouted back then he was gone.

The halls cleared, everyone went to class. I grab my books from my locker, shut my locker then the most extreme pain flared from my head. I staggered dropping every book I got from the locker then lean on the lockers for support, I collapsed on the floor clutching my head screaming from the excruciating pain. My eyes blurred from tears, head feeling like it's going to explode. What's happening to me?

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