1 Prologue

Okinawa, Japan August 8th 2025:

The first ever appearance of a Gifted human appears.

Same day, she was killed.

When this phenomenon first started, humans feared those who were 'transcending mortal limits' and they were duly hunted down, and killed.

July 15th 2038:

The first Deity speaks to the fearful humans. He tells them that these are gifts, and convinces them of their, the deities, good intentions.


The total percentage of the population that recieved gifts reaches 47%, and the Deities sent the first 'Gate'.

Calais, France December 20th 2043:

The 'Gate' breaks, releasing unknown creatures, nearly destroying the town.

Local Gifted kill the creatures, but leaves a lasting impression on humanity, as more 'Gates' manifested all over the world.

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Guilds are established in America, England, France, Japan, China, Russia, Germany and Italy. Each named after a Deity. Odin in England, Loki in Germany, Thor in France, Freyja in Italy, Osiris in China, Anubis in Russia, Hestia in Japan, and Zeus in America.

These would later change, but they would become the greatest guilds known.


Gifted are used for capital gains.

November 22nd 2047:

The guilds begin a rebellion against their governments.


Governments begin hostile attacks against Gifted.

Governments begin suffering casualties in capitals.

September 10th 2048:

Governments begin negotiating with guilds, in government favor.

Guilds demand independence from government.

Negotiations fail.


Society begins to crumble.

Gifted population reaches 50%.

April 17th 2049:

Guilds achieve independence from Government, gain diplomatic clearance, granted certain privileges to members, given the rights to persecute their own.


Europe Establishes a Major Guild, Combining the Four Previously Major Guilds, called the Norse Guild.

The number of guilds reaches 1000 world wide.

America establishes a Major Guild called The Olympian Guild, replacing the Zeus guild.

Japan's Hestia Guild is established as a Major Guild.

Russia and China Estsblish a Single major guild split between the two as seperate branches called The Pyramid Guild.


Gifted population reaches 59%.

Gates are a common occurrence and become a job for Gifted.

Precious resources are found in Gates.

Mining is established in Guilds.

Trade is established between Guilds, Markets, Citizens, and Governments.


Gifted population reaches 64%.

A new minable stone mineral discovered in Gates.

Stones discovered to be Mana solidified.

Mana stone is the name given.


Mana stone is discovered to have uses as power alternative.

One 1oz stone found to power whole city.

Stone lasts only one month.

Mana stone becomes highest demanded product.


Mana stone becomes the guild top priority.

Creatures discovered to have useful properties as food, tools, workers, pets, and fuel.


Gifted population reaches 67%.

The year is now 2080. Cars do not fly, but technology has advanced. The expected 'Great Space Age' never happened, and the earth did a complete 180 on environment degradation. But, none of this is important.

What's important, is the unassuming kid, sitting in the back of a classroom. His name is Lewis Bright. Born October 4th, 2064 to Miranda and Joshua Bright. He was signed over to the state of Montana the same day, abandoned by his own parents, and thrown to the lions den known as, Foster Care.

Twenty-seven foster homes in sixteen years, not because he was ill behaved, but because he was quiet. He wasn't particular to the fancy of speaking to others. He never showed his emotions. His quietness frightened people, even from a young age. The foster home he's in now, has been the same for the past three years though.

Was always moving, never was in one place for long. With such a past, who could blame him? Retreating to a life of solitude was simply a defense. But, that's just his past, today is very important. For its his...

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