4 Chapter Four

Four classes had passed. I was being stared at and judged by everyone. I seemed to be the only person of colour in this entire building. I wanted to go home. Home to America. I had a dance class in 5 minutes. I found my way to the locker room and changed into shorts and a muscle shirt. I was the only one in the locker room. I fixed my hair and walked into the room. It was full of mirrors. I was the only one in the room. I sat in the middle of the floor and looked down at my phone. I had no messages from either mom. I had no messaged from Gin. I sighed and laid back. I put on my playlist of songs I enjoyed dancing to and listened to it..

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A song played that I had heard before. It was a BTS song. It was one of the newer ones. Just Dance I think it was called. I got up off the floor, not caring how it had gotten in the playlist, and started dancing. I closed my eyes and let the music move me. I got lost, swallowed up by the beats. The song was only 3:42, but I felt like I had been dancing for hours. It was amazing. And at that moment, I had forgotten about everything I was keeping built up inside. Everything was gone. I had forgotten about being in a class. When the song was over, I heard clapping. I opened my eyes and saw a group of boys standing in the room with me. I turned off the music and used my shirt to wipe off my forehead.

"H-how long have you guys been standing there?" I asked out of breath.

"Long enough. You are a great dancer." a boy with pink-orange hair said with a bright smile.

I bowed, "Thank you."

They all looked at each other and smiled. They were communicating without speaking words. I sat down still catching my breath and fixed my shoe. "Are you guys in this class?" I asked tieing my shoe and standing up again.

A boy with a black beanie and an orange shirt spoke, "We are here looking for dancers, to audition for a competition."

I gestured around the room, "You came to the right place. We have lots of dancers here."

He chuckled and I bit my lip. "I thought that the class started in 5 minutes. I've been here for about ten minutes,"

"That's because you are in the wrong room. You should be in the room down the hall to the left. We should be there too. We just heard the music and decided to take a peak." a boy with tan skin spoke. I just realized that the entire time, they had been speaking in English. Can everyone here speak English?

"Who are you guys?" I asked sitting back down. They gave me a look that said "seriously?" and I had a feeling that they might be the popular ones of the school? "Are you guys popular in this school? Like you guys are "in charge" of everything?"

They laughed, "No. We don't go here. We are all graduates. We came here to recruit dancers." The first boy, well man, said.

"But we are well known." The man with the beanie added.

"My name is Kim Namjoon. going down the line is Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung, Kim Seokjin, and Jeon Jungkook."

I took that all in. The names sounded familiar. I don't know how, but they did. "My name is Victorya Lilly. I'm new here. First day."

"Well, welcome," the one named Yoongi said, "we should get her to class guys. Follow us Victorya."

And I followed them into the hall and to my class.

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