1 Prologue

Are ghosts as terrifying as they may seem? We like to think not. Humans will fight. And hurt. And kill. Over, and over, and over again. Yet you call us worse than them?

"Are you sure this is going to be enough? What if... what if someone saw us?" The man huffs as he thrusts his shovel into the earth.

"Who's going to see us up here?" The other man replies as he digs into the ground. "Now stop worrying and get back to work!"

The two men continue to dig in this abandoned mountain top on a moonless night. As they were speaking they heard a rustling noise in the bushes behind them. Picking up their shovels, the men approach the bushes. "Who's there," the first man spoke. Each step they took echoed throughout the mountain. The men reach the bushes and pushes the branches back.

"Nothing. Shit, that almost gave me a heart attack." Turning around to the other man he murmured, "I mean you're right! Who would come up a mountain like this in the middle of the night?" All of a sudden the other man's face turns pale.

"H-Hey... R-Right above you!" He yelled in a panic. The man turns around and freezes. Hair. Long black strands of hair were in his face. Slowly the man looks up into the tree. His entire body trembled and his iris' were shaky.

"GHOST!!! RUN!" They screamed as they fled the forest.

"So?" Asked the navy haired man.

"What do you mean 'so'? They ran away just like that and took a chunk of my hair with them..." A beautiful young girl in a nightdress stated as a hovering blue flame circled around her.

"That was so lame. Don't you have anything scarier?" Added a posh woman admiring her five centimeter nails.

"Try taking a look in the mirror! Hahaha!" The man next to her in a dragon head laughed at the woman.

Suddenly the woman stopped fiddling with her nails. She stood up and using her nails she slashed the dragon mans head. Thump. His head rolled along the ground. "Here we go again." The navy haired man sighed. "I'll tell you a story, but only after you return his head." A young boy stood up and went to collect the man's dragon head. "Hey! This is the last straw!" The head shouted impatiently.

"Whatever, it's not like you actually died." The posh woman replied. An ogre like man to the right of her laughed.

"Ahem. Come. Sit down." The navy man spoke as the six of them gathered at a round table with a small candle lit in the centre.

"What I'm about to tell you, is more terrifying than any ghost like us. It is a tale... of humans.