14 Chapter 14: Freddy vs. Jason part final

Slumped on the edge of the stairs, Lucas groaned a little. Before trying to get up while holding his head, due to the pain he was feeling.

(Lucas): "Oh, dammit. What happened?"

Looking around, Lucas, who was still a little dazed, realized that there was no one around him. Even remembering the events before losing consciousness.

(Lucas): "Sigh... I see, so they ran away..."


(Lucas): "Huh?"

Realizing that something had passed behind him, Lucas turned and saw a girl in a white dress opening one of the doors down the hall, before entering the room to which the door belonged.


After entering the room, the girl closed the door. Leaving Lucas a little confused. Before he decided to follow her, walking to the same door she entered.

Facing the door, Lucas placed his hand on the knob before opening the door to reveal a sunny garden that led to the entrance to a house.

(Lucas): "But what..."

Surprised, Lucas looked at the landscape feeling a certain nostalgia. Before going through the door and entering the garden.

Entering the garden, Lucas looked around. Before your mom taps your shoulder to get your attention.

(Lucas's mother): "Lucas, what are you doing standing there in the middle of the garden? Come on, didn't you want to see Letícia?"

Hearing his mother's words, a series of memories began to flood Lucas' mind.

("... Yes, now I remember. I came here to visit my childhood friend and girlfriend Letícia. She moved from my neighborhood to this house in a gated community for almost a year. So I rarely came to visit her , since I could only come here with one of my parents. And since I was just a few days away from turning eleven, my mother decided to bring me here to see her"): Lucas thought.

(Luke's mother): "What's wrong? Don't you want to see her again?"

(Lucas): "No, that's not it. I'm just a little pensive"

(Luke's mother): "So come on, we can't keep your friend waiting"

My mother doesn't know about our relationship. Since Letícia wanted to keep it a secret, because of our age difference of almost four years.

("Oh, it's true, Letícia will be fourteen in two months. So, I think I'll have to buy her a present this week"): Lucas thought

Walking through the Garden, Lucas and his mother arrived at the door of the house. Facing her, until her mother decided to ring the house bell.

Ding! Ding!

After ringing the doorbell, Lucas and his mother waited for a few seconds, before the door opened and revealed Letícia's mother, who came to greet them both with a smile.

(Letícia's mother): "Hi, Lucia, I'm glad you came. And you brought Lucas"

(Lucas): "Hi"

(Letícia's mother): "Come, come in. I'm almost finishing dinner"

Receiving permission from Leticia's mother. Lucia followed by Lucas, entered the house, before Leticia's mother closed the door and guided the two towards the kitchen.

Arriving in the kitchen, Lucas saw Leticia's father talking to a man he had never seen before. And when they noticed the three of them entering the kitchen, the two stopped talking, before giving attention to the guests who had arrived.

(Father of Letícia): "Lucia, so it was you. Did you come to dinner with us?"

(Lucia): "Yes, and I brought my son with me"

(Letícia's father): "Yeah, I can see it. And he's grown a lot..."

(Letícia's father): "Boy, how old are you?"

"I'll be eleven years old in five days... And who is this guy next to you?": Lucas said while pointing to the unknown man.

(Father of Letícia): "Oh, he's a neighbor friend of the family. And his name is Freddy"

(Freddy): "Hello"

(Father of Letícia): "He will have lunch with us today"

(Lucas): "I understand"

(Lucia): "And where is Letícia?"

(Letícia's mother): "Letícia is in her room studying with the son of one of the neighbors, on the second floor"

(Lucia): "I see, so we came at a bad time"

(Father of Letícia): "Oh, don't worry about it. She's just reviewing the content of the test she's already reviewed. So, it's okay to interrupt her."

(Letícia's mother): "Yes, you don't need to worry Lucia"

(Lucia): "That's a relief, because I thought we'd be a nuisance"

(Letícia's father): "Oh, don't say that. You hardly come to visit us"

(Letícia's mother): "Lucia, why don't you let Lucas go to my daughter's room to play? I bet he must miss her"

(Lucia): "Yes, he really wanted to visit Letícia, since he hasn't seen her for months"

(Letícia's father): "If it's like that. Then, there's no problem. Lucas, go to my daughter's room, and we'll hold her mother here with us"

Feeling his mother touch his shoulder, Lucas looked at her. Before she started talking to him.

(Lucia): "Lucas, go upstairs and play with Letícia, and Mom will stay here to talk to them"

(Lucas): "Yes, Mom"

Obeying his mother's orders, Lucas left the kitchen and hurried up the stairs to the second floor.


Upon reaching the second floor, Lucas looked around. Before walking down the hall towards Leticia's room.

But as he approached her room, Lucas began to hear a low moaning sound coming from Leticia's room. Making him a little curious, I point to open the bedroom door as soon as I'm facing her.

Hammm... Hammm... Hammm...

(Lucas): "What...?!"

Hammm... Hammm... Hammm...

But when he opened the bedroom door, Lucas was surprised by the image of Leticia naked, having sex with a boy hugging her in bed.

Hammm... Hammm... Hammm...

(Lucas): "Leticia!"

(Letícia): "Hamm... Lucas?!"

Hearing Leticia's exclamation, the boy who appeared to be fifteen or sixteen, stopped moving his waist and looked towards the door. Where he saw Lucas standing and looking at them.

(Letícia): "... Lucas, I have something to tell you"

Ping! Ping!

Tears streaming from his eyes, Lucas looked sad. Before turning and fleeing towards the stairs.


After descending the stairs, Lucas walked towards the kitchen, sobbing with a tearful expression. Trying as much as possible to wipe away your tears with your hands.

But as he approached the kitchen, the sound of several moans reached his ears. Much to Lucas's surprise, before running to the kitchen entrance with a startled expression.

(???): """Hammm...Hammm...Hammm..."""

Arriving at the kitchen entrance, Lucas was faced with a bizarre scene of Lucia, Freddy and Leticia's parents naked. While having sex with each other.

(Lucas): "Nooo..."

(Freddy): "Oh, yeah!" : Freddy said while slapping Lucas' mother's ass, while eating her on all fours on the table.

(Lucia): "Hammm...Hmmmm...Hmmmm..."

(Lucas): "Mother!"

(Lucia): "Ham... Son, don't disturb Mommy. I'm busy right now..."


(Lucia): "Ah!"

(Freddy): "Move your ass more"

(Lucas): "Hey!"

(Father of Letícia): "Lucas! Let your mother have fun. Freddy is your new father now"

(Freddy): "That's it Richard"

Increasing waist speed, Freddy and Richard rammed madly into their partners. Making them moan to the point of almost climaxing.

(Lucia and Letícia's Mother): ""Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah... Haaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr...!""

Looking horrified, Lucas took two steps back, before covering his face with both hands.


Realizing that the moans had stopped, Lucas took his hands away from his face and saw that the atmosphere had changed.

And now he was inside a factory, with his original sixteen year old look.

To tighten!

Clenching his fists tightly. Lucas ground his teeth in anger, realizing that he had been tricked by Freddy.


(Lucas): "I swear you'll pay for this!"

"He! He! He! He...!": Freddy's laugh echoing through the factory


Hearing Freddy's laugh, the sound of scraping metal echoed throughout the factory. Making it impossible to determine your location.

(Freddy): "Looks like you like my little appetizer"

Hearing Freddy's voice, Lucas looked up and saw him walk across the metal suspension bridge.

(Freddy): "But know, that was just the beginning of your nightmare"

Jumping off the suspension bridge, Freddy landed in front of Lucas. Advancing straight at him as he tried to smack Lucas in the head with his claws, which he deftly avoided. Before Freddy spun around and kicked Lucas in the stomach.


(Lucas): "Ah!"

Being hit in the stomach by Freddy's kick, Lucas flew like a bullet towards a wall.



(Lucas): "Gulp!"

When it hit the wall, Lucas's body released all the air it had in its lungs. Before falling to the ground with the taste of her blood in her mouth.

(Lucas): "Gulp... Coff! Coff! Coff!"

Coughing up some blood, Lucas moaned lightly with a pained expression as he lay on the ground.

(Lucas): "Aah..."

(Freddy): "Oh, how unfair. So my heart will break. Lucas, why don't you transform and make this fight a little fairer? "

Hearing Freddy's words, Lucas still on the ground, frowned. Before widening his eyes and looking towards Freddy who was grinning devilishly.

Making a slight movement with his hand, Freddy used telekinesis to lift Lucas' body off the floor and nail it to the wall.



(Lucas): "Ah!"

(Freddy): "Haha... Lucas, when you first came in here, you came in uninvited, when you were still transformed. Unlike now, when I invited you before I could transform"

Making a slight movement with his blades, Freddy drew in the air. Until four deep cut marks completely covered Lucas' right arm.


(Lucas): "Aaah...!"

Shaking the blades a few more, four more deep cuts appeared on the other three remaining limbs of Lucas' body.




(Lucas): "Aaaah...!"

After marking Lucas's four limbs with cuts, Freddy approached him holding his chin, before going back to talking to Lucas.

(Freddy): "You know, I still have a question. Why would an entity from another world send a brat like you to come and interfere in world affairs that are outside their jurisdiction? You know?"

(Lucas): "..."

"No? Well then let's get on with our little game. Since there's still a part that hasn't received the same punishment as me": Freddy said before looking towards Lucas's crotch.

Upon noticing Freddy's gaze on his crotch, Lucas' eyes widened. While Freddy smiled, drawing the air with one of his blades, making his pants slowly tear in the crotch area.

(Lucas): "Oh! No, no, no...!"

(Freddy): "Haha! Don't worry Lucas, it will only hurt at first"

(Lucas): "Aaaaaaaaah...!"

(Freddy): "Ha! Ha! Ha...!"


(Freddy): "What is this?"




Under the sound of several explosions, the entire factory shook. Until cracks, like cobwebs, began to form in the ceiling.

Crack! Crack! Crack!


Exploding, the roof was sucked out of the factory. Revealing a huge muscled giant, whose skull was a red skeleton, with infernal flames covering his hands and head, wearing a mystical blue cloak over his shoulders.

Looking at the giant that had appeared, Freddy and Lucas were startled. Until they realized that the giant had directed his gaze towards Freddy.

Realizing that the giant had turned his gaze towards him, Freddy felt a shiver run down his spine. Before he saw the giant reach out to him.

"No...": Freddy said when he was captured.

Capturing Freddy with his right hand, the giant lifted him to the car. Leaving it just above your head.

"No, please, Zarathos, spare me": said Freddy in a tearful voice

Ignoring Freddy's request, Zarahos opened his mouth and threw Freddy towards her.

"Aaaaaaaaaah...!!!": Freddy yelled before being swallowed by Zarathos.

Upon seeing Zarathos swallow Freddy, Lucas' body fell to the ground, at the same time that the whole environment began to distort.


(Lucas): "Ah!"

With a startled cry, Lucas woke up all sweaty. while shivering, breathing heavily.

(Lucas): "Arf, arf, arf... Oof! Huh?!"

Feeling restrictions on his movements, Lucas realized that he was tied to a chair, in a room isolated in an unknown place.

(Lucas): "But what is this place?"


At the sound of the door opening, Lucas glanced toward her. And he saw Linderman, one of the members of the group he was following, open the door.

(Linderman): "Wow! Did you wake up?! Damn!"

Realizing Lucas had woken up, Linderman quickly turned and ran to let the rest of the group know that he was in the house.

Seeing Linderman flee the room, Lucas sighed wearily. While feeling exhausted both physically and mentally.

Sitting in the chair, Lucas began to calm down as he fell silent inside the room. But when he heard the noise of movement outside the room, Lucas realized that Linderman's group was approaching the entrance to the room.

When they reached the entrance, the group looked at Lucas. Before Will enters the room leading them all.

After everyone enters the room. Will was silent for a moment. Before starting to question Lucas.

(Will): "Who are you? And why are you chasing us?"

(Lucas): "Hmmm... I don't know, if I want to answer"

(Lori): "What?! What do you mean, you don't know if you want to answer...?"

(Will): "Lori"

(Lori): "Didn't you chase us to the asylum, blocking our way, just to demand that we listen to you? What made you change your mind now?"

Hearing Lori's question, Lucas looked at her and said in response,

(Lucas): "I might be a little dizzy. But I'm still sober enough to understand that it was one of you who attacked me from behind when I tried to talk peacefully with you. Or did you forget that part?"

(Will): "That wasn't intentional. Our friend wasn't in a normal state when he did this. And we were all freaked out by his monstrous form."

(Lori): "Please, I know you're upset with us. But we need to know. Did you come here to take down Freddy?"

Seeing Lori's anxiety, Lucas noticed that the rest of the group was also looking at him with a worried expression.

Sighing, Lucas looked at Lori and replied,

(Lucas): "Yes, I came here to finish off Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees. But they were both eliminated."

(Lori): "Eliminated? You mean they're dead?"

(Lucas): "Yeah, basically that. Since you'll never see these two again"

(Kia): "How did they die?"

(Lucas): "About that...I'd rather not comment as I don't want to relive some unpleasant memories."

(Will): "But if you withhold information. We won't be able to believe you"

(Lucas): "I don't need you to believe in me. I've completed my mission. So I have no reason to stay here, talking to you."

(Linderman): "But man, you're under arrest. And if you don't tell us anything, we won't let you go"

(Lucas): "I'm stuck? Are you sure about that?"

Hearing Lucas's words, the group took a step back, while Stubbs reached for the gun at his waist.

(Will): "We don't want confusion"

(Lucas): "I don't either, but I'm fed up with this world. So I want to leave"

(Lori): "...If that's so. So how about a deal? You prove to us that you killed Freddy, and then we release you."

(Lucas): "Impossible. I can't do that"

(Lori): "Yeah, and why?"

(Lucas): "Because there wasn't even his ashes left when he died"

Upon hearing Lucas' response, everyone was silent. Until Stubbs decided to talk.

(Deputy Stubbs): "Guys, I think we should let him go. Because this whole situation is already making me uncomfortable"

(Linderman): "What! What do you mean? Isn't this guy dangerous?"

(Deputy Stubbs): "If he's what they say he is. Then these bonds won't hold him. And the fact that he's still here, even though he can escape. It proves that at the very least he doesn't want to hurt us."

Hearing Stubbs' words, the group exchanged glances. Before Will sighed and walked towards Lucas.


After being released, Lucas walked out of the house, accompanied by Will and his friends.

(Lori): "Are you sure Freddy isn't coming back?"

(Lucas): "To the place where he went, he doesn't go back"

(Linderman): "So, there's no risk for Bill, even though he's sleeping. Right?"

(Lucas): "Yes, there's no problem with him. And he should wake up after a few hours"

(Lucas): "Anything else?"

(Kia): "Yes, thanks for saving Gibb in the cornfield. Without your help she would have died in that place"

(Gibb): "Thank you"

"You're welcome": Lucas said, even though he didn't remember saving her.

(Lucas): "Well, now it's time to go"


By transforming into a ghost rider, Lucas left everyone a little surprised. Before he put two fingers in his mouth and whistled.

(Ghost Rider): "♫!"


In response to the rider's whistle, an explosion of infernal flames erupted out of nowhere, forming a flaming portal that spat his infernal bike from her.

Whooo! Whooo! Whooo!

Walking to his bike, the rider mounted it and prepared to leave, as soon as he saw Faylim open a portal for him, just ahead.

(Gibb): "Wait, you still haven't told us your name"

Upon hearing Gibb's request, the ghost rider still mounted on his bike, looked at her and answered her question.

"I am... The ghost rider": Said the ghost rider, before accelerating his bike and heading towards the portal.

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