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TW: Bloodshed, Suicide, Trauma (Disclaimer: MC has no super powers other than being able to see ghosts, even if the cover may imply otherwise) ______________________ [Excerpt:] "Come out. I want to talk." It was a full minute before the ghost decided to walk through the wall and came to stand in the middle of the room, right over her death spot. She didn't say anything for the longest of whiles and Xiajun had started to worry that Zhaohui would return, so he decided to initiate conversation. "Your name is," Xiajun remembered from the file he had read, "Miss Zeng Suyin?" The ghost nodded and stared wide-eyed at Xiajun. "Y-you can see me?" Her voice was a hoarse whisper, one that suited the dead. Xiajun tried to hide the shiver that went down his spine. "I can. In fact, I may be the only one to do so. My confrere will be back any moment now, so we must get this done with. There are some questions I'd like to ask you," Xiajun said as he pulled a pad and a pen out of his pant pocket. Miss Suyin remained silent. "First of all," he said as he glanced over the ghost of the woman once, "who killed you?" ___________________________ Top Detective Li Xiajun has a secret. Nobody knows that he can see ghosts. ...... Ghosts are poor, lost souls that have yet to gain closure and are roaming the lands in hopes that someone would walk by and grant their living wishes. That's when detective Li Xiajun enters the scene. Since the day he got his vision, he knew something was wrong. People roamed his world that appeared neither living, nor dead...but nobody except him even noticed. Now 26 years old, Li Xiajun is in great demand as China's top Private Detective, yet no one knows that he climbed the steps by aid of none other than the very ghosts of the poor victims he was set to investigate. ...... Follow Li Xiajun on his journey and witness how the man with an extraordinary gift solves various, otherwise unexplainable cases of human foulness. ********* READ MY OTHER NOVEL: HOW THE PRINCESS REWROTE HER TRAGIC ENDING ********* [Cover from Pinterest. If artist wishes for me to remove it, contact via discord.] My Discord: Suoshi#8929


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