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Demons, what are they? Why are they here? Is these gods' wrath against humans? Millions of years yet history continues to tell. Demons were once just human but now... Flame of war burns the lands in this small continent. Zeliker, just an unfortunate demon prince, was abducted. But, what he found in human land bewildered him. "I wish to marry your daughter, Princess Stiria Mirima." - Zeliker Asterostes (Demon) "Sure, with two conditions..." - Sektar Mirima (Human King of Eskimos Kingdom) "I disagree!" - Xcerox Mirima (Secret Duo) "I follow your wish, my liege! - Silvert Rekter (Demon) "Kill them all for abducting my son!" - Nekruis Asterostes (Demon King of Flink Kingdom) Author Notes: This is a story which may have many internal conflict and also some characters short story before they meet the meaning of Guide From The Past To A New Era.


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