1 Info dump

Elizabeth Wu:

luxurious shiny red hair that is naturally softly curled,light eyes that are a mixture of blue and purple.

H-size bust,thin willow waist,wide hips,big plum butt.

Specializes in a bit of every profession and is amazing at all of them.

Female lead(MC).

5ft 5in,hair reaches her knees,big doey eyes,small sharp nose,super long lashes,small red pouty lips that look super kissable.

sweet,and loves her family,easy going and after rebirth plans to change the fact that her sister was the reason for her death,she doesn't blame her sister because she knows that it only happened because people started comparing them to each other,and the person her sister likes fell in love with her instead.[16 yrs]

Jake Qin:

Black hair till end of neck,light yellow eyes that seem to suck away your soul the moment you look into them.broad shoulders,8 pack abs,tall legs,sturdy build.

Male lead.6ft 3in.long lashes,thin pink lips,sharp straight nose,defined jaw.

He also dabbles in a bit of everything except hacking,but elizabeth latter teaches him how to hack,owns a lot of super famous companies,especially the one that belongs to the entertainment industry,so he is known as the entertainment king even though he never acted in a movie before elizabeth started acting,he is also the king of the underworld.Loves and cares for his family,seen as cold by outside people but his family and friends know how sweet and caring he is.[18 yrs]

Wu Family;{3rd most famous noble family)[main businesses;entertainment,hotels,shoes,clothes,and perfume]

James Wu(dad):Black hair to the neck,purple eyes,super handsome,sweet and caring,humble,and is loved by a lot of people in the business world.6ft 3in[35 yrs]

Sofia Wu(mom):red hair to the waist,light blue eyes,5ft 6in[32 yrs],super beautiful,was once the entertainment industries queen,but decided to be a housewife after getting married.f-sized bust,thin waist,wide hips,average butt.

Isabella Wu(sis):black hair to waist,light blue eyes,d-sized bust,thin waist,wide hips,average butt,loves her family very much,planned to be a actress,till beth talked to her about not wanting to compete for being in the same field,so she changed to become a make-up and clothes designer,after she succeeded and became known world wide,beth always wore her designs.[17 yrs]

Abigail Wu(grandma):long black waist length hair,e-sized bust,thin waist,wide hips,moderate butt,loves all her family,and she loves to tease her grandchildren.5ft 6in[50yrs],super pretty

Liam Wu(grandpa):black hair till neck,blue eyes,super handsome,loves all his family members,and is strict but doting.6ft 1in[53 yrs]

Qin family;{1st most noble family.main businesses:all the one's the Wu family has plus politics,electronics,and restaurants,plus the underworld}

Aiden Qin(dad):brown hair till neck,slave to his wife,loves his children,greenish-yellow eyes,6ft 2in,broad shoulders,super handsome,and all his business partners fear and respect him.[37 yrs]

Nelly Qin(mom):pure black hair till end of butt,thin rosy pink lips,blue eyes,super beautiful,loves her family very much and always loved to tease elizabeth after she got married to jake.[34 yrs]

Nick Qin(bro):pure brown hair till neck,jem blue eyes,the current entertainment king till his brother started acting,loves his family and playing pranks on his family/friends.[17 yrs]

Aubrey Qin(grandma):loves her family very much,keeps bothering elizabeth and jake to give her a great-grandchild because she is lonely,loves to play pranks and jokes.brown hair,black eyes[52 yrs]

Anthony Qin(grandpa):loves and is a slave to his wife,cares greatly about his family,dotes on beth a lot because he wanted to have a granddaughter but all he got were 2 grandsons.[55 yrs]

Zhou family;{2nd noble family}[main businesses include everything the wu family has plus electronics]

lily zhou(sis):pure brown hair,jem green eyes,sweet and caring,beth's future best friend because she marries nick,hated beth for a bit because she taught beth was in love with nick,till beth clarified,then she apologized and they got along well.[17 yrs]

zack zhou(bro):blond hair,green eyes,isabella's future hubby,nice and easy going,loves his family,and is very possessive towards his friends/family.[19 yrs]

mary zhou(mom):blond hair,green eyes,loves her family,super supportive of both of her children's relationships,and is very caring and sweet.[33 yrs]

Jerry zhou(dad):black hair,green eyes,gentle and caring but flips to cold and ruthless if anybody threatens his loved one's[36 yrs]

Scarlet zhou(grandma):blond hair,brown eyes,currently sick till elizabeth saves her,loving and caring and tries to look strong so that her family doesn't worry[51 yrs]

Mark zhou(grandpa):black hair,green eyes,loves and cares about his family,and is very worried about his wife,because to him even if he loves his family with all his heart,his wife is his whole life.[54 yrs]

Zen family;{4th and finale noble family}[main businesses include all the Wu family's minus the perfume]{the zen family is also sofia's(mom) birth family}

Ethan zen(bro):black hair,brown eyes,a very sweet caring person,and a well known doctor,known as the "sweet prince"by his workmates and patients[33 yrs]

Mia zen(wife):black hair,green eyes,very graceful and lovely person,well known nurse,works in the same hospital as her hubby,and they are known as the"sweet couple"[29 yrs]

Olivia zen(mom):loves to play games with her friends,sweet and lively,red hair,brown eyes,loves her family/friend very much.[49 yrs]

michael zen(dad):black hair,blue eyes,loves to practice different sports,loves his wife very much and always accompanies her,cares for his family.[52 yrs]

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madison zen(niece):black hair,green eyes,sweet and gentle,views elizabeth as a goddess,very loyal to her friends,and has a twin called alex.[15 yrs]

Alexander zen(nephew):black hair,brown eyes,caring and lovely,also loyal to his friends,loves his family,and has a twin called maddie.[15 yrs].

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