1 Chapter 1

Harper's P.O.V.

"So tell me about yourself." The mystery man said.

I couldn't help but answer."What do you mean." Wanting him to elaborate on his statement. "Tell me what it's like living with a billionaire daddy and getting what you want WHILE THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED THE MONEY MORE YOU!!." He was practically yelling now. After a while of being quiet I decided to answer his little outburst. I put as much sarcasm in my voice as possible and replied "Oh, yes because it is so much fun and pleasurable to be beat and raped, ALSO HE ISN'T AND NEVER WILL BE MY DAD." I ended up yelling at the end because I was so pissed that he called that billionaire rapist my dad. My dad is dead and would've never did that to me or anyone else.

Kidnapper's P.O.V.

What does this girl mean. I was told he had a spoilt rotten daughter that got everything she wanted. Well I can't let her know I'm confused so I'll just leave her for now.

3rd Person P.O.V

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The kidnapper left and and slammed the door closed and bolted the door. Harper got scared and started to have a panic attack and ended up passing out.

Flashback: Harper's P.O.V

I was waiting for my daddy to come home and heard the phone ring. My stepmom wasn't there so I answered it, the person on the other side asked if this was my stepmom so I said no it's her stepdaughter and they told me that my dad was in a car crash and he was in critical condition and that I should come to ******** hospital right away. I called my stepmom to tell her and then left on foot to go see my dying father..