2 reminisce

i realised one day my heart said why you are crying Anne? you promised yourself 'you will not tensed from inside no matter who says and what says'...Your inner soul is so beautiful not so perfect but so glorious"..these people around you are so salty, they will always criticize you..you have to stay stable and make your roots strong

sighed....but i felt satisfied... while sitting in park by the slide ..i recall few weeks ago i saw my former house it was built up in quiant style i used to live there when i was 7 years old with my friend 'slayer' i used to call her slayer pop* as it was a famous candy name at that time we were good friends, we had similar thinking and desire we used to do everything together and we loved dancing past memories are so beautiful but now that house become damp...i thought to go inside but it was little bit awful cause i devise slayer told me once about mystery of that house

slayer: ' hey Anne you know there is a vacant room there , you know why land lord never allows anyone to enter there? cause there is a magic door if u cross it there's another world!? sounds so enthralling? right?

i used to trust and believe her since she was my best friend? best friend means whom you can trust, believe , and can give your life for them too..

she even said she saw purple lights over there she bent down to see it from the gap that was left between the floor and the door she also told me it feels like i am captivated ..and the purple lights were pulling me towards it

i said oh i believe this.. but actually i was kinda confused in this topic to believe her or not

she told this to all of her friends and the people who used to live there near our house

since she was a kid everyone thought she saw a dream or she is mentally ill ..this topic was rising and rising...slayer parents said her not to talk about this topic anymore

they also thought to leave that place and shift somewhere else

We both were disappointed , and promised at that time that we will meet when we will be 21 years old

you are thinking why only 21? it used to be our lucky number so we both thought when we will meet 21 years old Anne and slayer we both will bring happiness,charm,and satisfaction to each other's life...till then we will pursue our passion and dreams..i even have a image at that time shaking hand with slayer pop it's still there somewhere in the very corner of my mind part of the unforgotten moments

21st February

4 days before leaving this house*

One evening pop went for playing alone since the magic door room used to be in the other side of the building she was near to it playing with mud i even said 'hey pop my fav cartoon is coming the icey hetro joker i will come later to play with you' the last word i heard from her mouth "ok Anne" it's 7 pm and she's not home yet her parents were worried about her they even went to police for seeking help..but nothing could be done..they never found her, people says she went inside the magic door it's true or not no one knows..i still regret why i didn't go with her for playing..Can't i miss that icey hetro joker?

it's 9 years old thing but still in my mind..now i think if slayer was there she would never left me alone and always stay by my side and this couldn't happen...

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