1 Chapter 1: This isn't supposed to happen!!

They say death treats everyone equally, it might actually be true.

In the middle of Nowhere, where there was nothing, No sense of time, existence and no light, what was there was rows and rows of glowing orbs.

They were the souls who were in the middle of judgment. Judgment of fate. They were watching their lives play in front of them from the moment they were born and what choices they made throughout their lives.

Noah, just like the others, was one of the souls who was currently going through the same process but there was one thing different about him.

He was not weak like them, many of these souls were mortal while the rest were powerful individuals of their respective worlds. Yet he was not like them, he was better.

He was the god of his world, The magical World.

A world that held its own system of magic and wonders, he went through Highs and Lows in his time and stood on the top of his world.

Yet he still died. He was just as dead as the rest of them. But somehow death did not faze him.

There was a slight smile on his face as he watched his life play in front of him.

He watched his interaction with several women, they were laughing and the atmosphere around them was merry and serene.

These women were not his lovers, they were the women he saved. They were mothers who were discarded and thrown away from their families.

Some due to old age, some due inability to produce an heir. Some due to debt. Some were even thrown away by their own children.

Noah never saw the face of his mother as she passed away shortly after giving birth to him to remember his time with her. He spent all of his childhood in an orphanage.

Seeing these mothers suffer with their children tugged something inside his heart.

He offered them shelter, a place to call home and made a place where they could enjoy the rest of their lives.

The happy times changed to the bad ones, he saw the terror and massacre he had caused. The terror and horror the people were facing flashed through the screen but it did not affect him in the least.

If given the choice, he would do it again in a heartbeat. He was ready to be the devilspawn they claimed him to be.

While he was watching all this, unknown to him someone or something else was also watching it along with him.

Fate is a weird thing, not many people could understand what it is. Even if they know they can't seem to go against it.

Fate has always been enigmatic yet the most simple thing.

Soon, the scene of his death came in front of his eyes. He watched a figure of an old man covered in robes. 

His gray hair flowed out of the hood as he continued to carve weird patterns on the ground, before he could finish his word. 

A red haired man wearing an expensive outfit sneaked-in behind him and stabbed him through the chest.

"You should have died, Old man. It would be better for both of us. I wouldn't have to resort to this method."

In reply the old man looked at him with cold eyes. There was a slight smirk on his face. The old man snapped his fingers and the whole room caught fire.

"Damn You Old man! Die!!" The man exclaimed, cut his head off. 


Noah watched how his research assistant stabbed him in the back. He wanted the fame of their research for himself. 

There was nothing but boredom on his face, there was not hate or anger of betrayal. It was like he knew what was going to happen and he wanted it to happen.

He waited and his eyes showed anticipation of what's next to come. A smile appeared on his face as watched a portal appear in front of him.

Fate also made its move and turned its wheel.

A scene Never witnessed by anyone for millions of years happened once more as fate changed the course of the man's journey and paved a different path for him.

How he will walk the path is up to him. 

Noah who was in the middle of the reincarnation felt something about his destiny change when he tried to probe; he felt his previous destination was changed to an entirely different one.

His smile faltered and another expression replaced it.


For the first time after thousands of years of his he panicked seeing his plans fail.

"NO!!! This was not why I died, I have to go back. Fu—."

His struggle was to no avail as his soul was sucked in a vortex.

His fate was changed and another path was opened for him to walk on, what kind of choice he will make and how his future will turn out to be is unknown.


In an entirely different realm.

The whole realm was filled with an eerie feeling, the feeling of end, the aura of destruction followed by a new beginning.

The aura of DEATH. 

There was nothing but a purple fog in the sky that seemed to be able to swallow beings inside of it without leaving any trace. 

At the center of the land, where the aura was at its peak stood a very grand and majestic castle. 

Somewhere Inside the castle, someone was sitting on the throne. No one would even want to look at the glorious looking throne because of the being sitting on top of it.

The being was covered in nothing but dark mist that made it impossible for anyone to look past it. The feeling the being was giving off was like death itself.

Suddenly the being's eyes shot open displaying two blood red pupils that could scare a normal person to death.

The blood red pupils moved in a certain direction and a voice whose gender could not be determined echoed in the room. 

" Wheels of fate seem to have turned once again after hundreds of thousands of years. Who is the lucky one this time to have gained your favor?" 

The voice questioned absolutely no one but the tone indicated it was waiting for an answer.

And it even got a reply from a mechanical voice devoid of any emotions

" You will know soon, very soon if I must say."

 But this time there was a subtle hint of playfulness in the emotionless tone.

" Did you just show emotion? " 

The being asked, feeling very shocked as it never felt or heard any emotions from this voice, ever.

It got a reply but in a usual emotionless tone made him feel what happened was an illusion

 " It's just your imagination." 

"Yeah, right! Like I will believe someone who plays with the life of others on mere whims."

The being snorted in reply before closing its eyes to return to its slumber. 

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