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Read Get Back to You novel written by the author ljack_ace on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is LGBT+ stories, covering firstlove, sweet, healing, detailed, gettingbacktogether. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


NOTE: Get Back To you is an LGBT novel series. Synopsis: She is back? Giselle is back! And she didn’t want me to know! Lillian Grey’s life went pretty wild without Giselle. She dated people to her wish and broke up with them to her comfort until a young model called Lucy came close to capturing her heart. Anna waited as Lillian stumped upon hearing the familiar name she had desperately searched for several years. And it came with a stab. “If you want, I can deliver a message,” Anna proposed after hearing Lillian become speechless in their phone call. Knowing well how she had come out to spend time with Lucy, Lillian refused to respond when confessed to such shocking news. Nevertheless, later to her own dismay, she delivered her message to her good friend, Anna, hoping that it would reach Giselle somehow. ******************** “Giselle, I’m glad to hear that you’re back. I hope you’re in good health. Well, I heard about your party and that you have invited Anna and not me, which is surprising news to learn. It’s alright. Things are different now for you, I guess. But here’s my message in case you even care: Don’t ever show yourself in front of me. Ever again. Why? Because I know I cannot stop myself from choosing you if I ever see your face again. What you gave me is irreplaceable. I still have it in my heart. It didn’t let me live my life in peace. However, I’ve decided to take a chance without your memories this one time. So, let me be. And congratulations on your marriage and your kid. I pray for your happiness. You know, I do. Take care. Love you, evermore.” - Lillian Grey ******************* Follow the incredible story of Lillian Grey and Giselle: Two souls bonded by love yet, pulled apart by the external forces. The two women meet years later to find out the subtle fire still tingling inside, allowing them to reconcile. But the question is: Will they accept it or not? A Message from the Author: Hey guys, 'Get Back To You' is very special because it is my first novel and a bold choice, I would say. The once short story showed a lot of potential for a perfect novel, and the characters had a depth to them and an unheard voice, for which I wanted to bring justice by exploring and writing. I hope that my efforts reap when the readers enjoy the tale as they travel through this journey. UPDATE!! I am so proud to announce that I will be self-publishing ‘Get Back To You’ as series. I plan to do an eBook series first before paperback. And right now, Volume 1: A Message to Her is available on Amazon Kindle Store. After four years of writing this series, I finally chose to publish it. The published eBook/paperback is going to be even better version and professionally edited for enhanced reading experience. So, grab a copy today and have fun reading! To follow my writing journey and learning updates about my books, do follow and subscribe to MY WEBSITE: https://www.ljackace.com/ I post blogs about writing updates, personal updates, reading lists, writing tips, etc. Newsletter is on the way, so stay tuned! **** Apart from reading my novel here, you can always extend your support through these mediums: You can buy me a coffee@: ko-fi.com/ljackace Read special chapters and short stories on: patreon.com/LjackAce **** Follow me on my Instagram! I share all the references and some cute moments of the characters from the story: instagram/ljackace Another great place to find my inspiration is on Pinterest: https://in.pinterest.com/ljackace/ **** I'm deeply grateful for having an opportunity to share the story here and for all the love I've received thus far and in the future. Thank you very much for enjoying 'Get Back to You!' And on that note, I have more stories to write for you guys, so follow me to get all the titbits. With love, L’Jack Ace


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Hey folks, It's Ljack Ace here. I read all your comments and reviews. Thanks for your love and support. I will strive hard to tell the story and take you through this adventure. Also, currently, Get Back to You, is going on break and will return on New Years 2020. I want to make sure that people are informed when they see no updates for a while. Thank you once again and stay awesome! Advance Happy Holidays and rock it!


Finally, I found a decent story one. I’ve been searching a decent GxG love story for almost a year here in WN. I always ended up for a one shot and dropped stories. I like how the author described the characters beautifully and turned the plot more interesting. I haven’t done it yet, I’m still in the middle of the story I just wanna give this story more credit a 5⭐️ and nice review.


Such a lovely novel... Woahhh! I am seriously immersed in this story, unable to wait for next updates.. All the best author! Keep writing.. Great work...


I am a huge fan of anything GxG, be it comics or novels. It's been quite hard to find decent ones that are sort of stable in updates, so I'm really glad I found this. This was quite an emotional rollercoaster, sometimes making me smile so wide, sometimes tear up, or even so mad that I wanted to punch a wall. Great story right here, keep it up author 🥰


Hi Author, Thanks for the update, but I was thinking your readers are going to get more updates from you hence we all seem so less busy with the total lockdown around the world, but instead, your updates are coming less frequently than before. Just know I enjoy your work and feel disappointed when no update is coming. Please do not keep us in suspense for too long. Stay safe.


An ever evolving and engrossing book! Can’t wait for more! So much detail on each and every page as well as the ever developing characters to keep the reader truly engaged and invested. The writing and story is very unique and honestly the only thing I could say anything about is how the characters language and actions sometimes don’t seem to match.. other then that my week was coming absorbed in this story! Thank you Author! You are a true talent!


Wow! This is really a wondeful piece. Nice storyline... Love the characters and am sure I'll enjoy it to the end. Well done author👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏


Hello... I just found this.... I'm on first chapter soooooo I will try read it tough.. Hope it will good.. and don't have many twist and plot heartbreaking story Thanks Author


This novel deserves to be a series where 10K+ fans like me would love it even more..... This tops all the stories that I've ever read or seen in movies, this encompasses all emotions that let myself feel it like I've been there in that situation. Love this book, literally wanted to comment and cheer the author but was too immersed into the stort. Thankyou author for this beautiful novel Have become a fan of your writing Expecting a lot of works 😋 Wish you to reach great heights!🤩 Do consider this novel to become a seriel, all your fans and yet to become fans would know about this as well!☺️ Once again thank you and love you author 😊


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I love this book, I hope you continue writing. It is by far, one of my top 3 favorites. The anticipation of waiting for updates kills me, but its definitely worth the wait. Thank you for your hard work.😊


Thanks author for such a delectable story. Just a slight adjustment in your schedule and you'd entertain us readers for a long time. Big ups to the author and other readers. I await more chapters. Oh my gosh I'm in love with the story. Story is so interesting. Writing quality - mechanical accuracy, spelling of words, punctuation, translation, and vocabulary must be improved. High stability of story update, keep it up! World background or setting should even be real and not limited to only anime worlds.


I love this story!!! I can't put it down, even at work. I can't wait for the next update and I hope to see more stories from you. Only suggestions I have is to maybe be more descriptive with the characters features. Thank you for your writing. I hope to eventually have my own story written soon, and look forward to seeing the feedback.


I believe this novel is good I can’t believe why there so few reviews Personally this novel would not be on my top list but I would send my time to read it


Guyss check this novel out.. It's interesting and I looovvvvveeee iiitttt.. Author keeeppp it uppp ❤❤❤❤❤ hope the two of them find the spark that pulling them together


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