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Geo Bending


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The 2070 modern society life is good, and Jaune's parents were very well off, he had just about everything he could ask for as a child. Toys, a loving family to play with, playgrounds and even a small but tightly knit group of friends. And when things got boring, he found a passion for martial arts he never knew he had, and it even managed to earn him quite a few trophies and friendly rivalries over the years too. But what can you count on to spice things up when life goes back to its old boring self? Why surprise transmigration of course! Follow along as Jaune struggles to accept and adapt to his new reality and goes on to venture into the seemingly bright new world that faces him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my first piece of writing that I've actually published, so please go easy on me, I know I've a lot to learn. Though I do have to say, while I appreciate and encourage constructive criticism because it helps me in the long run, I very much dislike when people shit on a piece of writing for no logical reason. So for any 100ft tall flaming dick of an individual, well, you're in the wrong place. [NOTICE for Romance]: I suck ass at writing, so I won't consider this for a hot minute, though if enough people ask, I may do a poll or ask for opinions all around.


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