Genshin Impact: Icy Path

A Genshin Impact fan dies and finds himself over the fantasy world of Teyvat. However, funny adventures, riches and fame were no waiting for him, instead, a cruel reality and a curse is what lay in front of him, forcing him to use all his means to protect his new loved ones, even if means falling to deepest abysm. ---- I thought about this story months ago before the actual start of the 2.0 version, finally having some time now to write it. So there would be some changes from it (For example the lost of Raiden Shogun's gnosis). Also, the story would start at the Snezhnaya, so I would invent most of it as it lacks concrete information. ---- To support me p*treon.com/picaco for chapter in advance.

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A Game Event?

As Allen returned to Mondstadt, he could see the impact of the pillars. Everyone wore anxious faces while whispering about them, wondering what they were and how dangerous they could be, with a mix of fear and curiosity.

Nobody truly knew what it was all about, but it was clearly a bad omen, and everyone could feel the foul energy that had emanated from them.

"Allen, there has been a special call," Katheryne informed him as he arrived. "All adventurers above rank 15 are to report to headquarters."

"I understand" Allen turned around, walking over the headquarters.

"Allen!" Eula called out to him as he turned around, seeing her approach. "Thank God you're fine. When I heard that you were outside, I thought the worst."

Eula seemed truly anxious and worried, taking his hand without minding at all that they were in Mondstadt or that people could see them.

"I'm completely fine. Has something happened due to those pillars? Moreover, what are you doing in Mondstadt? Weren't you on a mission outside?"

"No direct damage has been detected yet, but we haven't assessed the situation completely," Eula explained. "Due to that strange phenomenon, there has been a regroup order, recalling all knights for a reunion."

"I suppose that it's normal. They will want to investigate it"

"Exactly, that's why it's highly probable that I, as a member of the Reconnaissance Company, will be away for some time," Eula explained. "I need to go now. I'll tell you more when I am more informed. Until then, please be careful and don't put yourself in danger."

"Okay," Allen nodded as Eula ran towards the Favonius headquarters. 'I'll see what the Adventurers' Guild says about it.'

Arriving at the guild's headquarters, Allen saw a group of adventurers waiting at the door, and a tense air was clear around them.

"Hehehe!" A sudden laugh broke the silence. "The time has come to plunge this world into darkness, and from its ruins, my Immernachtreich shall rise again!" Fischl declared proudly, striking a pose. Everyone around sighed while looking at her strangely, keeping their distance.

'At least she had calmed everyone with it,' Allen smiled at her antics. 'Did she do it on purpose?'

"Good day, my princess," Allen greeted her, gaining a nod of recognition, just as Cyrus, the branch leader of the guild, emerged from the building.

In summary, he explained that nothing had been discovered yet, but for now, there was no danger. However, they should remain vigilant while the Knights investigated it more attentively. During that time, there would be some commissions to scout the surroundings of Mondstadt for danger, and activities farther away would be limited.

Also, Fischl was called by the Knights who wanted her abilities for the investigation, and Fischl gladly accepted to help.

'I suppose they will investigate with a small group, mostly composed of the Reconnaissance Company, and depending on their findings, they will try to solve it themselves or regroup and prepare a larger group,' Allen deduced. 'I trust that Aether has prepared something. The time for the expedition is approaching.'


A week passed without any notice, but as they say, no news is good news, right? But this was not the case for Allen, as he was actually hoping for bad news that would push them towards an expedition.

During this week, the excitement and surprise over the event had subsided quite a bit, and everyone had returned to their normal routine, albeit with a bit more caution around the surrounding areas of Mondstadt. With a lot of the work being taken by the adventures as most of the Reconnaissance Company was investigating the pillar at the north area of Mondstadt, near Dornman Port.

"Ad astra abyssosque! Welcome to the Adventurers' Guild." Katheryne greeted like always "Today, we have a certain commission for you, Allen."

"What is it?" Allen asked. This week had been quite dull, with movement around Mondstadt heavily controlled, making it difficult to leave undetected. Furthermore, Allen felt a little bored and alone, having grown accustomed to being with Fischl or Eula.

"It's not too dangerous, but it is a peculiar situation," Katheryne replied. "Bodies of water near the winery have been discovered turning bitter. It may be temporary and nothing serious. However, if it persists, it could become quite serious as it risks having a significant impact on Mondstadt's wine economy."

"Bitter water..." Allen thought, clearly remembering something similar in the game. 'It could be that, but if it's like in the game, it should be far later, with the Traveler in Mondstadt.'

"Okay, I'll accept it" Allen answered to Katheryne.

"Great. For more details speak with Connor, the manager of the winey." Katheryne answering, Allen leaving the place.


Reaching the winery, Connor explained the situation: the water of the river had turned bitter and, while it was still potable, it wasn't appropriate for making wine and was slowly causing the fish around to die.

During his investigation, he found that other areas like Dragonspine or Springvale had not been affected, so the problem should be from up the river, in the Liyue area.

'As I expected,' Allen thought as he walked southwest towards Liyue. 'It truly seems to be the same as the Wishful Drops Event. If it's like that, the best thing would be to quickly take care of the Oceanid in Bishui Plain. It shouldn't be too complicated, thanks to my Cryo Vision.'

As he walked, Allen started seeing water animals walking over the course of the river, exactly the same mimics that summoned the Oceanid, marking that he was getting nearer.

"Exactly as in the game," Allen whispered as he found himself in the middle of the path, facing a group of Hydro slimes with a certain creature riding on the biggest one.

Swish, Allen drew his new sword, the Da Vinci Blade, imbuing it with Cryo, and slashed the slimes, quickly taking care of them, and approached the strange creature. It was about 40 cm tall, and it seemed to be a water angel, totally formed by water with some white decoration and white hair.

"Endora... no water... dying..." The strange creature weakly said in a childish voice, seeming to be a little girl. She was too weak to even move, only being able to lay on the puddle of water left by the slimes.

'So, here's Endora. Should I save her by bringing her to Springvale?' Allen thought. 'I suppose that it won't take too long.'

"Hello, Endora. I'm Allen. I'll help you by bringing you to a spring," Allen approached Endora with a bottle of water in hand, knowing that Oceanids can only move in water. However, just as Allen approached her, he froze.

'What's this?' Allen's eyes went wide as he felt a warm feeling over his pocket, clearly knowing what was there, his Delusion. Suddenly, he found his body morphing, becoming his female self, Columbina.

"I found you!" Endora happily said. Her weakened self was no longer there; she had completely recovered her strength and was easily giggling around Allen.