140 Hu Tao (18+)

The oil was a product made out of a bunch of flowers called Qingxin and slime gel from a Pyro slime, the explosion type.

Not only did it have relaxing effects, but it also acted as a strong aphrodisiac which he only unfortunately found about much later and couldn't calm his boner down for a long time...

Back then, he stored the oil away but right now, he was sure that this was the perfect occasion to use it.

It was time for revenge. A revenge full of love.

They were completely alone, disregarding a giant egg of Iris who was hibernating in the corner of the room...

Seeing him pour the oil onto his palms, Hu Tao swallowed nervously, pressing her knees together. She could feel her heart beating so loudly it felt like she was suffocating, but she couldn't look away from the man.

He smiled and pushed her knees apart—just enough to make her feel exposed.

His hands covered in a cold oil, drifted along the planes of her thighs, down to her feet.

She threw an arm over her eyes in a response...trying to will the tension out of her limbs.

His hand rubbed at the top of her right foot, while her left rested on his shoulder as he stared ahead, watching her reactions with delight.

Her toes twitched a little bit, and he pressed down harder on them. The soft pad of his thumb stroked up and down in circular motions.

They curled slightly, almost in a fetal position, it was a minor detail he noticed whenever he pressed his thumb down a little bit harder.

Her breath hitched as he began to rub the sole with pressure...her legs spread more in anticipation of a touch.

Her body was warm and it sent a chill down her spine, but she had never been more comfortable. Yomite's touch was light and perfect.

Bonding over a massage could easily become a special, intimate experience to develop even deeper feelings for each other.

Along with reducing cortisol, massage therapy greatly increased the body's oxytocin production.

Oxytocin was, of course, a natural hormone produced through physical touch and affection, such as cuddling or copulation.

Massage had many mental and physical benefits that promoted overall well being of someone.

Soft and light touches activated the parasympathetic nervous system, which allowed the recipient to get into a relaxed state of mind.

His massaging technique was amateurish, yet it still worked wonders and she relaxed completely against his touch.

His fingers worked well with the oil, massaging her tired muscles.

Seeing her squirming, Yomite hummed in bemusement, his gentle palm resting on her small stomach.

"Your stomach is really cute," He commented as he leaned forward and pressed a light kiss on her toned tummy.

She was cute.

Scratch that, everything about her was adorable and gorgeous.

He was happy for such a woman to grace his life.

Hu Tao sighed contently, enjoying the warmth of his lips on her skin.

His lips made her feel warm and fuzzy inside like the sun had just touched her body.

Following which she giggled lightly, feeling ticklish, as he ran his hands all around her stomach, pressing into her soft flesh.

However, as he slid his fingers above, one of his hands accidentally slipped from her stomach, right under the piece of cloth which covered her chest, his hand now resting on her small breast.


In a matter of seconds a small gasp she let out was quickly followed by a soft moan from her lips.

Hu Tao stared up at him with a hesitant expression.

Both of them were unsure about things as an awkward atmosphere befell the room.

Yomite wasn't sure if he was allowed to go all the way, and Hu Tao wasn't sure what to do.

After a deathly silence which lasted over half a minute, Hu Tao removed his hand from her chest, staring at the white bed sheets below her.

"...Sorry. It was an accident..."

Yomite muttered, to which she looked dazed for a bit, before she surprisingly took the cloth off of her chest by her own volition, revealing her petite breasts to him, as she lay back down as if nothing had happened.

Her eyes were closed, and all was silent as she breathed softly, in and out as though she was sleeping peacefully, yet her heart was beating more than it ever did.

Yomite couldn't help but stare at them; his eyes wide with wonder and fascination, a hand raised up like a child's. He reached out for it, tracing the small curves that were hidden under the cloth.

"They are so small," he whispered. He traced over them again with two fingers. "You're very cute." His voice was soft, gentle as he continued to stroke them.

She was probably the flattest girl he had ever been with, and he didn't mind it one bit. Her charm lay elsewhere, after all.

Not to mention, despite being small, they were very cute eye-candies.

He had been watching the two small peaks for quite some time now, although he was doing that secretly during the training, simply because he was too horny lately...

But now that he gained her approval, he observed her without any restraints.

They were too small to fit perfectly in his hands but that didn't matter, as he found a way to deal with it.

He stroked the soft skin with his thumbs; almost like peaches, only slightly smaller than that.

He slowly raised his gaze from their soft and round surfaces to their shapely nipples that were perfectly positioned in his view.

Small, delicate and smooth...

He just wanted to give them a taste.

His hands made their way back over her chest, and he ran his thumbs over her nipples.

Reaching out his left hand over her other breast, he felt her tense at first, but then she relaxed as he continued to massage her. His fingers moved slowly, gently, stimulating the surface of her nipples.

She shuddered when she felt the rough touch of his fingertips on the tender skin of her buds. A shiver ran down her spine as she closed her eyes.

Her heart fluttered in anticipation. His palms rubbed up and down her sides, his fingers found purchase on each breast. He held her close, running his thumb over her nipple. Her body shook, goosebumps formed as his fingertips touched her bare flesh without a moment of stopping.

He kissed between her breasts, then kissed her neck where he nipped and suckled onto, giving into his lust.

Her body grew warm as her knees buckled under her. The heat spread through her body as his mouth worked against her, licking and tasting until she moaned, tilting her head back.


With a loud moan, she pulled away from him.

He didn't let her escape and leaned forward, giving her a kiss, taking control of the moment.

Their kisses grew deeper, more urgent. The kiss became hotter and Yomite was sure she must have been burning up beneath him; her entire body was hot, practically feverish with need.

The two broke apart, panting heavily; breathless and dazed with want. Her legs had fallen asleep underneath her, unable to hold her body up anymore, and now that she lay flat, Yomite's large frame was pressed against her hips, between her legs.

He looked at her like she hung the moon. His hands trailed all over her body, tracing her, admiring every curve.

She stared into his eyes. They glittered with love and lust.

Hu Tao's breathing came out labored, her heartbeat drummed in her ears.

Was this what Yomite wanted?

He was looking at her like she was something incredible, something that he could gaze upon for hours on end. Was she that special to him?

She was used to stares of disapproval and hate, but not to gentle gazes like this.

She wanted more...

More kisses, more touch, more sensation.

More of the feeling of being adored. More of the feelings she knew Yomite loved her with so much intensity and affection.

More of the feelings she loved him with.

Hu Tao moved her hand up his back, sliding it across his shoulders and down his muscular arms, gripping tightly to his biceps as she pushed herself up on her elbows.

Seeing her becoming proactive as well, he softly smiled, his eyes closing as he tilted his head back, enjoying her caressing and exposing his throat to her.

She licked his neck, her tongue darting out to lick along his Adam's apple.

Yomite opened his eyes at the sudden surprise attack, staring at her with such intensity that she almost forgot how to breathe.

His lips found hers again, devouring her tongue. He sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, biting it lightly before sucking on it again as he slid one hand up her stomach and cupped her breast in his palm.

Yomite's warm hands slowly worked their way around her body. Aided by the slick oil, he passed over her belly, along her rib cage, and between her now, fully exposed breasts.

Slow warmth built up in her core, and as she continued focusing on her breathing, that same warmth began to flow out through the rest of her body.

As her arousal continued to grow, the heat that pulsed through her body made her skin tingle. Yomite's gentle voice guided her through the massage and kept her grounded.

As his hands began to circle her breasts, she felt the heat that had seeped into her nerves flicker.


Hu Tao's breath stuttered.

She peeked an eye open at him, trying to indicate her desire with her glowing red eyes.

It must have looked great, because it only made him excited.

He leaned down to give her a soft kiss. She relaxed again as he sat back, his touches returning to less sensitive parts while she found her breath again.

Just as she'd found a rhythm, his thumbs brushed over the hard buds of her fully erect nipples.

He let out a pleased hum. "Judging by your reactions, you're enjoying it. I'm glad," Yomite smiled.

He followed that statement by pinching gently at the flushed nubs, and it was all she could do not to moan.

She tried to swallow the sound of it, but Yomite's warm breath on her ear made her gasp.

"No need to feel embarrassed. Relax your body, let me hear the real you."

She clenched her jaw, into a pout, but nodded. "A-alright...."

Yomite couldn't help his laugh, though the sound wasn't malicious—and to be fair, with the way her cheeks were puffed out from her pout, she'd probably laugh if she could see herself, too.

Out of nowhere, He deepened the pressure on her body as his slick fingers brushed along the crease of her groin, achingly close to her core, but never quite touching exactly where she needed it for that relief, that special feeling that was slowly building up...

Hu Tao squeezed her eyes shut, trying to get him to touch her. He seemed to notice her frustration, and called her name.



The word was a bit forceful, but so was the surprise when he actually called her without adding her family name.

"Look at me."

She obeyed, looking up at him, finding his warm gaze as his fingers danced along her mound.

He smiled as he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against hers. "I love you."


It wasn't the first time he'd said it to her—he mentioned it a couple of times before—but the earnestness of the confession along with the intimacy of the moment and the fact he called her by her first name utterly shattered her.

She took his face in her hands, brushing her thumbs along his cheeks. "I feel the same way."

He smiled, and leaned in to kiss her. As rough lips met hers, warm fingers slid down over the crease of her folds, and her breath stuttered in her chest.

He then slid his fingers to her butt and slowly removed her shorts, throwing them on the floor.


He ignored her yelp of embarrassment and took in the beautiful sight. His hands slowly caressed her inner thighs until she could feel the warmness of his hand.

The soft touch tickled her sensitive skin and she tried to pull away, but he wouldn't let go.

Somehow, it felt like all of her monstrous strength dissipated upon his touch and she could just barely squirm on the sheets.

His hands roamed over her smooth skin, as if trying to find every little imperfection on her body that had been hidden away by her clothes, yet there was none. It's as if a goddess had descended.

A perfectly sculpted body.

Hu Tao buried her head into his pillow, afraid to look back towards what was happening.

Yomite didn't let up, swallowing her moans as his fingers circled the swollen bud of her clit.

Alternating between slow and fast, broad and tight, she found herself spiralling quickly towards the release of the newfound feeling that was building up inside of her.

She gripped at the nape of his neck, laying helpless beneath him as he nuzzled her.

Her pulse drummed in her ears, his fingers sliding down over the slick labia, pushing and rubbing. Heat skittered over her nerves in waves, her entire body firing on all cylinders.

She wasn't sure just how much more she could take.

He pressed her hardened clit between his fingers, rolling it softly. Her back arched up off the floor, fingers digging into the silky fabric of the cushions.

His free hand worked over the plane of her belly, varying the pressure on her skin, sending little bolts of pleasure straight to her clit.

Then, it was as if a trigger inside of her was pressed. Yomite inserted one of his fingers inside of her.

Immediately, her muscles clenched around him involuntarily, and she stared at the ceiling as she obeyed the instincts of a woman in heat.

He pumped her easily a few times, the sound of his finger entering her, wet and lewd. Heat burned in her cheeks, and then his fingers curled up into the fleshy tissue of her sweet spot.

The white stars of her fantasy pupils exploded behind her eyes with a radiant glow, and her back arched off the bed, her breath stuttering.

His free hand slid down over her mound, caressing the aching bud of her clit...and as he did…

Hu Tao came for the first time in her life.

Her vision went white, her breath hitched as the sensation flooded out across every nerve in her body, from her scalp all the way down to her toes. She twitched and trembled in the throes of her first orgasm, pleasure rippling out across her senses, centred at her core.

She didn't know what just happened, but she was so content she could fall asleep immediately.

He didn't stop or let up, her walls clenching and tightening around him in rhythmic strokes to match his tempo.

Just as her ears began to ring, he tapered his movements, then slowly withdrew his hand.

Pleasantly, she relaxed into the pillow. As the afterglow slowly faded, she became awash in euphoria, her mind emptied of any conscious thoughts.

She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but a gentle kiss on the crook of her neck brought her focus back, and she opened her eyes.

Yomite hovered over her, his expression both gentle but also self-satisfied. She hummed as she reached up, cupping his cheeks as she pulled him down for a kiss.

Giving her a short while to relax, Yomite flipped her body and placed her on her stomach, staring at her butt from behind as her head rested on his pillow, unaware of what was about to happen behind her...

As everything was ready, Yomite leaned down, his mouth just above the curve of her hip and he began to kiss her.


He licked at the bottom of her thigh, sucking a little on the tender skin there, before moving upwards, making his way towards her clit.

She arched into his touch, whimpering in anticipation


Once he reached her clit, he kissed it gently. It was already sensitive from her orgasm, the heat in the room and his touch.

Yomite slowly started to stroke it tenderly, taking his time.

All of this foreplay led to another immediate consecutive climax. She climaxed twice in about two minutes.

He felt her legs shake a little bit and then she let out a breath that sounded like a whimper.

She twitched for a few seconds and came on his forearm, relaxing her body once more.

He gave her time to relax last time, however, Yomite didn't plan to stop or let up this time.

He kissed his way up her thigh, nipping at her skin with a hot breath when he reached her most sensitive part.

"Ahn…" she moaned out, bucking her hips up to get more friction for another orgasm, but failing to reach that peak again.

He teasingly moved away from her.

Hu Tao glanced back at him from across her shoulder in confusion and heard him laugh as his hand started softly rubbing circles on her back until she felt him climb into bed with her, placing his hands on her butt.

Her hair was in disarray, the sweat from today's training and the massage ran down her neck and whole body.

He watched as she lay there panting lightly.

She could feel the sting of the sun on her skin as she lay there, basking in its warmth.

The softness of it, the warmth, the smell of him, all combined to give her a sense of security that she'd never have thought possible before.

"Thanks for the feast!"

And just like that, he moved his face forward and buried it deeply into her butt, sucking on her flesh.

Her breath hitched, and her hands came down to tightly grip the sheets beneath her from a sensation so powerful.

"D-don't...lick...there... I'm sweaty..."

She whimpered softly, arching back against him.

It took a moment for it to register in her mind what was happening, and when it did she squirmed.


The sound of pleasure that left her mouth wasn't something she had intended to make.

She hadn't meant to let it come out like that, but it was too late now.

She bit down on her lip and tried not to moan as his tongue moved slowly on the surface of her entrance.

Her body was on fire, but it wasn't from pain.

It was the sheer ecstasy of being with the man that was so dear to her.

"You taste so good." He mumbled out against the soft skin of her stomach, his tongue swirling around her navel as he nibbled at the tender skin.

Hu Tao was on cloud nine, she could barely process what was happening, she sat up and spread her legs wide, pointing at the floor between them, wanting to feel the continuous pleasure from his tongue.

Yomite moved into position and waited.

Looking up from between her thighs, her beautiful, wet entrance was only inches away from his face.

He planned to make her first time thoroughly memorable and as much as possibly perverted as he could, to let her know the pleasure of sex they could enjoy together every day.

Meanwhile, Hu Tao's clit throbbed between her legs, desperate for more attention.

She reached out, not knowing what to do and only tried scratching it with weird motions that unlike his touch, didn't satisfy her whatsoever.

This shouldn't have happened. She was supposed to be the one teasing him, pranking him and scaring him, but it went into a completely different direction...Once again...

She was confident in her own strength, sometimes even used it to bully him during their spars as she loved to see his desperate face.

She could beat him at almost any activity that revolved around exercise, but right now, it took him no time at all to turn her body to jelly, to have her begging for more, and he was winning by a long mile.

She was indeed getting addicted to this newfound feeling, having cum twice.

Such a feeling, she won't ever be able to forget it, so she had no other choice but to accept it.

"Would you like me to continue?" His calm voice echoed in her mind.

In the end, Hu Tao only nodded without saying anything.

From talking to Fischl, she generally understood what was going to happen soon, but she had no prior experience with the actual act that revolved around the so-called 'Love Making'.

But she trusted him, loved him and wanted to experience this even further.

With her approval, Yomite dutifully lowered his head, trailing kisses up each of her thighs.

She yelped, shuddering each time he drew closer to her hips.

He licked the creases where her legs and abdomen met, then ran his tongue around the outer edge of her labia, tasting her sweaty body.

Hu Tao gasped at the contact but didn't tell him to stop, rather, she had no strength to do so.

She was so incredibly delicate and pure and soft and everything about her screamed adorable, that Yomite couldn't help himself but eat her all up.

Encouraged by her breathless moans, he wrapped his arms around her thighs to make sure she wouldn't escape from his hold and kissed each of her labia, next, he slowly ran his tongue up and down each of them before gently trailing across her soft slit.


He lifted his head and gazed into her glistening eyes, then, he parted her labia with his tongue without breaking eye contact with her, and greedily explored the folds of her womanhood.

The faint, sweet-salty taste of her arousal and sweat coated his tongue, even as her musky scent filled his nostrils.

She was so delicious that he couldn't help taking time to experience her pussy.

He flicked his tongue inside her vagina, barely entering.


Dipping it slightly farther inside, she arched her back, lifting her small chest into the air as her stiff nipples, darkened with her arousal, pointed towards the ceiling in his room.

As he continued lapping at her opening, she buried her fingers into his hair. She had to hold herself back from pulling them all out with the force she was applying.

Her thighs briefly tensed up as she gasped.

Desperate for more, she rocked her hips against his face, seemingly without even realizing it.

He flicked his tongue up and down, pressing it as far into her as he could.

Her muscles, just like her passion and arousal, built up.

He could feel her struggle to not choke him with her thighs that were now pressing into his temples with rather high intensity.

Her thighs clenched around his face, holding him in place as her hips bucked and writhed.


Hu Tao's high-pitched cry signaled her third climax of the night.

He drew his head back, just as a rush of liquid sprayed out of her glistening entrance, drenching his face and chest.

Her legs stiffened and toes curled in the throes of her orgasm.

He gave her clit one last flick of his tongue as he awaited her to relax.

Finally, her thighs released him, sinking back against the bed sheets with a silent wail of pleasure...

Yomite licked his lips and wiped the juices off of his face, moving to her once more... It was time for another round...

But before he could continue, he heard a faint knock on the door…

Someone was about to bother him again...

(Lumine is here to disrupt me again? Not a chance!)

He grabbed a sack of Mora from a nearby table and went towards the door, his towel falling off of him in the process as he failed to grab it mid-air.

/Tch, whatever. It's not like it matters.)

Once he opened the door, Lumine and Paimon greeted him with a smile, before the girls realized that the person they were waiting for... had no clothes on...

He was standing there, completely naked.

"...!? Disgusting Tattoo!!" Paimon screamed, covering her eyes. "Get dressed! Get dressed! Just say that you are busy and talk through the door! Why are you opening the door when you are naked!!! With that...thing out...!"

Yomite's arms were crossed over his chest, bearing a frown on his face.

He was naked, yet he didn't even blink an eye. He simply did not care.

The only thing he cared about was currently not to get cockblocked by someone again.

He was bent on finishing what he started.

His father once told him, [If you're going to do something, then do it thoroughly. Don't be timid about it. That's true for everything. Mostly for females, though...]

(Thank you for your wisdom, father. I shall not allow any heathen to block me from my goal any longer.)

"I wish to be alone for a few hours. Here, take the money and don't interrupt me." He showed them the bag of Mora which had around three million in it.

Lumine couldn't hide her blush any longer as she took a peek at his erect member from between her fingers.

The sight alone sent goosebumps down her spine. She could see the hard tip and just that made her insides quiver and heat flood across her face.

A hand covering the view of her mouth as her breath hitched in her throat causing her to pause breathing for a few seconds.

She swiped her eyes from his manhood, to his chest and then towards the dragon tattoo he had on his shoulder, staring at him without blinking, as if trying to embed his figure into her brain forever.

A little too much information to see it that way, but gazing at him, she was well aware of what he meant when he said he wanted to be 'alone' right now...

Looking past him, she noticed Hu Tao lay lifelessly on his bed, also naked, and she seemed to be on the brink of ecstasy.

It wasn't hard to imagine what happened, and what was about to happen to her...

The thought alone was enough to make her blood pressure rise and cheeks grow hot.

She swallowed hard before taking the bag of Mora from his hands and replying, "A-alright...good luck...Party leader..."

With that she quickly turned around and wanted to run away but Paimon stopped her.

"How are you just going to leave like nothing has happened!? Paimon loves Mora and treasures, yet after seeing something like that...no amount of Mora could wash Paimon's eyes! Paimon's been forever dirtied! Dirtied! Paimon can't marry anymore!"

The little fairy complained.

Yomite sighed and leaned towards her, catching her off guard and kissing her on the cheek.

"There. That's your goodnight bed kiss. Sweet dreams you guys." He said softly before caressing Paimon's cheek and chin with his left hand, and ruffling through Lumine's wavy blonde hair with his right.

If he wasn't naked, this would have been a beautiful bonding moment between the three.

Slowly closing the door behind him, he left the confused and blushing duo stand and float in mid-air, motionlessly.


Paimon let out a sheepish smile after being shown affection, as she fiddled with a loose thread on her white jumper.

Her cheeks flushed, and with a slight pink to them as well.

As she fiddled the strand with her fingers, and caressed the cheek that was kissed, she glanced up, dazed and caught Lumine staring at her.

"Wha...what?" Paimon stammered, quickly looking away from her.

"Paimon...your opinion sure changed quickly...huh…" Lumine sighed in exasperation, the breeze causing her long blonde hair to sway slightly. "Weren't you angry just a second ago?"

"...No I wasn't! L-Let's just go…"

Paimon refuted any implied accusations and floated away, leaving behind sparkly dust and a shocked but equally flustered Lumine.

Meanwhile, Yomite shook his head and chuckled a bit. He couldn't help but smile after teasing Paimon. She was very weak to affection.

(Small animal. Cute.)

He really needed to get his own pet later down the road, but right now there were much more important things left at hand.

"Sorry to keep you waiting! I sent them away! We can continue now."




Seconds passed, then minutes, and that turned into an hour.

For an hour, she was subjected to this.

For an hour, he used his tongue to penetrate her and lick her clean in his arms.

Yomite lost count of how many times her body convulsed and orgasmed in his embrace so far. It must have been beyond ten at this point.

One thing was sure, that his bed was fully drenched in her sweat, saliva and other various body fluids, such as the said love juices.

His member was standing straight up, in a phenomenal state of desire for a long time now...ready to explode at any time...and he believed it was finally time for the main course. He deserved it after servicing her dutifully for so long after all.

Hu Tao's virginal hole trembled and shaked as her vaginal fluids ceaselessly dripped down her thighs, shining brightly and obscenely.

Upon taking in the sight before him again, the shaft in his crotch trembled, as though encouraging him to enter her.

As he stared at her entrance, he concluded that her hymen was less of a membrane, and more of a slightly bulging, extended line of vaginal wall.

"So small…"

He commented upon viewing her like this. He noticed it before, but now that he took an even closer look at her entrance, he knew there might be a problem…

"Can I...do it?" He asked gently.

At first Hu Tao nodded, then shook her head, and then nodded again.

She seemed to be visibly confused, tired, dazed, maybe even a bit scared of what was about to come, but there was a huge desire in her eyes that wanted it to happen.

So for the one last time, she nodded in anticipation.

Regardless of her consent, Yomite knew he had to be careful about this...

He stood up and grabbed the oil bottle from a shelf behind him. It was time to utilize it even further.

She was already wet, but just to make sure, he dipped some of the cold oil on her entrance and on his hard member after he removed his towel.

Both of them winced once the cold oil touched them, but relaxed once he started spreading it.

He then brought his already hard penis towards his target…

Stretched open by his hand, her visible pussy was adorable.

Hiding her usual smirk, chatterbox and her teasing attitude, Hu Tao silently stared at the convex and concave parts joining and pressing together, just as well as his massive member that she saw a few times before accidentally.

Yomite slowly lowered his hips and was about to put it in, before he stopped.

"Oh, wait...I don't have a condom…"

"Kon domu...? What is... that?"

The dazed Hu Tao let out a weak voice of confusion at the word she had never heard before.

(...Oh, right, fantasy world. My bad, forgot for a bit...yeah…or it could also be that she never heard of that term...well...guess I will just have to pull out.)

Yomite sat up and leaned against her. He spread her legs and assumed the missionary position, pressing his hardened member up against her entrance.

She hid her beet-red face, though whether it was red from pleasure or embarrassment, Yomite couldn't tell.

(This should be plenty enough.)

She was plenty wet enough to enter.

One of his hands left her breast, moving down her stomach, slipping lower until his fingers found her sex.

"Yomi..," she gasped, tightening her hold on him, squeezing his shoulders tighter. He chuckled deeply, pulling away slightly from their embrace and peering down at her.

Hu Tao stared back into his eyes for what seemed like an eternity, before he bent forward and caught her mouth once more with his own.

She wrapped her arms around him, pressing herself flush against him. Her small breasts were crushed against his broad, chiseled chest.

Hu Tao's legs trembled as Yomite lifted them over his shoulders and hooked them around his head.

As she gazed at him, dazed, her eyes lingered on his hard muscles. He was rock solid.

He was so masculine, with such virile muscles that were nice to touch. That was also the reason she was so touchy-touchy with him all the time...To cup a feel.

Earlier today, she was indeed a bit jealous of Barbara, as within normality, she wouldn't usually get so much time to touch him, but this opportunity was perfect for her.

He was the gentle man that conquered her way of thinking and her heart alike.

And now, he was about to conquer her body as well.

His hardened tip quickly found the hole, and he slowly pushed his hips forward. His glans spread open her wet pussy. Her tight entrance resisted, but it gradually loosened up as he pushed his way onward.

He felt the hymen ripping apart as the blood oozed out.

It was like a fire inside her, burning away all her doubts and inhibitions until there was nothing left to hold onto for.

His hand gripped hers harder as she squirmed against him.

The thoroughly dampened mucous membranes within Hu Tao's vagina clung to his penis like living beings.

When he cast his gaze to the union of their genitalia, he saw his penis buried tightly within her slit, which until now had been trim and virgin, along with a thin trail of blood.

He began mildly pistoning within her. She moved her hips, too, proactively accepting him.

Luckily, it didn't seem to hurt her much, so Yomite could go all out.

Her walls clenched and tightened around him in rhythmic strokes to match his tempo.

Her muscles moved with every stroke and the feel of her smooth skin under his touch made it impossible for him to resist pressing closer against her.

A groan escaped through his lips as she began rocking her hips back and forth with every thrust, making his erection throb.

He couldn't help but move his hand up and down, caressing her smooth belly and thighs.

His pace increased and he felt her legs clamp tightly around his head before a series of soft moans left her lips, her eyes shutting tight as she began pulsing around his cock.

His free hand found hers and held onto it while he used her body as leverage to move and pump even deeper into her. His eyes locked on hers and there was nothing but lust, love and desire reflected from them. Their kiss grew even more heated, their mouths moving together hungrily as they fought for dominance and control over each other.

Normally, Hu Tao would be winning any contest or fight between the two of them, but in bed, he was winning by a long mile. She was being devoured.

Their kisses were becoming sloppy, a mess of tongues, teeth, lips.

The sounds they both made were not only satisfying but sexy, sending sparks of pleasure running up their spines as well. As his thrusts became stronger, more controlled, she began to moan and writhe underneath him.

Her nails dug into his arms but it did little to deter him; he had already been rewarded enough that day during the spars. A little pain like this could be ignored.

As she reached the pinnacle once again, Her breathing came out in ragged pants and she orgasmed in his arms, a soft moan slipping through her lips.

A sensation like a fire burning through her lower abdomen suddenly made itself known to her, spreading throughout her body. Her breath hitched in her throat as she struggled to regain control over herself and not let out the noise that was clawing at the back of her throat, threatening to get free and leave her lips before her brain could stop it.

Yomite thrust one last time before also reaching his peak and releasing into her tight channel. His seed quickly filled up her insides, making them tingle with the sweetest sensation ever known to man or beast.

From the first bit of jizz, the stream was too vigorous. Hu Tao's inner flesh let off the most amazing sound.

She could feel it coursing through her as she let out a long groan weekly laying on the bed.

"You're amazing..." he muttered.

His hot turbid liquid flowed towards her womb.

She let out a moan of pleasure as she felt the juices gush from within.

It was like a thousand bees were working in sync to create something so beautiful and pleasurable.

And he was there, right there, inside of her. The feeling was overwhelming, it felt as though all she had been missing to feel complete was this.

She was never going to let him leave her life. Ever.

He had his head buried into her neck, gently moving his tongue over and around it as she writhed against him, moaning and groaning for more.

A smile graced his face as he heard a small gasp from her lips before she began to shake and shiver under him; he could feel each of those tiny muscles contracting

"Good girl~" He whispered huskily into her ear, "Let go now."

He guided one of his fingers inside of her as she continued to tremble. His touch elicited a high pitched whimper from her. He smiled at that sound and finally managed to withdraw himself from her with the help of his fingers.

She was so perfect, so pure. And yet...she tasted so delicious.. So sweet..like honey

As if he had done magic, her body relaxed and became soft under his hand. The last few spasms she had let out were finally gone.

But he didn't plan to stop there.

He continued to tenaciously rub her buds and insert himself fully into her once again, but…

Before he knew it, he'd started moving again.


She began to rock her hips forward and back, it was almost like they were twitching.

Their merged genitalia twisted, her complex pleats grazing his member.

Her clitoris had swollen too large to retreat back inside its hood. Again, he rubbed and teased it.

"Th…! That...Not there...how many times…"

Her entire body began to jiggle, either from pleasure or from fright.

"What's wrong Tao? You stopped moving your hips."

"Do not... An...ooh...touch there…"

Hu Tao's reactions were reaching their limit.

The narrower her smooth flesh got as it stickily snuggled up against him, the better he felt. It was her fault for wriggling her hips, provoking him. Smashing the barriers of his self control...


As he kissed down her uplifted legs, he slowly pulled back his hips. As his penis withdrew, her narrow hole contracted without a moment's pause…


Each time he stabbed back in, he pressured her.

He did not even need to rub her oversensitive protuberance.

Simply grasping it caused it to be struck by every moment of their bodies. Each action fanned her sexual flames.

"You are really sensitive with clit, huh." He massaged it again and briefly lifted his hand.


"Hahn, ahn…"

Hu Tao orgasmed again.


Idle hands were the devil's playthings...This devil played with Hu Tao's clit senselessly despite her pleas.

Every inch of her body was an erogenous zone. The aphrodisiacs took effect ages ago, and now it was all up to him to show her the greatest pleasure there was.

(Should I return to her clit again after all?) He thought, stretching his hand back down…


Then, he noticed a firm, hard spot just below it.

"What about here?"

"N-no...Yomite...I-I pee from there...don't…"

It was turning her on...no...not quite. But it was making her really awkward. It seemed that embarrassment was mixing with her sensations of orgasm. Her eyes blinked in astonishment.

"This place sounds fun, no?"

"Nho...Ish embarrassing...don't touch it…"

The young director of Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, full of shame, seemed bewildered by his question.

That was where she peed from, why would he even touch there?

But personally, Yomite was enjoying her reactions. His sadistic side kicked in.

He wanted to conquer her now more than ever.

Every time he touched her, he could feel the muscles squeezing shut her hole. She did it so tightly that a ring rose up around the hole.

Deeply connected with her, he quivered his hips. When he did so, her womb answered the invitation, lowering itself to kiss his glans. Her slightly bulged womb entrance was the switch that caused her to climax.

Her star-eyed gaze grew moist and drowsy as she submitted to having her weak point assaulted.

Gradually, the waves of tears formed in her eyes.

Yomite felt good too, which was why he couldn't stop his hips from pumping.


Her mind had started to go blank. Her conscious thoughts seemed far removed from her urethra, but said holes reactions were growing even more radically.

He clunked against her, his deep stabs pestering her frail switch. Putting in one last, powerful thrust, using his glans to prop her cute womb, he unleashed all of himself into her, against her cozy and elastic orgasm switch, forgetting about the fact he planned on pulling out before everything was initiated.

All of his liquid entered into her narrow, small hole.


Hu Tao cried out like it was hard to even breathe. With every breath, she squeezed her abdomen tight, making his jittery stream more vigorous.

"M...My crotch...Fuuh..ngh..!"

Hu Tao's voice gradually trailed off, and then…

Yomite heard the trickling sound of running water...



Was it raining outside?

Obviously not…

No, it wasn't raining…

This might have been rude to say, but her pretty healthy stream, one as golden as the color of the Mora coin, poured onto the sheets under them...

It wasn't much, but what flowed out of her crotch was clearly a mixture of love juice and something else…

Hu Tao wet herself...


Hu Tao breathed deeply, she hadn't even realized it herself yet.

Her eyes were blanking out from the combined pleasure of sex and relieving herself in tandem.

Considering she never orgasmed before, and now she was forced to do so more than ten times in one session, he doubted she knew how to control her groin after the aftermath.

Accidents like that were very common during sex.


Yomite swallowed a lump in his throat.

He wasn't disgusted or anything. Rather, he was aroused by the fact that Hu Tao, once so powerful, had fallen this low under his touch.

He was going to be gentle with her all the way to the end, but he couldn't help feeling even more aroused now.

"Amashing...amashing...this ish shimply...amashing…sho thish ish...shex..."

Hu Tao weakly mumbled, unable to form words correctly from the intense and neverending onslaught of pleasure.

Still having enough energy to continue, Yomite propped her tired body up.

He was prepared to make love to her till the wee hours of the morning...




Early in the morning.

5 am.

The large egg shell in Yomite's room cracked, and Iris, who was hibernating all this time, opened her eyes for the first time in a month...

...Only to see a bizarre scene of two people performing the copulating ritual of lust right before her eyes.


Hu Tao shuddered as another orgasm overcame her, together as a new stream of semen flew into her vagina.

The new stream pushed inside...pushing out the semen left there before her vagina overflowed.

...She didn't seem to notice it though. Her throbbing vagina wall only tightened around his penis…

Yomite started to move his hips once more.

It's been about ten hours since they started making out. Combinations of cunningulus, fingering, massage and sex continued on in rotations of several hours without a stop.

He came outside...once...but the other times he couldn't help himself. If he was to become a father...then so be it.

He planned on starting a family one day anyway, it was bound to happen.

Such an amazing feeling was impossible to resist and he thought it would be wasteful to not unload himself inside of her each time.

Hu Tao remained stoic...only when she orgasmed, her body would occasionally convulse.

Her mind seemed almost gone. For a short while now, she had only mumbled in time with the movements of her hips, but even under these circumstances...

She prided herself in her stamina and strength, acted cocky at all occasions, yet here she was, so tired she could no longer even lift a finger or speak. She was already tired after their training, but now, it looked as if she wasn't even conscious.

Still, Yomite's his hips arched back and he wanted to pull out, her vagina squeezed around his member, as if it hated being separated.

The room was filled with smell of sex, even more of it being present in the form of sweat from two bodies pressed together and making passionate, wet sounds. As he laid there on top of her, he could feel a steady heat emanating off of his lover's chest as he pumped her full.

Yomite had been enjoying it a bit too much and moving his hips like crazy, so it didn't seem he would last long this time…

The drink of Diona was truly magical, he still felt so much energy and could keep on going for hours.

How was that even balanced?

He will buy a couple of...let's say, thousands of drinks from her the next time he visited her.

Pay to win, no?

He should probably bring some kind of a gift as a thank you, maybe some cat toys?

Keeping the drinks in Lumine's inventory would be a great idea for the future, as her ability stopped time of any item placed inside, and therefore prevented them from spoiling, if the God's gift made by Diona could even spoil.

As he thrusted one last time into her, he pulled out this time.

Above the drying semen, another spray of fresh semen painted Hu Tao's body white again…


Seeing that she was barely conscious, if she even was, he grabbed her into a princess carry and went to clean her up in the shower, without even noticing Iris who was standing on the sidelines, blankly staring at their leaving figure.




Taking a long warm shower to cleanse their bodies of the sweat and grime that had formed during the entirety of their night activity, Yomite then dried and brought the tired Hu Tao back into his room.

His goal was to place her into Iris' bed as his current bed was...frankly disgusting.

He felt like every possible fluid was engraved into his sheets. Blood, cum, sweat, urine, squirt, simply everything combined.

But that wasn't weird, as after all...

They had just spent the best part of about ten hours in bed, naked and sweaty, their bodies tangled together in one long, languid embrace of love and lust.

The air was filled with smell of sex. It permeated the space like a cloud, so thick and heavy; the musky aroma lingering from their earlier session made him want to do the deed all over again but he restrained himself and opened the windows for some fresh air, doing so, he noticed that Iris had actually woke up!


The voice startled him at first, making him jump. He slowly turned to look at the woman standing by the bedside.

"Ah! I didn't even notice you there...You gave me quite the fright, Iris…Glad to see you're finally up." he said softly, rubbing at his eyes. It was early into the morning and if she didn't greet him, he would have probably not even noticed she was awake.

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