5 Xin Group

The reason for Qin Song's recent bad mood is exactly this. After realizing that staying here for even another day is just losing time and it will have a negative impact on his future, Qin Song somewhat feels like a trapped beast that needs to break free and go to a stage that suits him more.

However, that doesn't mean that nobody was interested in him.

Prior to today, there were a few clubs interested in contracting him, but they were all playing in Chinese league. Even though most people don't want to talk about this, but there has been a lot of scandals exposed about the corruption of the Chinese football system overall. The environment here is not good at all.

Also, even ignoring these things, what is most important for Qin Song is the level of play. Football is popular all over the world, but football is not equal everywhere.

There are tens of thousands of professional football players all over the world, but how many of them have truly become successful?

FIFA has over 200 countries that have joined the association, but only a few of them ever managed to win the World Championship, not to mention the fact that currently, most players that come from the countries that are dominant on the international field, actually play football with each other in leagues in Europe.

There are many countries with their own football leagues in Europe, and they all collectively make a pyramid. Once a player is good enough, he can move to a better team or a better league.

Qin Song can clearly understand that the higher the starting point, the easier it is to be successful in Europe.

He can't imagine how long it would take him to climb to the peak of professional players if he was to stay in China. Not only would it take time to stay at the top of Chinese league, but even if he did, there's no guarantee that any teams from outside China would be interested in him then.

Also, what's important is the fact that he's still growing. Without a better growing environment and competition, his growth will be interrupted and he might never reach the peak of his own strength.

He wants to go to the European continent to find more opportunities for himself. Right now he has nothing to lose.

Today's training is already over. Qin Song made his way back to his apartment and changed his clothes into something more comfortable.

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When Kevin came in and saw his clothes, he frowned, but in the end he didn't say anything about them.

"Let's go, we shouldn't be late."

Once they were outside the base, Kevin called a taxi and they were on their way. Tonight, they were called over by Xin Group's old chairman - Xin Zhou.

The Xin Group is a well known private enterprise that spans across the province. While its scale might not be as big as companies that have assets over the whole country, it also can't be called small. It has assets with a valuation of over 1 billion RMG, and it's mostly engaged in the clothing industry. Xin Zhou is the founder and old chairman of the Xin Group.

The youth training camp in Change was also established by him. Although he used his money to help many orphans, it doesn't mean he particularly cares much about them. If they are making trouble or just go astray, he won't hesitate to give up on them. At the same time, if someone shows enough talent, he won't hesitate to show them double the amount of care and invest more resources into them.

Xin Zhou's house is in the north district of Changde, where many people of similar status to him live.

Kevin and Qin Song stood outside the huge mansion and felt a little bit out of place, even through it wasn't their first time coming there.

After a moment, a servant noticed them standing outside and invited them inside the house.

Inside the house, a young man wearing a suit and a pair of glasses came over towards Kevin and Qin Song. He looked pretty happy seeing them.

"Qin Song, haven't seen you for over a year now, you've grown taller. Still remember me?"

Qin Song looked at the person in front of him and said with a nod, "I remember, Xin Chen."

Xin Chen is Xin Zhou's youngest grandson. He's 2 years older than Qin Song, and until he reached adulthood he liked to play football in his free time so he would often see and communicate with Qin Song inside the training camp.

Xin Chen stood beside them and looked at Qin Song. He was obviously shorter than him almost by the length of a head. Sighing, he said, "A year ago we were still in similar height. Now you're much taller than me…"

"Well, I'm now almost 1.9 meters tall."

"Well, don't stand at the door. My grandpa is waiting for you, he should have a happy news for you. He's been thinking about you a lot in recent days, since you've become too good for our training camp.", Xin Chen said and pointed towards the second floor, upon which his grandfather had his study.

Qin Song and Kevin slowly made their way towards the study. Although Qin Song has shown his talent in football for many years now, and Xin Zhou himself seen him many times before, their relationship still a little dry. Qin Song was grateful towards him and the Xin Group, but he didn't think about establishing any intimate ties with them.

Perhaps the fault here lies with Qin Song's natural disposition. Since childhood, Qin Song was always unsociable and didn't like to make too many friends. Even when it comes to Kevin, it took him quite a long time to accept him as someone close to him, and only after a few years of living together did he think of Kevin as a close family.

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