4 Training

People who don't like Qin Song will call him a weirdo in private and make fun of him, but nobody would dare to challenge him in person. Not only is Qin Song better in football, but he's also very concerned about his own body.

A few times someone tried to bully him, he fought back. It ended up with a few people sent to the hospital. The worst injury one of them received was a fracture, and since then nobody from his peers would want to pick a bone with him.

Perhaps because of that, or maybe because Qin Song's abilities started to stand out from the rest, most people don't want to be seen near him or spend time with him, maybe just to make sure their own weaknesses won't be as much visible as when they are next to him.

Qin Song also has a very serious attitude of training every day, giving his all, and after years of undergoing hardships, people around him wouldn't be strange if they started calling him a monster.

However, Qin Song himself is a very self-aware person.

Xin Group's training base in Change has been established for almost 20 years, and since its early days countless children have been trained for playing football. There have been over 1000 kids going through it. Some of them gave up in the early stage, some were injures, and from the rest only a few of them made some achievements.

While Qin Song has some reputation in the local area, he is far from the people that managed to get a professional contract from a football team.

Training with Qin Song always makes people feel like they can't match him in any aspect, since he has achieved outstanding results in various types of training.

Today's training is focusing on endurance. In the gym, other people who participated in the training are sitting down and trying to recover, while looking numbly towards Qin Song, who is still running on a treadmill without any issues. It's not even shocking for them anymore, since they've become accustomed to it.

After 30 minutes, most people around had enough rest and started training again.

After another 30 minutes, the people who had rested before were once again tired.

Qin Song was still running, but he was slowly starting to show signs of fatigue and was slowing down his pace.

At this moment Kevin Lee came inside the gym and made his way towards him. With a sneer, he asked aloud, "Whose dream was it to play football?"

Qin Song accelerated his pace, keeping up with the rhythm of the treadmill, and replied with a firm voice: "It's mine!"

"Who wanted to go play football in Europe?"

"It's me!"

"Who wants to be a world renowned superstar?"

"It's me! It has to be me!"

Qin Song's powerful and firm voice reverberated throughout the gym. He raised his hand to wipe away the sweat falling from his face, and then slowly increased his own pace even more.

There are no people around who want to keep up with him, as if he was from a different world compared to other people undergoing training there.

When Kevin first insisted on this kind of mental stimulation during training, many people, including Qin Song himself, were sceptical. Some even ridiculed Qin Song for it. They felt that Kevin was believing in some stupid foreign theories, but for many years now these simple questions could inspire Qin Song to show more of his potential, so he could always strive to break through his own limits!

Yes, Qin Song's dream is to play football. Maybe it wasn't his choice, since he was cultivated on this road since his childhood, but he can't stop now.

He has nothing else but football!

Kevin has always been the person who supervised some of Qin Song's training, one of them being endurance.

Today during endurance training, Qin Song once again broke through his limit. This is pretty normal for him, since Qin Song is still in the age of growth and his body is being on the rise every day during training.

Kevin looked at Qin Song and suddenly frowned.

Qin Song's progress is not difficult to be accepted, but the span of progress can't be too big like it is now. It's never a good sign, and it means that Qin Song once again is over-using his own body, and it can bring him negative consequences.

There is no shortcut to any kind of training, everything needs to be done step by step.

Kevin Lee immediately shouted to Qin Song: "Hey, Qin Song! Slow down right now!"

"Listen to me!"

"Stop, you'll hurt yourself!"

Seeing that it had no effect, Kevin had to step forwards and slow down the pace of the treadmill.

Qin Song silently got off the treadmill and went to get something to drink before resting.

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In the afternoon, there will be another training session, however this time in a form of a team competition.

In a total time of 40 minutes, 4 games of 10 minutes will be played. Although it seems to be a short amount of time, everyone is asked to constantly do their best, so it takes a lot of their energy.

In the evening, when the fourth game was about to finish, Qin Song was still not tired, but his mood was getting worse and worse.

The game with his peers here has not spurred any interest in him. The level of his teammates and at the same time opponents is so low, that each time they train this way Qin Song can't wait for it to be finished.

The opponent is vulnerable, teammates can't keep up with his rhythm, so what's the point in doing that?

Because of this, Qin Song knows that he should leave and no longer waste his time with them here.

He must use his own strength to make a way for himself towards the field of professional football players.

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