1 Qin Song

Changde is a prefecture-level city in the northwest of Hunan province with a population of over 5 000 000 people living in the local area. The city lies right next to Yuanjiang river, which combined with the local resources allowed the area to constantly develop for the last couple of years.

At the other end of the river, a young man sits on the grass bending his knees. A painting sheet is placed on his thigh, while his right hand is constantly using a pencil to draw the wonderful scene of sunset visible right now.

A green field could be seen under the slope he's sitting on. At this moment, two local teams are playing a for fun match using this public football field.

Watching the shirts of both teams, one could notice that they were wearing shirts with branding from Manchester United and Real Madrid. One side red and one side white, the two colors of European football mainstream superteams.

Of course, neither the Spanish Galaxy Battleship or England's Red Devils wouldn't really show up in a public football fields of a small Chinese city.

Changde is not rich enough to afford inviting these clubs to come over.

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The people playing are obviously fans of these 2 teams, choosing to wear their shirts. Although Chinese football is far behind European countries, probably even American and some other Asian countries football, it doesn't prevent teenagers from cheering for their favourite teams.

The young man sitting on the slope is doing a sketch. The lower part of the picture outlines a gorgeous stadium, with a relatively open roof, with two teams playing a match. The upper part of the picture shows the glow of the setting sun, making the whole picture look refreshing.

However, high in the sky, a golden dragon overlooking the world, as if symbolizing good luck, is visible.

The young man's hand holding the pencil is getting faster and faster at drawing, with the tip of the pencil constantly adding more content to the drawing.

A scream suddenly woke him up, bringing him back to reality.

"Hey, pass the ball back!"

The young man looked up and saw a dirty football near the slope he was sitting on. The players on the football field were looking at him, hoping that he could pass the ball back to them, lest they need to run outside the field to get the ball back and waste their energy.

He put his painting, together with his drawing tools, back into his backpack and stood up. He was wearing sportswear together with his sneakers. Walking down the slope, he looked at the goal on the left side of the field.

His left foot supported his body while the football was in front of him. His right foot was pulled back, and with a full spin he kicked the ball.


The teenagers on the court widened their eyes and tried to follow the trajectory of the football in the sky, but what surprised them was the big arc the football followed.

Banana kick!

However, where was that football kicked?

When a football is flying in the sky, it can sometimes present a very beautiful and at the same time unpredictable picture.

The football kicked out by this young man flew straight into the goal on the left side of the court following the large arc it did in the sky!

The goalkeeper standing in the middle of the goal didn't respond to it. Looking at the ball, he had a hunch that it might be coming towards him, but the arc of the football together with its acceleration made it impossible for him to catch the ball.

In fact, the football flew into the goal right next to the place where he was standing, but because he was affected by panic, he didn't catch it, and almost fell to the ground.

In addition to the goalkeeper, other players have also been stunned!

When they slowly composed themselves and looked towards the youth, they noticed that he was already walking towards the road next to the slope, carrying his backpack and walking away.

The teenager who previously asked for the ball immediately shouted: "Hey, are you Qin Song?"

The youth who gradually walked away on the sidewalk did not look back, neither did he respond to him.

"It must be him. In Changde, he's the only person that can control the football this good!"

"Looking at his shadow, it might be him!"

"My God! He's been sitting there the whole time, maybe we could have asked him for a photo!"

On the field, the teenagers lost their interest in playing the ball temporarily and gathered together, discussing Qin Song with great interest.

Qin Song after all is a local from Changde. He's currently 17 years old, but he's pretty well knows in the local area for his football skills, following his good performance in the local tournaments.

The young man who left the riverside walked towards the other side of the city. After about half an hour, he made his way towards Changde Youth Football Camp, belonging to the local Tang Enterprise.

Over 20 years ago Xin Group officially opened this training base, making it the biggest local complex with dormitories, cafeterias, gyms, medical rooms, over 6 football fields and many more useful compartments.

Also known as a big orphanage. While it is listed officially as a youth football training base, most of its residents are young orphans picked out by the Xin Group in hopes of training good football talents and helping the overall growth of Chinese football.

Xin Group's chairman's childhood dream was to become a football player, but because of his conditions back then he had to give up. Now, after gaining money and resources after years of work, he wanted to use parts of it to at least partially complete his dream of leading Chinese football into a new era.

At this moment, the youth ran to his room inside the dormitory. His flat was different from the residences used by other teenagers. Most teens lived in shared rooms, but he was in an independent apartment.

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