2 Kevin Lee

On the upper floor of the dormitory, standing upon a balcony, is a half Chinese, half American man named Kevin Lee. He's only 35 years old this year, but looking at his temperament you'd think he's older.

He knows the young man running towards the dormitory. 10 years ago he was asked to take care of Qin Song as his guardian and obtained his custody.

At this moment, Kevin finished reading his book and was preparing to go back inside, just when he noticed the youth jogging towards their apartment from the road next to the complex.

Kevin reflexibly put down his book and with an amazing speed picked up a camera with a tripod standing near on the balcony. He pressed the recording button on the camera and shouted towards Qin Song: "Qin, come on! Run, run, run! Faster!"

The road downstairs was relatively open.

The youth dropped down his backpack on the ground and his running speed suddenly began to increase. If there was someone to count the distance, then the road between the complex and the place from where Qin Song started running was about 50 meters long.

Qin Song's running speed is really fast, his eyes show his determination, just like a lion running with all his strength to catch his prey.

The young man run with all his strength while wind rushed past him until he got to the dormitory. Once his run finished, he slowed down and ran back slowly to pick up his backpack and then head back towards his apartment once again.

Kevin, who was now sitting comfortably on a chair upstairs on the balcony, smiled, stood up and walked to the apartment to watch the recorded footage. Once he did that, he could determine Qin Song's speed for the 40 meter long sprint.

Qin Song did make an improvement compared to the last time they measured his time.

Although the improvement was very little - just 0.11 seconds faster than his previous record time, but Qin Song was still very happy with it.

People very often talk about how many kilometers football players run, or how fast is their speed on a 100 meters long run, but in fact, this is only one side of the story. Because on the football field, 20 - 40 meters is generally the distance that players need to sprint in a key moment.

A fast speed is only a foundation for the players, explosive power and rapid acceleration is very often much more crucial during real matches.

Kevin slowly walked back to his room, took out one of his notebooks from a shelf, flipped to the last used page and began recording today's date and the precise time of Qin Song's sprint downstairs. He's been doing this for years, so his speed at doing this was still relatively fast.

On the bookshelf next to his desk, there was a massive accumulation of notebooks. While a random person seeing it would just think of it as a normal bookshelf, if someone took them down one by one and checked their content, they'd be shocked.

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These notebooks are Kevin's work accumulation for the past ten years that he's been taking care of Qin Song, who since his early days was heavily invested towards playing football.

The content of each of the notebooks was full of Qin Song's data, including his body's growth, his speed and a few other parameters changes during the years, his accumulation of skills and more football related data that Kevin Lee managed to observe during the last 10 years.

Putting back the notebook onto the shelf, Kevin walked towards the living room, where Qin Song was taking his shoes off.

Qin Song picked his backpack and was going towards his own room, when Kevin smiled towards him and asked, "Hey Qin Song, where did you go today? Did you have an affair?"

While Kevin Lee is half Chinese, but his use of Chinese words is still relatively bad. Right now he intended to ask if Qin Song did something fun today, but it turned out how it turned out. Good thing he was already used to Kevin's way of speaking.

However, that didn't prevent Qin Song from just ignoring kevin and going straight towards his room. After opening the door, he directly entered the room without even looking at Kevin.

Kevin Lee reluctantly followed Qin Song towards his room, sighing inside his heart: 'Qin Song is not happy again'.

Qin Song's whole apartment is not small, but it's also not super big. It's about 80 square meters, with two rooms, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and a hallway.

His own room is also decorated in a pretty simple way.

Qin Song put down his backpack on his desk, picked out his painting and put it on his bed. Then he still ignored Kevin and went straight to the kitchen. Opening the refrigerator he picked out some ingredients, drunk some water and started cooking dinner for the two of them.

In the meaning time, Kevin picked up his painting sheet and looked at the pictures inside. One of his favourite paintings made by Qin Song is inside it. It shows a riverside scenery, of a flying ball with beautiful and spectacular wings paired together with the rising sun.

After flipping through to the latest page, Kevin stared at the painting of the dragon overlooking the football stadium. Although Qin Song painted it as a golden dragon that normally would be associated with luck, the facial expression of the dragon somehow made him feel unpleasant.

Kevin put the painting sheet back on Qin Song's bed and sighed. As the guardian of Qin Song, after 10 years of living together, he can roughly understand the inner thoughts of Qin Song at this moment.

'Although Qin Song suppresses his heart's desire for future, it's still time for a change…', whispered Kevin.

Qin Song slowly walked out of the kitchen with two plates containing tonight's dinner. He and Kevin were alone as usually.

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