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In the near future, science has propelled the world into a new golden age. Medical research and studies threw Man into a scientific renaissance, many of the planet’s leading minds looking to cure the incurable diseases that plague it and the world’s most advanced medical research university is leading the charge. However, all communications from the Desmond Dawes Medical University and Research Center in Southern California cease for days... until one reaches the outside world: a frantic call for help. Not far from the mega city of Los Angeles, the facility becomes the next deployment area of an elite team of LAPD’s finest SWAT officers. Led by a veteran of wars both overseas and in the streets of LA, this team of ten SWAT officers must answer the call. Assigned to the squad is a new officer; a young woman looking to make the mold and truly be apart of the team. Her first mission alongside them might be her chance... However, once they reach the facility, they are met with a force they cannot hope to match. Outnumbered and blinded by the darkness, the squad of the LAPD’s finest must adapt and overcome and uncover the truth behind the nightmare that has consumed the campus.


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