Genesis - Starting Of The End Book

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Genesis - Starting Of The End


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Talent... Is it overrated ? Prophecy... Is it always come true ? Love... Is it worth to sacrifice ? Herewith is a story in a world where power rules over money, and as we all know money rules over... mostly everything. "The oldest can breath fire, the youngest controls liquid. But the middle ? She seems a Zero to me. Talentless. Let us not wonder upon it anymore." Mary Anne tells the truth. "No. I believe she is underdeveloped. She can stay here." Somehow I feel Mary Anne is underestimating the Alburtus lineage. "Underdeveloped, is something you to tell a 10 year old kid when he/she hasn't fully control his/her power yet. Or to a 6 year old when the crystal only resonates. But she is not all of that. First, she is 16 turning 17. Second, she did not respond to any magic nor any magic respond to her." Mary Anne continues. "She can stay." I think there is more to her. I just can't point what. It's just Alburtus lines always possess strong magical power. The fact that, Athalia and Brandon manage to hide their children's magic even long after their death, is a miracle. So, to have a Zero in Alburtus line, something must have gone wrong. ...................................................................... Join Joyce, a young girl in a journey she must take to find the truth about herself in a world that not as she thought it is. A journey where the true bond can't never be broken once forged. "Am I still Joyce? Or am I also a lie to complete a lie?" - Joyce.