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Gene Investigators


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What is Gene Investigators

Read Gene Investigators novel written by the author LevelUnknown on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering action, adventure, mystery, superpowers, genes. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Rax stared at the person who killed his family. His eyes turn from brown to yellow, as something black sip out of his shoulder. "You won't dare kill me!" Despite the smirk on his face, it's shaking, his eyes is looking for ways to escape. "Oh I dare," When Rax spoke, vapour escaped, he smirked and said, "But, I want you to forever remember me, as your worst nightmare." He chuckled, "I bet, you don't know the pain you caused me too. Let me show you." Something black spread across his arms, as he leaped forward. His arm let out black gas as it followed him when he reappeared closer to the man. After the torture, he met his captain. "You caught him?" He looked shocked to see Rax looking older, "Does using your gene age you?" "Maybe." He shrugged, "Captain, can I start solving cases on my own now?" "Your cases will still have to be approved by me." "Alright." He grinned, which made the man beside shivered. As a gene investigator, Rax job is to solve things related to it. People using their genes to harm people, harm his country. He is allowed to kill those who killed, but Rax doesn't really do it. He also doesn't rely on his genes to solve cases, which was frowned by some, respected by most. Rex look at the new city, it might be new to most others, but not to him He felt like he still see his past replaying in front of him. ‘Leave!’ He’s father yelled, trying to push him away to the van. ‘I can fight!’ Tears in his eyes, sparks began to form around his arms, ‘Let me fight!’ ‘This isn’t a fight we can win. They have hacked our security system, released the prisoners. I know you want to fight, so leave and come back stronger, save our city.’ He look at the spot his father sent him away. It took him five years. “I’m back.” He sadly smiled, “I saved this city.” He look at his left arm that his father held when he spoke. He clutched it, “I won’t let this happen to any of other cities in our country.” He works with Gene investigators, to solve cases and prevent cities from being hacked. He fought many battles digitally. He doesn’t use his genes to solve case faster which makes him hated by many. However, he’s skills is real which many can’t deny. One day, the two great investigators was assigned a case that pose a threat to the whole nation. Join both of them on their adventure, solving cases that pose threat to his country. Or maybe, uncover hidden truth about their own country.


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