1 Prolog: The entcounter

"Hello how are you, my name is Geheim as the German word for Secret." someone suddenly said loudly behind him. He turned around but saw no one. He took two steps forward when he heard someone yell, "Watch it, you lout." Startled he jumped back three steps, looked around and again could see no one. "Down here, you nosey." Puzzled, he looked down and discovered a small creature there, something he had never seen before in his life. This creature has big googly eyes, a big nose, a tiny mouth and pointed ears. The hair of this creature resembled a ponytail, except that it started at the front of the forehead. The head was much larger compared to the body, almost 1½ times the size. It wore only a small and open front coat, sandals and a suit resembling a dress, despite the icy wind. "What are you staring at?" the creature asked. "I'm sorry, I ..." he began. The creature shook its head, "Of course, I always get the sissies." He was about to defend himself, but the being interrupted him. "You're Manuel Theos Mitz, right?" Manuel looked puzzled and nodded. The creature jumped onto his shoulder in one leap. "Very well, let's get going." Manuel looked at the being and was about to open his mouth, but the being interrupted him right away. "I had already introduced myself, my name is Geheim. Even though you're a wimp, it's nice to meet you." Manuel nodded and said very softly, "Likewise. But ...". Geheim patted him on the cheek and just said, "Come on, you're going to be late." He replied, "But..." but was immediately interrupted again by Geheim. "Don't worry very few people can see me and most of them think they are crazy." Geheim looked at a street clock and urged "Come on now, you're already very close.". Manuel also looked at the clock and hurried off.

Thus began the shared and exciting story of Manuel Theos Mitz and his best friend Geheim. Both did not know yet that this day should change the fate, or maybe only one of them.

Manuel runs as fast as he can to the train station. To get to the train station he has to go over a footbridge. He takes two steps as one as he runs to the top of the footbridge. "Look out!!!" Geheim screams loudly. But too late. Manuel has knocked over a young lady in his hectic rush. "I'm very sorry," he apologized while looking down at the ground. A very gentle and friendly voice replied, "It's okay, I wasn't looking either!" Taken by the voice, Manuel very slowly lifted his head. He couldn't believe he had knocked over such a beautiful woman. The woman has long wavy brown hair down to her hips, which became lighter and lighter from the hairline to the tips, a petite neck and a narrow but round face. Her figure appeared to be that of a model. But Manuel was most fascinated by her eyes. The right eye is brown like a deer's and the left eye is green, except around the pupil. Around the pupil you could easily see the brown colour of the right eye. This brown colour around the pupil looked like rays of sunlight shining from the pupil. Manuel could not take his eyes off her eyes. He is too fascinated by this beautiful sight. He is so fascinated that he has forgotten everything else, both Geheim and that he is in a hurry. But he was reminded again by the sound of the train arriving. "Damn it!" he suddenly shouts loudly. Jumps up and runs to the railing. His eyes fixed on the tracks, he sees his train. Manuel knew it would take him another 5 minutes to get to the platform. So it was too late and he will miss the train. He turns around and slowly lets himself slide down the railing to the ground. Once on the ground, his gaze wanders over to the young lady. She is holding something gently in her hands and looks down at it anxiously. Manuel follows her gaze and sees Geheim. He is startled and hurries over again. "Geheim are you OK?" he asked while taking Geheim from the lady. However the latter does not answer. "Geheim, come on, answer me please," Manuel begs him. However Geheim gives no reaction at all. Even though Manuel has just met Geheim, tears are slowly flowing down his cheeks. The young lady gently puts her hand on Manuel's shoulder. Softly she whispers: "We should go somewhere else. People are already looking at us strangely." Manuel lifts his head and looks around. He turned to the young woman and nodded gently.

The young lady helps Manuel up so that he does not accidentally drop Geheim. She then goes to the side of him where most of the gawpers are and runs down the stairs with him so that no one can see his hands.

The two of them look for a corner or side street where they cannot be seen so easily. They were unsuccessful. The young lady reaches into her handbag and takes out her mobile phone. Manuel looked at her puzzled when she suddenly started talking in a foreign language. He doesn't understand a word. His gaze wanders back down to Geheim. "Hold on, little friend. Please hold on," he said to him softly and gently. The young lady pocketed her mobile phone away and said to Manuel: "I've called my chauffeur. He'll pick us up in about 10 minutes." Now she lowered her gaze to Geheim and whispered "I hope he holds through."