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What is Gauss Warframe in My Hero Academia

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Name: Shoto Todoroki (A/N: our reincarnated MC) . Quirk: Kinetic Energy Manipulation (A/N: I put volt on top of just gauss here for our speedster MC :P)Overview: Can absorb and store kinetic energy from surrounding molecules, can cause frost/cold to be generated. Able to use stored energy to speed up user's movement, can cause lightning/electricity to be generated. Able to eject exess stored energy, can cause fire/heat to be generated. Known abilities: Superspeed High impact atacks Human bullet Creating fire Creating ice Creating eletrical discharges Creating shockwaves Imunity to fire Imunity to ice Imunity to eletrical discharges Imunity to shockwaves Imunity to radiation Negating magnetic fields Negating drag Runs on top of water Runs up walls . . . Name: Itsuka Kendo (A/N: MC's best friend, aka his Grendal XD) . Quirk: Partial expansion jutsu (A/N: The Naruto reference was just THERE! I had to do it! XD) Overview: Can expand body parts of their chosing, increasing the part or parts durability and strengh in the process. Known abilities: Human boulder jutsu(A/N: Pulverize is the most unfiting name for this ability ever!) Big hands Big feet Full size(A/N: nanatsu no taizai reference XD)


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