1 Beginning from the End

Somewhere, in a place where the dome of the sky is blue like an ethereal dream. Beneath it a vast sea, crystalline-like liquid diamond… on this vast sea, a man was running. If you see from afar, it looks like the man wasn't running at all—just moving his legs. This is a very beautiful yet dangerous place which those so-called Gods and Immortals could think about in their dreams.

The man huffed as he spoke, "It should be this place."

Though around him was nothing more than the blue sky and crystal sea. He stretched his arm and chains of runes started to glow. Magically, in front of him, the scenery began to shatter like a mirror. If one tries to describe the man, he would say his face was strangely emotionless. It's like if he shows any emotion, it would look odd.

The space around him began to distort and an angry roar echoed, "Those who trespass the vault of heaven shall have their soul annihilated."

Blood drenched the man as he disappeared, leaving behind a few hundred corpses. When he appeared, there was an altar where an ancient sword was stabbed in the middle, and a gigantic golden skeleton was found sitting in a meditative position. The skeleton was so big that it could revolve the universe and shatter the stars. Blood was dripping from the mouth of the man as he took out an old tattering book. Astonishingly, each of the pages was made of golden paper, glittering in the light, yet each page was blank.

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The man started to tear the pages. It may be looked easy but, only a few people knew that the hardness of these papers couldn't be cut by the sharpest weapon in the universe. The man started to fold the papers and made a golden flower. Then he took out a beautiful container, whose lower half was a blue lotus, and the upper half was a fiery red lily. Inside it was a lump of golden fire blazing with vitality. He ignited the paper flower with the fire.

As he walked toward the altar to pull out the sword, the lifeless skeleton began to move as he looked at the man with its empty sockets. It looked incredibly creepy, yet the man put no heed to it.

He concentrated to pull out the sword. The skeleton moved again, throwing a punch at the man. It was looking like the time has stopped. The man pulled out the sword, which shattered in the next moment, and put the burning flower in the sword's place. Just the moment he put it there, an illusory, incorporeal hand stabbed his back.

Alas, it was too late, the burning flower began to shine. Its radiance illuminated through all ages. The man sighed as his body disintegrated into nothingness and his soul decayed bit by bit. Before him, a giant golden gate opened, whose door was filled with complex patterns and runes. The flower burned and transformed into a beautiful lady who wore a golden imperial robe. She then smiled at the man and spoke, her mellifluous voice resounding in his mind.

" Little Yan, you really did it. Well, it's time… you should rest now."

The man named Yan expressionlessly replied, "Man could only rest after death. My work is not done yet."

"You know that you couldn't complete it now. Better take rest for an era or more. The Heaven's Will has already marked you, you know right?" the woman chuckled. "You should go now," she added.

"Wait… first take these souls and send them their way."

With his statement, he opened a scroll and countless beams of light shone from it. It rushed into the golden gate like tidal water.

"Aren't you going to reincarnate?"

"No, I'll go inside of infinity cosmos mirror."

The lady was surprised as she never thought that he still had the key to that grand treasure.


The moment he bode for his leave, both of the figures vanished.

"Humph," a snort resounded after they were gone.

In the year 102548, people of the martial heavens experienced a great phenomenon as they were able to tread through the path of Samsara and reincarnate again. All thanks to a man named Samsara Emperor.


The man, named Yan, arrived in a darkened space. His body was almost transparent like it was hovering between illusion and reality. The space around him was dark, like nothing ever existed there, from the beginning.

It was absolute nothingness. But suddenly, radiance burst and the man found himself in a beautiful place. Lush green vegetation, cloud reaching mountain, rivers with crystal- transparent water, all over it looks like an immortal's dwelling.

"Somebody is here, eh?"

Yan has already guessed about this person still, he chose to remain silent.

"Damn, those old geezers, actually they destroyed all of my soul embryos! Hmph…once I return, I will slaughter their eighteen generations." Yan fumed with anger. " It seems, I need to initiate plan B. I have to find an identical twin soul, but the problem is, bastard Heavens must have erased all of them. Still, I HAVE TO TRY."

Saying this, he joined his palms, and a golden wave spread in ten directions.

"As expected, negative result."

As he was thinking, Nine Heavens and Ten Earths rumbled, and a grand phenomenon happened.

"Thi-This is impossible. It can't happen, could it be, this era..." Yan was bewildered.

"Oh, a signal…yeah, an identical twin soul! Wait… WHAT? There is a realm outside the cosmos?"

Yan Couldn't believe it.

"It is protected by a formation higher level than an ancient divine rank. What the hell? Hmm… ah, an opening. Lemme check it out."

Unknowingly, this man found a key to a question, which has been unanswered through epochs—the thing which every cultivator yearns. The secret of eternal life: The Immortality.

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