1 Chapter 1

Boom!!! A loud thundering sound can be heard as flashes of lightning strikes like a mad god in the Heisi Town.Wind howls like an evil spirit in sorrowful agony that frightened almost every citizens nearby. This season wasn't supposed to have this bad weather but for an unknown reason, something unfavorable seems to have angered the heavens that it was sending its wrath to the mortals.

In a small household near the boarder of the beast forest, an agonizing scream that ignores the lividness of the climate can be heard. " Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!", a 25 years old pale-faced woman was screaming to the top of her lung as she tries to deliver the baby out of her tummy. The fact that she was alone in the middle of the night doesn't lessen her resolve to bring out the child to life. Branches can be heard snapping as trees started to fall this time but only unending determination can be seen in the woman's eyes as she roared her one final cry.

"Waahhhh! Waaaaahhhh!", tears started to fall in the woman's eyes as she heard her son cries. "My poor little angel", she muttered as she started to fall on breath. " I'm sorry mother let you suffer like this. If only.....if only your father was here."

Blood continues to flow while her vitality started to seep away from her as she forcefully get a pen and a parchment. She wanted to tell everything about him by herself but time wasn't on her side so she decided to write it all behind.

"Wujin, my angel, as your name signifies I want you to soar in the skies with your endless potential", she let out a gentle smile as she breath her last leaving alone a crying child in the middle of a stormy night.