1 Prologue

Looking at the spacious lot before him. David could only shook his head thinking how everything is a dream. Coming home to a destroyed house after winning a Math competition, he doesn't even know what to do.

"Are you all kidding with me?" he blurted out after letting out a loud sigh.

He looked at how their newly built house which was said to be fireproof, earthquake-proof - disaster proof was lying here before him with most of their valuable things that would even cost close to their own lot. His parent's dream house was easily shuttered without them being here.

"How am I supposed to live now?" David asked in a silent whisper while maintaining a visible distance to the blocks of destroyed wall. Should he be thankful that the competition was done out of their city that he was able to save some clothes, his school supplies, and some allowance? Should he be not feeling sad about all this unbelievable happenings done while they were away?

A loud ring broke the silence of the night. With teary eyes, David immediately went to pick it up. His mother's plea was what greeted him. "David!"

"Yes, Ma..."

"Oh my God! Are you alright, son? Did you come back safe?"

David nodded. "Yes. I just got back." He looked at their house. "I'll go to the nearest inn here. No need to worry about me, Mom. I still have money here and also the prize I got from the competition."

"No, no! That's very dangerous! Papa was able to call his old friend. Were very lucky he agreed on letting you sleep their for the mean time. Once we come back home, we'll arrange the things with the house and you'll be leaving their house once we fix everything." His mother explained.

"But I don't know them. Wouldn't that be too awkward?" David answered before scratching the side of his head. He's both tired and lightheaded from all that happened. He can't seem to intake all these information now.

"Please bear with it for now, David. I don't know if I could sleep tonight knowing you'll be staying at an inn."

"Then what about a hotel?"

"..." His mother sighed. "David, I know it won't be easy for now. But please remember that we should be grateful for them for this favor. If you won't show up tonight, I don't know what face I can show them."

David swallowed and looked up the sky. "How long is meantime then?"

"Three months?" His mother answer but it seemed more like a question.

David pressed the space between his eyes. His fingers immediately raked his hair. "Fine. Please send me the address so I could tell it to the cab driver."

David got down the cab and what greeted him was a huge wooden gate. He looked twice and even asked the driver twice if the address was correct but he was just answer with a laugh. Taking in a deep breath, he reached for the doorbell and rang it once. He was counting silently in his mind, waiting for the sound of footsteps to reach the door but there was none even after twenty seconds.

After contemplating on leaving and ringing the bell again once, he decided to just press it and wish that finally this time someone hears it. But all of those internal monologue he has been doing faded immediately after hearing that voice.

"What are you doing here?"

With a sharp turn, he bump on a hard, solid rock shoulders that didn't even flinch at the contact. He rubbed his nose and looked up only to see that it was his in-campus rival. The leader of their school's basketball team, the famous notorious playboy, and the first-placer in their grade level, Alexis Louis.