1 Chapter 1 Arrival

As Hadrian opened his eyes he found himself in an abandoned alley in new york

'Damn did I really transmigrate'

As he looked around and checked on his body he looked the same as he always did tall guy with a handsome well defined face and a swimmers body pale skin and raven black hair tied into a man bun green eyes and glasses with black tracksuit with white stripes at the sides then he thought of something if it's real than what about his wishes as he thought of that he heard a beep



[system synchronized]

As he saw the floating screen in front of him he said "status"

Name: Hadrian Evans

Age: 22

Race: Vampire alien (Nurarihyon)

Strength: 1000

(AN:ordinary human stats are around 10)

Dexterity: 1000

Vitality: 10000

Mana: 700

Int: 75

Luck: 50

Stat points: 0

Shop points: 0


Inventory:infinite storage provided by the system

Vampirism: can revitalize and strengthen yourself by feeding on the blood of others

Immortality: your strength rises as you grow older can only die by infinity stones

Devouring: able to absorb the looks and everything else integrating the beneficial parts with the user and discarding the harmful substances

Weather manipulation: can manipulate fog

Animal control: can mind control animal as familiars

Compulsion: order anyone to do anything with a look

Shape shifting: 5 forms can increase by devouring other creatures

Humanoid form: high dexterity and speed

Humanoid female form: high vitality speed and body control

Buffed humanoid form: super strength and vitality can extrude bones as weapons

Demon form: scaly black figure with tentacles on one hand and two hands on the other side with a demonic skull for a head high vitality super strength and dexterity

Bone demon: high dexterity and super strength and speed has an exoskeleton made of strong bones and bones extruding from the back and bone scythes from the elbows and can also shoot laser from the eyes

"Wow" is all he can say seeing his stats

He was strong but still not strong enough to compare with ancient creatures in Marvel so with a serious face he said "store"

As he looked through the store he found many different aliens and equipment the black sphere ,guns ,suits and katanas to various aliens statues, giants, telepath alien and many others unfortunately however he could not get them as he did not have shop points

"System how do i get shop points and stat points "

[they can be earned by defeating enemies the amount differs by the difficulty and intensity of the battle]

'I guess i have to find some enemies to beat, but I don't even know what year i'm in 'sigh' a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step let's go for a walk first'

After that he got out of the alley and was welcomed by the bustling noise of new York city as he walked around he saw a guy getting mugged in an alley he thought it was a good opportunity to find some information so he went to them

As he approached them they noticed him as well

Thug1: what are ya lookin at fuck off before i make you

Thug2: you heard him punk fuck off already

As Hadrian looked at the two thugs and the guy that looked at him with pleading eyes he decided to make his move

With quick speed he appeared right in front of them stared them in the eyes and said " stop do not move a muscle and be quiet "

As they heard him their bodies stiffened and a terrified look dawned their faces

He approached the two thugs first and sunk his teeth into them draining them of every once of blood they had


[you have defeated two opponents 10 shop points and 2 stat points have been awarded]

As the guy looked at the second guy fall down he was terrified as Hadrian looked at him next

As Hadrian looked at him he said "answer me calmly and honestly do you understand "

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"Yes "

" what year is it?"

As the guy heard the first question he was confused but answered anyway because of the compulsion "it's 2011 "

'One year before Loki's invasion i guess i gotta hurry '

"Do you have a family "

"No i am single and don't have any relatives"

'Perfect'"Write down every information about how to get access to you money apartment and the password for your phone "

The guy mechanically started typing on his phone writing every information as he finished Hadrian took his phone he walked to him and hugged him slowly digesting his body without a sound


[you have defeated one opponent 1 stat point and 5 shop points have been awarded]

He looked at his system notification and decided to place the three stat points into luck he didn't enough shop points to buy anything though so he just ignored it for now

As he walked out of the ally he looked exactly like the guy he devoured an average looking guy with brown hair and brown eyes he looked at the phone and walked towards the apartment

As he reached their he let out a sigh and lied down on the couch ' today was a long day too many things happened i wanna make plans for the future but let's just sleep for now ' as he thought that he slowly drifted to sleep

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