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Ashamed, never been a word to describe Risen Norman. Arrogant maybe, Clumsy sometimes, even a little gangling, if you count that time in high school when she bombed her cover of, hit me baby one more time by Brittney Spears, in senior year. Witch, by the way, was when she fell on her ass in front of 621 students and staff alike. But that wasn't even her fault. Because Elie Bluck, whom she was following, had spilled some olive oil on the floor when he did his magic act. She would have noticed had she not been ogling Ashley Williams. Ashley was the whole reason she did the talent show in the first place. She wanted to impress Ashley by singing her favorite song, and for most of it, she did pretty well. However when she tried running across the stage to do a cartwheel she slipped and fell on her ass. everyone laughed; including Ashley.

Even so, here she was getting yelled at by her bastard of a farther. Whose argument consisted of:

1. she is gay ( even though when she came out approximately 18 minutes and 27 seconds ago and specifically said she was bisexual, not gay)

2. she should be ashamed (she would never be)

3. she needs to leave ( she already was leaving, the reason she told him now, after finding out her sexuality in 7th grade, because she was moving to Virginia and saw it as a way to say it and leave right after. that however did not happen. he grabbed her arm put her on the couch and thus resulted in being, as her dad would put it "talked to".)

" Why would you do this to me."

that seemed to be something she heard a lot the past 18 minutes. Selfish asshole. why do you think I 'chose this' as you would put it, defiantly wasn't for you. she thought with an eye roll.

"I don't, anyway I'm going to be late, I have to leave."

after some resistance from her father, she finally left for Virginia.

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