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Gaming Divine Tamer


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What is Gaming Divine Tamer

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Returning to 10 years in the past, Xu Feng triggers a special class during the server opening: Beast Tamer. Evolve a Wild Dog into a Hell Cerberus. Evolve a Sparrow into a Pegasus. Evolve a Monkey into a Titan Golden Ape. Evolve a Lizard into a Godzilla. Evolve a Green Snake into a Frost Hydra. Evolve a Cow into a Minotaur. Evolve a Goldfish into a Mermaid Empress. … From then on, apocalyptic divine beasts spawned one after another from his fingertips and all his foes are trampled beneath his divine beast army.

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Webnovel has sunkken so deep and has become so greedy they are reusing the covers of books and their themes just disgusting instead of caring about the creator which are now all contracted from the start they just reuse even though they have enough money to give everyone a new cover AND new story


From the synopsis, it isnt That cool at all, hoping they will release a chapter or two so we can see if it is worth investing in or not..........


I really can't choose with so many good novels (why they are not put in place to this bored novel). SO THIS FUCKING VRMMORPG NOVEL = +100 POINTS SO MC IS A FUCKING TAMER =+100 POINTS LONG LIVE TO ALL TAMERS AND VR.


The synopsis is very vague, its only have one word "apocalypse". Well you can think of MC world is post apocalyptic world but dont know whatever its zombie or something else


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