1 Crocus

Noon before dark, in a world that is like earth called earthoran. The wind whistles sharply, but anyone who could ever feel this would feel warm and cold outside.



A man with a scar on his face with four more male companions and three girls was watching the Scarface's man beating up a teenager, badly.

"You!? H-"

Said the teenager while a fist was smashed on his face.

"Aren't you a little full of yourself? Saving a damsel in distress... What a load of crap. I don't know who you are, but you are basically in our trap."

Maniacally said, by the Scarface man. He was enjoying the mental torture of the teenager who had a despairing look on his face. 

'What is going on? I thought she was in danger. I thought she was...'

The teen remembers what happened to both of them. The story started when he left the Family because of the pressure he felt when he was the only one who didn't awaken his spirit. Spirit is a sign of nobility and without this. He would become a commoner, so he embarked on a journey to find his spirit.

'Is that true? Maya?'

The teen looked at the girl he had feelings for. When all hope is gone and couldn't find a spirit and give up to become a nobility once again. He met a girl named Maya who was smart and soft-spoken, her smile brightens his day for a long time. He thought they had a mutual understanding, but now… he didn't understand what happened.


Now, Maya with her silky black hair and black eyes, wearing glasses while smoking comfortably. Suddenly sensed the teen is looking at her dazed. She recognized that kind of expression, the look of complete loss and absence of hope in his eyes.

'What a hopeless loser. Is this truly a prince... I hate his look, his small d*ck... His voice and his cry. I f*cking hate it all! Hmm... Maybe I'll punish him more... I like to see him fall even further.'

Maya stood up from where she was and gave sweet eye contact to the Scarface. The Scarface greedily showed his teeth with a confident smile.


He said as he walked and sat in front of the despairing Teenager. Maya also walked toward them and winked at the teenager and then made another eye contact with the Scarface.

"Here it comes."

Scarface took out his massive rod and the girl, Maya, sat on it while looking at the teenager with amusement on her face.

"I remember the time you said you love me... Ah... We only had a week of romance... It's fun playing with you, Prince... Should I say former prince Crocus Phereon?"

The terror unfolds the expression of Crocus, his mind which is fuzzy and messy finally crumbles.

"H- H- How did you know?"

Satisfied, Maya shakes her hips to make the rod of the Scarface even harder.

"For the money, but you are a former prince already... You are now useless unlike when you were a prince. You don't even have a single penny... So pathetic... You are also boring, not even the slightest experience for girls... What a load of a loser you are... You know what... It's fun seeing you like this. It's also turning me on."

The Scarface with a victory and demonic smile. He touched his hips of Maya.

"Can I put it in?"

He said as the expression on Maya's face changed. This time it's pure craziness and lust... She liked the expression of Crocus is making, she might want to put it it. When Crocus saw this, he couldn't help but open his mouth.

"YOU TWOOOOoo... Why are you doing this to me!?!"

He said with a twisted face. 

'Why!? Why!? Why!? I thought we would have a better life with each other... So why!?'

"You are looking even more pathetic." Said Maya while looking down at him.

"Do you really have to do that, Maya?" One of the girls asked and came forward.

Maya's expression changed. 

"This is none of your business, Mary. Don't tell me you like this loser?" 

The girl named Mary, ha rump! 

"This is none of my business."

All of a sudden...

Without a signal, a hand appeared at the back of Crocus's neck and chopped him. This made Crocus's vision darken, and in a second, he became unconscious. 

A man in a suit came out from his back, he was wearing a serious-looking expression. Like a man on duty.

"You two are digging your own grave... But it will fill him with rage, so it's okay."

Maya left off the Scarface lap, after cleaning and wearing their clothing properly. They looked at the man in the suit with a little dread. After all, this is a communist country and when a royal wants them to be executed, they would be executed.

"Don't worry, the supreme leader elites will make you two of their members and will be protected. Your identities will also be hidden... If only ever this former prince awakened his spirit."

The two suddenly heave a sigh of relief. 

"So he won't be able to take revenge. I thought those family members of elites that can't awaken Their Spirits would become normal people only."

Said the Scarface man. His looks changed into a kind-looking uncle, and so is the lady.

"I will take him now. The money is already sent to your accounts."

The man in the suit said to the two and others at the back. Soon he left, carrying Crocus on his shoulder. The man in the suit stopped and looked in a certain direction seriously.

"Hm... If it was years ago, I would've done my job with these rejected elite offspring. I am also sure that woman already had her way to the supreme leader with the changes that are happening recently."

He looked over at the man on his shoulder. 

"I'm a sorry little guy, but you will be put in my experiment... I will not take you back to the palace where you could awaken your Spirit. That girl also wants me to make you feel helpless... A man who lost everything... However, I also wanted to try something and most of all, that girl who made me do this didn't have the blood of the Phereon Family to control me... "

The man in the suit threw Crocus inside a car. After injecting another sleeping serum, the man in the suit drives to a long way road.

Soon, they reached a park and the man in the suit carried Crocus and put him in front of a statue with seven demon heads. 

"Ah... The seven demon statues that kept my family from hoping that the enslavement of the first King of this Dust Kingdom would be gone... The Phereon family... It says that my family ancestor tried to awaken the demons on this statue but all of them died, all of them failed... 

"What if I put the blood of those who enslave my family instead? I want to know... What will happen... What will happen..."

About an hour had passed. The man in suit's preparations was about to complete.

"Several lit candles... Complete... a bowl of mixed ingredients atop a Baalomepham symbol, which is a goat's head inside a pentagram... Complete... An unconscious body... Everything is complete."

He put the unconscious body of Crocus in the seven demon head statue. 

*Aad ligand eos pariter eos coram me! Halokab ka bagar, makakanuson arhm goha for demo dayo!*

The man in the suite changed.

*Aad ligand eos pariter eos coram me! Halokab ka bagar, makakanuson arhm goha for demo dayo!*

It was a chant or power to summon the soul, spirit, or the demon itself. 

Wind flows like a whirlpool, surrounding them while thunder rumbles and night becomes even darker. 

*Woossh* *Woossh* *Woossh*




Had passed.

The man in the suit kneeled on the ground. His arms became rotten dark and his eyes faltered.

"Why? Failed? I've seen three black shadows and one transparent one entered his body, but why?"

Then he became even darker. Soon, the whole park had a stench of death.

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