35 Chapter 35

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Lightning crackled around Voban, and lightning surrounded and protected the Altar, swirling around as if the ever-flowing wind and water filled with red bullets had hit the surrounding barrier and reduced to dust.

"You killed my wolves, so maybe I should be more ... serious with you."

With that comment, even if it was inside, a whirlwind began to be generated from Voban along with rain and lightning.

Seeing this, Ozymandias narrowed his eyes.

"The sword of the Knight of the Sun, given to fulfill the will of justice. To cut down the wicked, to slay the evil. Come, Excalibur Galatine" sang Ozymandias.

In his hand from a sphere of flames appeared his [Authority], the Sword of the Knight of the Sun, considered one of the strongest of the Round Table.

[Excalibur Galatine] manifested for its first battle with its bearer.

The temperature of the environment increased exponentially as the golden glow of the sword increased, instigating its possessor to unleash its power.

"This is not a normal sword, but an [Authority]" said Voban recognizing the power.

He also knew that the only [Heretic God] that had manifested lately was Sir Gawain, one of King Arthur's Knights who was killed by the mysterious Seventh Campione.

And seeing that Voban knew all the Campiones but the Seventh, it was obvious to him the identity of the being in front of him.

"I see, so you are the Seventh?" Said Voban with a predatory smile on his face.

"Yes, nice to meet you, you are my veteran aren't you?" asked Ozymandias with debauchery.

"At least you have a little respect, unlike the Sixth" said Voban laughing.

Ozymandias let out a laugh as he turned slightly towards Diavolo Rosso.

The Rosso Diavolo was in the center of the pack of wolves that were quickly running around him in different directions to confuse him. However, he seemed to be able to attack the wolves with ease despite his speed, as if he was able to anticipate where the wolves would go before they moved. However, whenever he tried to move forward, dozens of wolves would run at him at the same time, preventing him from moving toward the altar.

He held a broad sword that could separate into two long swords. One long sword had the property of fire, while the other had the property of wind. While the wind long sword could send out wind blades, the fire long sword had the power to send out a wave of fire. Combined, they could cause explosions when coming into contact with the blade.

Furthermore, not only was the man's form and movement perfectly beautiful, but he maintained the quality of efficiency in both the movements of his body and the use of the mystical effects of his sword. Every movement, every blow was designed to damage or kill as many wolves as possible.

Seeing that he was handling it, Ozymandias prepared to fight Voban.

"Um, what a joy, to think I could fight a Heretic God and the Seventh Campione too, I heard you have dozens of Authorities" said Voban with a huge smile on his face.

"How about you try one?" asked Ozymandias sarcastically.

Ozymandias raised [Excalibur Galatine] above his head, the sword glowed as it was bathed in all the power of the Sun and with a swing Ozymandias released the immense solar ray against Voban.

But Ozymandias' eyes widened at what they saw, Voban's body began to grow abnormally, god muscles and bones seemed to break and reform as his size increased.

Voban's clothes tore as he grew and his skin was replaced by a gray fur and his face changed into a wolf form.

Voban had transformed into a huge bipedal wolf over three meters tall and stood in front of the attack, blocking the beam of light that split the Dover cliff in two, and bit it.

And to Ozymandias' surprise, it EAT the attack.

"HAHAHAHAHA! The power centered around the properties of the sun! That power doesn't work on ME!" The great 30-meter tall bipedal wolf howled as he looked at Ozymandias with glee, his raw and cruel voice sounding like the distorted version of Voban's voice.

"Nice try, brat. However, you won't stop me. No one can. I'll have my fun today!" said Voban laughing, "Look! In a few seconds, a god will descend upon the mortal realm!" The wolf extended his hand toward the altar, giving a clear view of the large stone construction.

Then he paused.

"NO!" The wolf began to leap toward the center, where the thirty-something man, Diavolo Rosso, was standing by the altar with his large sword raised above his hand, prepared to bring it down.

Above him, Alice floated with a book in her hand, generating a large tornado that drove away the wolves around the two to stop their interference for a few seconds so that the Grand Knight could put down his sword.

And he did

With one clean strike, Diavolo Rosso split the altar in two.

For a moment there was silence.

Then, with a loud howl of rage, Voban attacked the two humans who had made his plan a complete ruin. With Alice standing behind Diavolo Rosso, the Grand Knight raised his great sword again toward the approaching Campione.

Ozymandias quickly prepared to advance but

The altar pulsed in ethereal light.

And everything went to hell.

All as one, the civilians prepared for sacrifice screamed, their loud screams reaching an unbelievable level of volume as mist seemed to come out of their mouths and eyes.

"What?" Voban muttered as he stopped his attack toward Alice and Diavolo Rosso.

The mists coming out of people's bodies clumped together and began to be sucked into the altar that was already destroyed in half. A man in a dark cloak who was praying and chanting with his peers around the circle jumped up and turned to Voban.

Ozymandias viy the man was Anton with a wide, lopsided smile on his face that was similar to a man who was already mad.

"HAHAHAHA! It's a success, your majesty! We've done it! The ritual is complete! A god is coming!"

Alice chanted, and a protective barrier formed around the Grand Knight, herself, and Ozymandias as the altar began to glow brightly.

"Now, with your victory over the coming god as the beginning, AMUB will rise to the top of the magical world!" Anton shouted hysterically.

And an explosion occurred.

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