1 Prologue

In a place where humankind cannot simply fathom. There lies a giant throne twice the size of earth, and is made of different types of rock that resembles the surface of an asteroid, and is surrounded by nothing but black empty space that reaches as far as the human eye could see.

Seated on the top rail of the giant throne is a child that is three feet tall, with a clear big blue eyes that looks deeper than the ocean itself, and it appears as if it can see everything. And a long golden hair that is so beautiful that as if there's a collection of stars on every strand of its hair.

The child is wearing a white dress that resembles the clouds , and it appears as if it is alive because of the subtle movements that it makes.

"Looks like they're almost wipe out..." with a disappointed expression said by the child with a voice that is so sweet and pleasant that anyone will be mesmerized just by hearing it.

"It just shows how well you created it. A masterpiece if you will ask me. I mean you've almost used up all your power just to create it, and If not for the recycled power you got from destroying other planets and universe you probably won't be in that pathetic form right now" said by a small sweet voice , and with a lecturing tone by a small fairy like being that just appeared out of nowhere with white wings that leaves a particle of light on anything it pass through. And green eyes that would make anyone feel at peace, and a blonde hair that is so beautiful like the sunset.

"I know Freya... I'm really tired right now (yawn sounds) I think I'll just take a nap, I leave things to you for now...before I leave, I'll destroy one more planet for you...."

"Tick" sound of snapping of fingers.

" Hey! Hey! Hey! not so fast....the last time you had a nap it took you 1000 planet years before you woke up, and it was so boring without you." said by Freya with a sulking face.

"Goodnight...." said by the child as it disappeared slowly leaving Freya behind.

"Oh well, I might as well kill some time, and play with the new set of players..." said by Freya while smiling like a little kid.

"la la la la la" humming sounds of Freya while she slowly disappeared.