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It's been a month since I explained Sansa the situation we were in, she understood with simplicity of what was going on but reacted as one would expect of a child, panicking, but like me, she shared the idea that I should contact the King.

But considering Lady Stark wanted to end our betrothal this was quite a delicate situation, so I decided to send a Raven to deliver the message.

Telling Lord Stark about the plots the lions were cooking, While I focused on other important matters, getting my silkworms, apparently there was one merchant in Essos that sold the little bastards, and he happened to be the one that had something I wanted.

Three dragon eggs.

Magister Illyrio, not only he had a contact with someone that distributed silkworms for silk farms but also had three dragon eggs at his disposal, and he didn't know about their real value.

If I managed to buy those little eggs I would ensure that Daenerys never became a threat, to me at least.

But those weren't the only Dragons eggs in the world, in total there were five eggs in this world, according to the books at least.

One would be found or will be found by Euron Greyjoy who will proceed to be an idiot and throw it into the sea, and the last one location is unknown, some say is in Dragonstone others say in beyond the wall, but no one can say for sure.

With this in mind I ordered one of my krakens, two Ravens, and many other fish to find Euron, and keep an eye on him, should he find the dragon egg I would take it from him and kill the last Greyjoy.

If I managed to collect all the dragon eggs I would acquire five dragons, five mythical flying fire breathing beasts.

And I would become nearly unstoppable.

"I heard you are leaving, to Essos," Sansa said, entering my solar. It has been a month since we got back to Bear Island and she was clearly not happy with me leaving so soon, but things had to be done, and I needed her in Winterfell to advocate against the Lannister's plans.

"I'll be back, besides you get to be with your family for a bit, I know you miss Jeyne," I smiled as I whispered with a smirk, "and Arya,"

"Fine, but just so you know, mother will try to persuade me, to break our betrothal," Sansa pouted.

"That's why you will talk with your father, only he can convince the King, as of now he hasn't break anything," I knew Sansa would talk with her father, and that Lord Stark knew thanks to my messenger what the Lannister's were plotting, and the wolves hated the lions, so with all this information he would at the very least show resistance to any idea about breaking my betrothal.

"I know, I have to be the one in our side, now that mother is against us," Sansa sighed, grabbing my hand softly.

"Yes, you have, until we marry," I nodded, reciprocating her gesture, "Be safe, I'll be back in a couple months, after I ensure some trading routes with Essos,"

"And I'll be waiting," Sansa smiled.


With Sansa going to stay with her family for a bit, and with me going over to Essos things were starting to align in my favor.

Everyone kept pushing into the game, one way or another they wanted me to play, so perhaps I had to play, so that I could destroy the game once and for all.

I wasn't entirely sure, but one thing was sure, if I didn't play, they would keep poking me, testing my limit until I snapped.

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But to play the game I needed more than what I had, so I was determined to buy the Dragon eggs the magister had, and by the information I had, those three babies were quite expensive.

But I would pay their hatched weight in gold if I had too, three dragons would highly increase my possibilities of winning.

"Sir the ship is ready," One of the iron born said, respect and some light adoration in his eyes, no one would believe they wanted to kill me a couple of months ago.

"Then let's go," I ordered, getting inside the ship.


My trip to Essos was, as I expected to be, boring and incredibly long.

It would take a couple more days to arrive, part of me was excited to see this new unknown land but another part of me was stressed.

The possibilities of finding my father and the bitch he married to were big.

But I didn't have time to cling into the past, without him being an idiot letting his dick control him I wouldn't be here, I needed control to have success, and by no means the idiot of a father I was given in this life had the brain nor vision to understand that.

"We should be there in five days, my lord," The captain informed me.

"Good," I nodded, letting him know I wanted to be alone.

But other thoughts crowded my mind, what if Sansa didn't succeed and Tywin managed to whisper the right words to the King?

I had no political power to stop that, if the King said so I was destined to lose her, perhaps this was the way of the gods to show me, I should be King, only then, I would have the power to break this wretched wheel of plots and power.

"Ronard Mormont I, the first of his name," I chuckled as I served a cup of wine, "The things these political sharks push me to do,"

Perhaps this was the only way, why aim for lordship when you can aim for kingship.

"Well I hope you are happy Tywin, because I'm in, let the game begin,"


[Cersei Lannister POV]

Father wanted to break the betrothal between Ronard and Sansa, saying we needed to strengthen our bonds with the north.

And had succeeded in manipulating the idiot I have for a husband, all it took was a couple of words to revive his emotions to what happened with Lyanna and Robert started to consider breaking the betrothal.

I don't know how, but he convinced Joffrey of supporting this charade, probably appealing to his sadistic side, Joffrey is into this just because it will bring sorrow to others.

Robert has yet to make a decision, but one way or another the old lion gets his way.


[Robert Baratheon POV]

Tywin came to visit, that old lion is nothing but trouble, but brought something to my attention that it was worth noticing.

Tywin said that Sansa should be betrothed to Joffrey, at first I didn't mind, but Joffrey all of the sudden was infatuated with her.

What if this was like Lyanna and me, I can't allow that to happen!

What should I do?!

"Damn it! Ned! It should've been you in this fucking chair!" I growled as the wine boy poured more wine in my cup.

*Hrmmmm idiot the king is, Yrsss* Unbeknownst to the king an incredibly wise and powerful raven was seeing everything.


[Joffrey Baratheon POV]

Grandfather came and offered me a deal, he said I would make two important people suffer if I accepted.

All I had to do was to make father believe I wanted Sansa Stark.

I was delighted with the idea, the only bad part was I had to marry an ugly northerner, but I was to be king! And a king can do as he pleases, after I'm done with her I'll just kill her and make that bastard in the north suffer even more knowing he never had her.

"I can't wait to see them suffer,"


[Varys POV]

Tywin had made his play, quite a dangerous one might I add.

He is manipulating the King to do his bidding, so that the crown has the north, and so that he can betrothed his granddaughter to the young lord.

This will end bad, I can feel it.

The tides of the game are changing, and the realm is in danger.

I wonder if this will make Lord Mormont enter the game? He is now one of the big players, things are just getting complicated.

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